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February Staple Item: Boots


In one of her songs, Ke$ha so elegantly proclaims her love for Boots and Boys and how they bring her so much joy and I must agree with her.  Boys are nice, but, unfortunately for them, this month boots took over my heart.  It’s February and spring season is quickly approaching, so, naturally, you try to squeeze out as much as possible from your boots.  I mean why wouldn’t you?  They go with virtually anything from casual jeans and lazy sweats to head turning skirts.  Nowadays, there are so many different variations of the boot that it is hard to go wrong.

I definitely am a big fan of boots, which is probably why I have so many pairs.  I’ve got a few pairs of comfy sheepskin boots for those regular college days, a pair of over the knee wedge boots for when I’m feeling adventurous, and plenty of ankle boots (flats and heels alike) to mix my line up.  I would suggest to keep the boot colors neutral (most of mine are black and grey), but, hey, if you fall in love with a louder pair, go for it!  I even have a pair of cowboy boots in my collection, but those I can wear in the spring, too, so there’s no rush to show those off.

My newest addition to the boot clan is a pair of black silver-studded stiletto ankle boots that I picked up at the mall.  I absolutely love them!  Not only are they a quick way to spice up an outfit, but they are very flattering for my legs.  Given my height (or lack thereof) I’m an advocate of boots with a heel, especially wedges if you like comfort.  But that’s just my personal taste, just remember there’s a boot out there for everyone.

So what are you waiting for?  Bust out those boots and flaunt them ASAP.




This was another one that I stole from Facebook, but this time from a dear co-worker of mine.

I think that everyone can learn from a message like this.  It’s hard for us as humans to not compare ourselves to others and to not let appearances overwhelm us.  Sometimes we can’t help but feel like the people around us are beating us at everything, but then we have to remember that we know how much we have accomplished and that is all that matters.  Once it’s time for us to enjoy the benefits of everything we have put into our work, it will be known to us that it was all worth it and that our true success is evident.  Enjoy your success and never doubt it!

Academy Award Fashion Winners!


It’s what award season has been leading up to… The Academy Awards or known to many as The Oscars.  You can imagine all of the glamour that was overwhelming the cool L.A. red carpet, but, just like anything else in life, not everyone can be on top.  Although I found most of the looks to be elegant and nice, there were many that were just that… nice.  I can only include my favorites from the night and here they are.

I have to start with the most pleasant surprise of the night, Michelle Williams.  We’re all so used to seeing her in super conservative and dainty dresses that the coral number she wore to the Oscars was absolutely dazzling.  For the first time this whole season, I felt like Williams was finally recognizing her role as the late Marilyn Monroe.  The strapless, belted, peplum dress was stunning and kudos to her for trying something new.  Bridesmaids sweetheart Ellie Kemper also provided us with a nice surprise when she showed off her edgier side in a metallic copper gown.  The way the dress shined in the light really made her stand out and I loved it.

One of the big winners of the night was definitely The Help’s Octavia Spencer.  Not only did she snag the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, but she also looked great while doing it.  I truly admire her ability to pick a gown that flatters her body type and doesn’t sacrifice good style.  The body hugging metallic number was perfect for the occasion.  If I’m going to bring up platinum dresses, I also have to give props to Mila Jovovich, who even though was just a presenter, definitely made sure to really show up for her first Academy Award Show.

Cameron Diaz of course looked beautiful as always in a subtly colored gown accented with a dramatic bottom, while red carpet correspondents, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne, made sure to not be disowned by their Fashion Police mother Joan Rivers.  Funny women Kristen Wiig, Leslie Mann, and Maya Rudolph all proved that comedians can be fashionable, too, which you can’t help but love.

Lastly, there’s Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone who were definitely two of the more I need to warm up to it looks of the night.  At first, Chastain’s black and gold strapless gown came off as a bit loud and odd, but, after giving it a chance, I can’t imagine anyone denying the beauty behind the regal-esque design.  Emma’s dress was beautiful no doubt, but you can’t help but compare it to Nicole Kidman’s gown from a couple of years back.  Either way, you have to accept that the girl has style.

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La Vida Es Un Carnaval


Growing up, my mom had me listening to music all of the time, which is probably why I identify so much with it, but amongst so many greats, Celia Cruz is one of the artists that always sticks out to me.  Known as The Queen of Salsa, Celia always found a way to bring joy and life into the music she shared with her public.  La Vida Es Un Carnaval combines the true insecurities we have as humans with ultimate optimism.  She says there’s no reason to cry because life is a carnival and we should enjoy it. We’re never alone and we should never waste time in wallowing.

Celia was always one to provide others with pure happiness and, despite her passing in 2003, her music has never left us and she continues to spread her message.  Plus, how can you not love Celia’s pure pride in her Cuban heritage?  This particular song never fails in improving my mood.  This is the kind of stuff I was raised with and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Take a lesson from Celia Cruz and just enjoy life!


Live Your Life


Work is important?  Yes.  School is crucial?  Absolutely.  Down time?  It’s necessary.  Trust me, you need to socialize.  It has even been scientifically proven that time with the people you love can make you feel better, so why ignore that?  We’re humans, so we naturally like to be around other people.  Definitely do the things that you need to get done like getting an education and making a living, but don’t neglect your social life in the process.

Take time to share precious moments with your family.  Take a weekend to get away with your best friends.  Take a night for just you and that special person.  Do anything you want as long as you’re not isolating yourself off and actually being a breathing human being.  As a person who is well-acquainted with the word busy, I can assure you that these social gatherings are a must and you won’t regret them.  If anything, you’ll only be planning more.  It’s not impossible if you make it happen, so just live already.

You only live once and you won’t be young forever so take advantage of it while you can.  Go out and have fun.  Live your life now before you have no life to live.


My Addiction


My eyes burn and struggle to see straight as my once sore hands begin to feel numb to the incessant typing.  Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick.  Eventually, I don’t even notice the sound as the words on the screen create a vivid picture.  The sky was a bright baby blue and the sun was shining, while I could feel the warmth overtake my body as a light breeze softly caressed me from the West.  I can see it all right in front of me.  I see nothing else, but the fictional land of Estancias.  I’m no longer in my living room, but wherever my words take me.

But a few moments pass and the sound from my TV comes into focus.  Snookie and the Situation are fighting about Jionni again.  Nothing new there.  I can feel a cramp in my right hand.  That’s not good.  My feet are hot so I kick the aqua green blanket off as I stretch my legs out on the burgundy sofa.  I quench my thirst with some water.  Now, there’s only about an inch left of water in my cup.  Time to look over what I’ve written.  I begin reading and I brute my forehead, while squinting my eyes.  My neck inches closer to the screen.  It all looks so blurry if I don’t concentrate.

It’s midnight and I have work in the morning.  I have no homework due the next day and everything is ready for when I have to leave to mentor my students.  The only thing left to do is sleep, so why do I do this to myself?  I know I’m going to be tired in the morning.  I know I won’t always have the luxury of going to sleep early, so why do I do it?  It’s simple.  I just can’t help it.

I have an addiction.  I am addicted to writing.  Some days I can resist the temptation and I won’t write.  These are usually the days that have been preceded by a night long writing fest on my part.  But other days I have too much to write about and my mind is overflowing with too many good ideas that I can’t let them slip away.  I absolutely have to write.  Honestly, I even feel a bit anxious when I am not near my little yellow notebook (By the way, I think it’s going to die soon).  What if a piece strikes me and I can’t write it down?  It’s terrifying to me.

This is my passion.  It’s what I love to do and I can’t neglect it.  The crazy part to all of this is that writing is therapeutic for me.  If I stay up until 1am writing I feel so much better.  Better than I would ever feel if I would have gone to sleep with a head full of ideas and an empty notebook.

You could say I need rehab.  I guess I need something, but for now I’ll stick to writing.


The Power Is In You


Recently, I had been feeling fairly consumed by what others were thinking.  It was getting in my head and, for the past few weeks, I began to believe those people.  However, I had a much needed talk with my brother and, as usual, he knew just how to get my mind back to where it needs to be.  I have had many insightful conversations with my brother throughout the years and he never fails to share his wisdom with myself and others.  One of my friends even dubbed the phrase What would JR do?, after having a so-called therapy session with him.

In this particular conversation that I had with my brother, one thing he said stuck with me more than anything else.  He told me that the power is in you.

If people are saying things that aren’t true or if they’re doing things that shouldn’t matter, then don’t give it any importance.  People are constantly going to be handing out their unsolicited advice, but they should only affect you if you let them affect you.  Ultimately, you have the power to decide what gets to you.  You have the power to change their opinions and prove them wrong.  You have the power to control your life.

I made the mistake of letting others judge my life, temporarily, yes, but I still made that mistake.  Do not let others control your life, your future, and your mindset.  Find your confidence and figure out where you stand.  As long as you know that what you’re doing is what you’re meant to be doing and as long as you know that you’re headed in the right direction, nobody can tell you otherwise.

Always remember that the power is in you.