Academy Award Fashion Winners!


It’s what award season has been leading up to… The Academy Awards or known to many as The Oscars.  You can imagine all of the glamour that was overwhelming the cool L.A. red carpet, but, just like anything else in life, not everyone can be on top.  Although I found most of the looks to be elegant and nice, there were many that were just that… nice.  I can only include my favorites from the night and here they are.

I have to start with the most pleasant surprise of the night, Michelle Williams.  We’re all so used to seeing her in super conservative and dainty dresses that the coral number she wore to the Oscars was absolutely dazzling.  For the first time this whole season, I felt like Williams was finally recognizing her role as the late Marilyn Monroe.  The strapless, belted, peplum dress was stunning and kudos to her for trying something new.  Bridesmaids sweetheart Ellie Kemper also provided us with a nice surprise when she showed off her edgier side in a metallic copper gown.  The way the dress shined in the light really made her stand out and I loved it.

One of the big winners of the night was definitely The Help’s Octavia Spencer.  Not only did she snag the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, but she also looked great while doing it.  I truly admire her ability to pick a gown that flatters her body type and doesn’t sacrifice good style.  The body hugging metallic number was perfect for the occasion.  If I’m going to bring up platinum dresses, I also have to give props to Mila Jovovich, who even though was just a presenter, definitely made sure to really show up for her first Academy Award Show.

Cameron Diaz of course looked beautiful as always in a subtly colored gown accented with a dramatic bottom, while red carpet correspondents, Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne, made sure to not be disowned by their Fashion Police mother Joan Rivers.  Funny women Kristen Wiig, Leslie Mann, and Maya Rudolph all proved that comedians can be fashionable, too, which you can’t help but love.

Lastly, there’s Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone who were definitely two of the more I need to warm up to it looks of the night.  At first, Chastain’s black and gold strapless gown came off as a bit loud and odd, but, after giving it a chance, I can’t imagine anyone denying the beauty behind the regal-esque design.  Emma’s dress was beautiful no doubt, but you can’t help but compare it to Nicole Kidman’s gown from a couple of years back.  Either way, you have to accept that the girl has style.

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