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100 Posts Strong


I’m now going into my third month of blogging and I thought I should take a moment to celebrate my 100th post.  With the help of these 100 posts, I’ve reached 1000+ views and 30+ followers, which, to me, is awesome!  Obviously, there’s room for growth, but everyone has to start somewhere, so, in the meantime, I’ll take it one post at a time and nurture my blog with plenty of TLC.

If you just happen to be stopping by, take a look around and subscribe to your right if you like what you see 😉

If you’re already an avid reader of MSauciana, then I sincerely thank you for your interest and support.  Everything I post comes from the heart.  My general thoughts, my poems, my stories… it all comes from me and I’m glad that so many of you have embraced my voice so well.  I honestly try my best to offer something positive and meaningful to your daily life and each view, like, comment, or new subscription let’s me know that I’m doing something right on here.I truly appreciate everyone’s support and all of the great feedback, whether it’s a simple like on a post or a thoughtful comment.  Anything from my loves is more than welcome, so keep the interaction coming.

So here’s to my 100th post and many more to come.  Keep coming back for a new post almost everyday and please continue to spread the word.  Thank you!




March Staple Item: Scarves


March.  The end of the cold, dreary Winter season and the beginning of the cool, rejuvenating season of Spring.  You can taste Summer is around the corner, but the continuous rain and the occasional wind reminds you that you still have three months to go for that.  So what to do now?… Rock those scarves!  This is one of your last chances to get some good uses out of those cozy, colorful scarves that will give you heat stroke in the middle of a July day.  Your time is running out, so don’t waste these slightly chilly mornings.  Take advantage of the weather… Throw on a light jacket or a long-sleeved shirt and pair it with your favorite scarf.  But let me warn you… It is absolutely possible to favor more than one scarf, so just embrace them.

I would suggest having on hand at least four different scarves.  One that’s warm and practical that can be worn with virtually any outfit.  Thus, make it a neutral, solid color.  Another scarf should be light.  Something that won’t overheat you when your intentions for wearing it were purely aesthetic.  (Don’t rush to use this scarf because it will probably be your go-to piece when the temperature rises.)  Lastly, you should have at least two scarves that scream for attention.  Either pick a fantastic, bold pattern or stock up on a brightly colored scarf.  Trust me when I say that this kind can make any pair of jeans and a t-shirt be worth any magazine cover.

Honestly, scarves are awesome.  They’re useful and can be very appealing to the eye.  They’re definitely fashion rookie friendly, which is always a plus. You can tailor scarves to be what you need it to be.  Warm, subtle, bold, nuzzled around your neck, or hanging loosely.  Scarves are so versatile, how can you go wrong?  Stock up on scarves and you will not regret it!

At Least You Tried


From my personal experience, I’ve learned that sometimes there’s nothing else you can do but try.  You can never force something to go your way and you should never wait for something to happen either.  In some situations, you know that your best will lead to success, but most of the time that isn’t even assured, so all you can do is try.

I personally have tried very hard in the past to get things done.  I may have tried to rekindle a friendship, get a scholarship, or just have a good day, but I can guarantee that I have not always been successful in my efforts.  I’ve seen all sorts of relationships end, I’ve gotten plenty of we regret to inform you letters from scholarship committees, and, if you’ve never had a bad day in your life, then you’re just not human.  The truth is that the only thing you can control is what you actually do.  You can’t even control the way you think and feel… trust me I’ve tried.

If you put your best into something and try your hardest to do your part, then you have nothing to feel bad about.  You can’t regret trying your best, if that is truly what you did.  Even if a situation completely blows up in your face, it wasn’t your fault and you did all that you could do.  There are times where we do something that maybe didn’t work out for the best.  There was probably a better way that you could have handled the situation.  Maybe you didn’t realize the gravity of your actions and trust me there’s really no way that you could’ve assured yourself of that.  There’s no way to ever predict how something will turn out, so all you can do is do what you think is best.

As long as you try to do your best and as long as you had the right intentions, then regret nothing.  The hard part is not letting yourself be defeated when your efforts don’t pan out the way you imagined.  It’s hard to pick yourself up after a tough loss, but it needs to be done.  Remember that you really couldn’t have done anything differently.  It’s too late to change the past and now all you can do is try again.  If anything be happy that at least you tried and didn’t let life pass you by.

Katy Perry- Ni**as in Paris (Cover)


I look at Katy Perry and I see a youthful, daring, original, and empowered individual.  She continues to keep us on our toes with her ever-changing look and her creative music.  I recently found this video of Perry performing her own cover to The Throne’s infamous single Ni**as in Paris.  Personally, I love her version.  It does the original song justice, while still showcasing her own personality.  If you ever doubt your ability of being yourself and creative take this as an example.  You can always find a way to be yourself no matter the situation.

Spring Cleaning: Day 7


#7 Move On

People love to talk about the past and dwell on it.  Probably because it’s the one thing we know for sure.  The past is the only thing that’s certain, but how are we supposed to live our lives if we continue to linger in it?  That sounds a bit backwards to me and it’s because it is.  The past happened.  It affected you, yes.  But now all you can do is accept it and learn from it.  Once you’ve done that, let go of the past and move on.

If you’re trying to rid your life of whatever negativity has come your way, then it’d be a good idea to rid yourself of the negativity from your past.  At this point, there is no way you can change what happened, so accept that it happened.  Do not live in denial, trying to paint an image that simply does not exist.  Stop lying to yourself about the different ways the situation could have been better because the truth is that there was only one way that the story ended up playing out.

I always say that things happen for a reason… even bad things.  Personally, I think that we’re supposed to learn from the negative occurrences in our life.  Maybe they’re meant to tell us hey you really shouldn’t do this or don’t trust that person, so why not take the hint and learn?  Out of every situation you can learn at least one new thing.  Apply it to your life and continue moving forward.  Bad things are bound to happen, but if you weren’t the cause of it, then you have nothing to be ashamed of.  If you were at fault in past scenarios, then learn from your errors and make sure they don’t happen again.  You can only be excused for the same foolish behavior once, so don’t waste your chance by doing the same thing all over again.

The past is something that you can never completely be free from because it was a part of your life.  It affects you everyday whether you realize it or not, but it’s up to you to decide how it affects you.  You can stay stuck in the past, trying to analyze every little thing that happened or you can be more proactive by accepting it, learning from it, and moving on.  I think the second option will get you much further than sulking in the corner.  So please, just cleanse yourself from that haunting past and move on with your life.

Spring Cleaning: Day 6


#6 Update Your Look

Now that you have a better idea of who you are and where you want to be, then it’s a good idea to make that newfound confidence visible.  You probably just got rid of a bunch of old clothes and you need to spruce your wardrobe up a bit, so buy a few new pieces.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a wardrobe, but if you buy the right essentials and some awesome accessories, it will be hard for you to mess this up.

I suggest you focus on picking up some simple tops and bottoms.  Fitted tees, camis, skinny jeans, leggings, and some black shorts are all perfect options.  As far as dresses and skirts go, get a few casual ones for everyday use, a professional one for work, and a bold one for those night outs.  For accessories, it’s always a good idea to have a good assortment of silver and gold.  Once you build up that collection, then move on to pops of color, but metallics are the basics, so those are a must.

When it comes to shoes, there are a lot more options (which I love).  If you’re not a heels girl, then knock yourself out with sandals and flats.  However, I do suggest all ladies to own at least one pair of wedges or heels.  You never know when you’re going to need a pair of them.  For my heel fanatics, you should always have at least one pair of black heels that can go with just about anything.  Once those are safely in your possession, start experimenting with color and prints.  They can change any outfit into an absolute work of art.

Remember, don’t go crazy buying new clothes.  You just want to freshen up your wardrobe a little bit, not bring back all of that clutter you just did away with.  If you’re wardrobe only calls for a new dress, then don’t spend money on some more jeans.

Now, focus some time on hair and make-up.  With hair, go to a salon and bring some life back into your do.  You’ll feel so refreshed and it will bring out a confidence that you never knew you had, but the trick here is you have to maintain it.  Learn how to style your hair and put love into the time you spend doing it.  When you care about how something will turn out, it will be lovely.  As for make-up, I always suggest going light.  Too much make-up will lead to break outs and is just a different way of lying.  Don’t hide what you look like just make your best features pop with mascara or lip gloss.

Looks aren’t everything, but the way you look on the outside does help.  You want to be able to show who you are in the best possible way.  If you feel like you look nice, then you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on your new life.  Others will see that and will respond so much better to you.  If you feel great about yourself internally, then why not show everyone else?  Put on display the genuine love you have for yourself… just don’t be cocky and narcissistic about it.  Love yourself.  Don’t be in love with yourself.

Spring Cleaning: Day 5


#5 Meditate

Because of how crazy life can be, many people forget to tap into their minds and reflect on their lives.  It’s important for you to set aside time for evaluating your past, your present, and what you want your future to be like.  You need to meditate.  Be by yourself for a little bit and just think about everything and what you can do now.

You can’t change the past.  What’s done is done unfortunately; however, you can still learn from it.  If there are some things you’re not so proud of, what did you take from it?  There is always something to be learned and a positive can always be found within a negative.  Don’t let that not so great experience have been in vain and grow from it.  If there are things from the past, that you think were good experiences, then how can you repeat them?  How can you use that same pattern to further yourself now?  Use that positive as a guide for what you should do now.

Look at your life now.  How are you feeling right now?  If you’re in a happy place and you feel like you’re doing what you need to do, then continue in that same direction.  You seem to be doing something right.  If you’re not so content with where you’re at (physically and spiritually), then it’s time that you correct what isn’t right.  If you need a change, then make that change, but before you do, make sure that the change is necessary and is being done for the right reasons.  Don’t do something drastic out of impulse or spite because then you’ll be the one getting screwed over.  Seriously think about the changes you want to make and then commit to them.  Put everything you have into making yourself happy.

Imagine where you want to be in five years… not ten.  That’s too far away for you to even consider.  Now, outline in your mind what you need to do, so that you reach your goal.  Start developing your foundation now before it’s too late.  Never waste time on something that won’t help you in the long run.  If it doesn’t help you move forward, then it’s only pushing you back.  So, always have that image of where you want to be in your mind and never forget it.  That is what you want to reach, so always move toward that.  Tweak your image if you have to, but remember that the less committment you have for something, the less spectacular it will be.

Take some time to think about everything that makes up your life.  Determine how you feel about your life and make a decision on how to make it better.  You need to always have some time for yourself, away from the influence of others.  It’s your life, so you need to have an honest perspective on it and you need to be fair to yourself and decide what you need to do to keep moving forward.