Celebrate Girl Power!


It’s been celebrated now for over 100 years and International Women’s Day is still going strong.  Originally, meant to push women’s economic, political, and social standing, the famous day now encourages the simple appreciation of women.  I mean wasn’t Eve known as mother of all in the first place?  In many situations, women have seemed to get the short end of the stick (just ask a woman in labor with no epidural), but, despite our past obstacles, the females of the world have continued to fight for what they deserve.  There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but that is true with anybody.  Can we really say that everybody else is completely happy with their position?… I don’t think so.  Today is meant to remind us that the fight is not over and that we have to remember to do the little things.

Women, if you want to be taken seriously, apply yourself.  Do your own work correctly and on time, if you don’t want to be perceived as the inefficient woman in the workplace that really belongs at home.  Show your interest in a variety of things, if you don’t want to be the air head that likes to shop.  But, most importantly, have love for women all around the world, if you want the female gender to truly progress.  We can’t be catty to each other, but then expect men to respect us.  Respect yourselves first.

Men, if you know a woman that’s been good to you and has proven herself to be a real woman, show her your appreciation.  It can be your mom, sister, girlfriend, or just a friend, but let her know that she’s doing her part in helping women everywhere take a step forward.  Don’t be a condescending, misogynist.  It’s just not a good look for anybody.

So, today, I celebrate the progress that the women from my past have made.  They are the reason why I can vote, have a career, and live my own life.  I celebrate the progress that the women in my generation have made, including myself.  We are helping women gain more political, social, and economic influence day by day.  I also celebrate the progress that the women of tomorrow will make.  With momentum like this, there is no way the movement can stop just yet.

Appreciate the women in the world who are making something out of their lives and enjoy the rest of Women’s History Month!


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