Spring Cleaning: Day 7


#7 Move On

People love to talk about the past and dwell on it.  Probably because it’s the one thing we know for sure.  The past is the only thing that’s certain, but how are we supposed to live our lives if we continue to linger in it?  That sounds a bit backwards to me and it’s because it is.  The past happened.  It affected you, yes.  But now all you can do is accept it and learn from it.  Once you’ve done that, let go of the past and move on.

If you’re trying to rid your life of whatever negativity has come your way, then it’d be a good idea to rid yourself of the negativity from your past.  At this point, there is no way you can change what happened, so accept that it happened.  Do not live in denial, trying to paint an image that simply does not exist.  Stop lying to yourself about the different ways the situation could have been better because the truth is that there was only one way that the story ended up playing out.

I always say that things happen for a reason… even bad things.  Personally, I think that we’re supposed to learn from the negative occurrences in our life.  Maybe they’re meant to tell us hey you really shouldn’t do this or don’t trust that person, so why not take the hint and learn?  Out of every situation you can learn at least one new thing.  Apply it to your life and continue moving forward.  Bad things are bound to happen, but if you weren’t the cause of it, then you have nothing to be ashamed of.  If you were at fault in past scenarios, then learn from your errors and make sure they don’t happen again.  You can only be excused for the same foolish behavior once, so don’t waste your chance by doing the same thing all over again.

The past is something that you can never completely be free from because it was a part of your life.  It affects you everyday whether you realize it or not, but it’s up to you to decide how it affects you.  You can stay stuck in the past, trying to analyze every little thing that happened or you can be more proactive by accepting it, learning from it, and moving on.  I think the second option will get you much further than sulking in the corner.  So please, just cleanse yourself from that haunting past and move on with your life.

About Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the mainland United States, I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and am a 2016 VONA Voices Alumna. I currently perform spoken-word in the greater Washington D.C. area and have previously performed in Philadelphia, Miami, and the Dominican Republic. Most recently, I have been published in Public Pool, Spillwords, and The Acentos Review, and Here Comes Everyone: East & West Issue.

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