Spring is Here… What to Wear?


The season of spring is finally here and that means it’s time to dress for the weather.  Seasons come and go and no two are exactly the same, so you need to be prepared for the change.  This year the fashion trends of spring are grabbing inspiration from past generations, while still bringing something new to the scene.  If you’ve been oblivious to these styles, then you better step it up and pick up some pieces as soon as you can because these trends are in full swing.  My advice is to single out a few styles that you love, spice up your wardrobe with the trendy pieces, and remember to always mix in some classics that never go out of style.

You may remember from a past post that the 20s and 60s are back… well they are.  The dropped waist with lots of metallics is still a good choice and you still can’t rule out the color blocking that the 60s were notorious for.  However, it is spring, so stray away from the bolder colors in life and focus on the pastels.  Light pinks, blues, and greens are always a good choice.  If you want a pop of color in your ensemble, then go for an orange or tangerine hue.  It is as daring as you want it to be, while still being a nice complement to any skin tone.  Feel free to utilize strong patterns to make your outfit stand out as well.  Being that it is spring, flower prints are never a wrong choice… just make sure to not overload onlookers with too much flower power.  Futuristic and geometric patterns are also a good option this time of year, helping to modernize any look.

For those of you who want to show off some skin, your time has come.  The bra top is definitely in right now and we all saw how great Selena Gomez looked at the KCA’s in her bra top.  If you want to show some sex appeal, but not walk out in just a bra, then maybe you’ll feel better in a crop top or a one shoulder number.  I am definitely a fan of both of these choices!  One shoulder dresses are perfect for casual days or dressy nights, showing just how versatile they can be.  Pair a crop or bra top with a high-waisted skirt or shorts and you’ll be good to go.  Speaking of shorts… hot pants, short shorts, whatever you want to call them are a must.  You can wear them with bare legs or cover up a bit with some tights, but either way everyone needs a pair of shorts in their wardrobe.

As for shoes, white is the way to go.  Colors and nudes are still essential, but white will make you stand out as the fashion savvy individual that you are.  I always lean toward heels, so you know I already have a couple of white heels in my closet, but you can wear any type of shoe that you want.  Flats, sandals, and even flip-flops can work… of course only if the outfit allows.  You wouldn’t wear flip-flops with a super trendy dress now would you?

All in all, you want to pick outfits that you’re comfortable with.  You will never look your best if you don’t feel your best.  So whatever trends you decide to hop on make sure that your heart is in it.  If you don’t love your wardrobe, then it will never work.  When freshening up your closet, you want to maintain some classic neutral pieces that will survive throughout the seasons, but you want to sprinkle in styles that are fashion forward and hot right now.  But, again, only rock it, if you love it!


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