The Voices for Life & Creativity


It’s Monday, so that means a new episode of The Voice is on tonight and it will certainly be saved in my DVR.  For those of you that don’t know, The Voice is a singing competition that is set apart by its “blind auditions,” where the coaches pick their members solely on their voice.  With their chairs turned around and the participants out of their sight, they can only judge their potential team members on how they sing and not how they look.  From there, the show is virtually like any other one.

I’ll be honest with you.  Last season, this formula didn’t really work for me.  I watched a few episodes and I was interested, but I was never hooked.  I decided to give this second season a try to now it turns out that I haven’t missed an episode yet.  However, I must admit that there are really only two reasons for my addiction to this season of The Voice and they are Jamar Rogers and Lindsay Pavao.

Jamar Rogers, who is among the favorites of Team Cee Lo, not only has a killer voice, but also an inspiring story.  Jamar struggled with addiction to drugs and is now living life with HIV.  He could have given up and remained in the lowest times of his life, but instead he decided to persevere.  Jamar is now clean and is choosing to make his life better.  He has been through some of the worst things that a person can experience, so the way he sees it, he has nothing to lose.  Now Jamar is giving it his all to prove why he deserves to win The Voice.  During every performance, I have seen Jamar hold nothing back and, honestly, who cannot love that?  I look at Jamar and I see a guy who knows the value of a day and a dream.  He appreciates every minute he spends on stage performing.  He is passionate about his craft and, if he loses the competition, he recognizes that at least he got to be a part of it.  Although Juliet is giving him some tough competition on Team Cee Lo (and trust me… this chick is GOOD!), I still have plenty of faith in Jamar to take it all the way.

However, if Team Cee Lo doesn’t gain the W this season, then I think Team Christina is next in line with the help of Lindsay Pavao.  She is the one of a kind, soft singing girl that somehow manages to make each song she performs her own.  She first auditioned with Trey Songz famous collaboration with Fabolous “Say Ahh.”  She interpreted the song so creatively that it took some people a while to realize that she was covering Trey Songz.  Then, there’s her performance of Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know,” which included an innovative dubstep beat.  Most recently, she demonstrated her abilities through “Part of Me” and “Please Don’t Go,” ultimately keeping her in the competition.  Not only is Lindsay’s voice so unique to begin with, but she is so creative, too.  She gives us all hope that creativity still does exist.  People can still express themselves in new ways without sounding like somebody else.  That is what Lindsay represents and I that is why I support her so much.

Both Jamar and Lindsay give meaning and value to a show like The Voice.  It’s not about who is most marketable or who has the most fans, but who represents the most.

Jamar stands for hope in life.  The belief that you can always move forward no matter how low you have gone.  Your life only stops when you choose to give up.  Even if you have been through the worst of the worst of situations, you can still live through the best of them if you want to.  Jamar proves that it is more important to strive for progress, while appreciating what you have.

Lindsay stands for creativity.  She makes up for the lack of originality that is overflowing the entertainment industry.  The way that she approaches her craft shows that art is not dead just yet and that there is a new wave of artists ready to display their innovation.

The Voice may not be the best show out there, but Jamar and Lindsay definitely make it worth watching.


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