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Every Girl Needs Some of These This May…


Spring is in full bloom and the weather is warm.  It’s time to bust out those shorts, skirts, and little sundresses, but, to show the best of your legs, you need wedges!  They elongate your legs to make anybody look like they have the body of a supermodel, but the wedge gives what is hard to find in a heel… stability and comfort.  The fact that your weight is not resting on just a stiletto, but a whole wedge, allows your feet to take a break on a slant.  It also makes them a lot easier to walk in, so there are no excuses for the heel-intolerant females out there.  These days even baby shoes have wedges, so, if they can walk in them, so can you.  On top of that, wedges are a great way to bring some casual finesse to any outfit.  The wedge can look formal, but then it can have a very beachy feel to it, making it perfect for nearly every occasion.  You can walk on the boardwalk, go to work, or have fun with your girls all in some wedges.  Plus, this versatility will make an effortless transition into your summer wardrobe!

I personally love wedges and have several pairs, but I don’t expect everyone to load up on wedges, so make sure to stock up on ones you’ll actually wear.  If you know you’ll be spending more time outside, then go for a natural look that keeps it all casual.  If you’re a working girl, then your wedges should be more formal with neutral colors.  If the night life is calling your name, then you can go crazy on the boldest of wedges.  At the end of it all, you’ll be the one wearing them so make sure you love them!


SYTYCD Will Not Disappoint


After so many years of phenomenal dancing and touching stories, you might worry that SYTYCD ran out of its mojo, but last week’s season 9 premiere did away with those doubts for sure.  Throughout the entire episode, I couldn’t help but profess my love for the show as my mom wiped tears from her eyes.  I’ll admit I cried a little bit, too, but honestly how could you not?  I mean the dancing is at its highest level and the stories just scream tear-jerker.  For someone who has always loved dance, like myself, then there is no way around being moved. disappoint

Leo Reyes from the New York City auditions was utter perfection in my eyes.  His background story about the hardships he went through with his mother got both my mom and myself emotional.  Plus, his solo to Drake’s “Look What You’ve Done” captured his technique, his emotion, and his narrative at the same time effortlessly.  That is a dancer I can respect and he is already one of my favorites.  Then there was little Stella from the Dallas auditions.  Her mom, Bree Hafen, danced a beautiful contemporary routine, but Stella stole the show in her bright pink tutu.  After Bree’s audition, Stella took the stage to show off her skills, which were simply impressive for a two-year old little girl.  I can only pray that I will have a little ballerina like her for myself one day.  Dallas also had the pleasure of introducing the exorcist style of dance to the world.  Created by Hampton Williams, the style of dance is more like a spiritual cleansing than a creepy gimmick.  At first, my mom was a little freaked out by the term exorcist (thank a bad experience with The Exorcist movie from her childhood), but, by the end of his solo, she had tears coming down her face out of how moving his performance was.  Naturally, all three of them got sent straight to Vegas.

There were plenty of other great solos and stories, as well as not so great ones, but these were my absolute favorites, so I had to highlight them.  Tonight the auditions continue and I can’t wait to see the dancers from this bunch, but, for now, enjoy these videos of my favorites!

Haz Bien…


There is a saying in Spanish that says “haz bien y no mires a quien, haz mal y sientate a esperar,” which basically translates to “do good and don’t look at others, do bad and sit to wait.”  In other words, if you’re living your life correctly, then don’t worry about what others are doing.  Be positive and live your life.  However, if you’ve created some bad karma for yourself, then that consequence is headed your way.  You don’t have to do anything else but wait.

There are too many people in this world who seem to be consumed by the lives of others.  They complain about what someone else has done, they criticize another person’s actions, or they talk badly about someone who has done something wrong, but why waste so much energy on a person who is apparently no good?  Is it really worth it?  If you live a positive life, then why would you want to talk badly about others anyways?  This would only make sense if you feel the need to reflect your negativity onto others.

When you see someone do something wrong, you may want to advise them, which is understandable, but, if the person doesn’t want to hear your suggestions, then that’s when you leave them be.  If you continue to force your opinion down their throats, then you’ll only be disrespecting their wishes and making a fool of yourself.  There is really no use in trying to change their minds, pointing out their flaws, or complaining about how they shut you down because that is when you begin to seep into the wrong yourself.  That is when you begin to be the bad guy who is arrogant and pushy.  There are also times where you have been disrespected and you need to vent, which is usually necessary; however, never linger too much on the subject.  After some time, venting will soon turn into meaningless complaints, insulting comments, and a disbursement of negative energy.  If you feel like you’ve talked about an incident for too long, then you probably have and it’s time to let it go.  Then, there are cases where your judgement of others is really a reflection of yourself.  If you spend so much time talking about others, then maybe there is something about yourself that you don’t want others to see.

The truth is, if you are kind, hardworking, respectful, and everything good in this world, then you should have no need to judge others.  Simply live your own life and be concerned with what you are doing.  Do not think that you are entitled to talking down to others because of your good deeds.  Instead, let life handle that situation and in more or less words mind your business.  Do not pay attention to the bad things that others are doing because if you are living life in a positive way, then you should not feel the need to bring in negative vibes by judging, criticizing, or complaining about others.  When you start taking part in that kind of activity, you show everybody that you are no better than the people you are belittling.  As a side note, if you have made some very poor decisions, then you also have no room to talk about others.  You will face the consequences of your actions and, hopefully, you’ll learn from them and you won’t have to wait any longer.

It’s all about karma and please don’t build up any of the bad kind.  Simply love and live your life.

Happy Memorial Day!


Although many of us are probably enjoying our day off from school and work, let’s also not forget why today is a U.S. federal holiday.  Today is meant to be a day where we honor our fallen soldiers and those who have contributed to the protection of this country.  You may not be in favor of war or you may have never met a member of the military in your life before, but I think we can all respect what the military has done and continues to do for us.

Unless you’ve experienced a military lifestyle, you will never full understand the sacrifices that are made in your name; however, you can certainly still appreciate them.  Deployment, the constant moving, the first few years of being a low rank are all hardships that are endured to serve this country and I don’t want them to go unnoticed.  Since I grew up as an Army brat, I know what military life is like and I know how hard it can be.  My father was in the Army for the first 12 years of my life.  I have relatives and friends who are still in serving in the Armed Forces.  My great-grandfather and both of my grandfathers were Army soldiers, so it’s easy for me to appreciate the sacrifice that the military undergoes for all of us in the United States.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day, but I also hope everyone remembers what today means.  Always honor your military because they do it all for you.

The Rose Bush


Years ago, I planted a rose bush,

hoping for that one perfect rose.


The first bud bloomed quickly.

It was lush and rich and beautiful,

but it was also black as night,

tainting all hands that touched it.

It soon died to never bloom again.


The second bud had trouble blooming.

Much time passed before its petals began to show.

It was delicate and required much care.

Although its pure beauty was appreciated,

this yellow rose failed to outlast the others.

It soon became a flower of the past.


Within no time the third bud began to blossom.

Its deep red was breathtaking,

grabbing the attention of everyone who caught sight of it.

People loved peaking at it,

trying to imagine what it would grow into,

but, to their dissappointment,

the bud stopped blooming.

It didn’t close, open, or die.

It just paused in time.

And it still holds a place in the rose bush,

teasing everyone with the thought of what could have been.


Now, at the top of the plant,

a new bud is making its presence known.

Through it is too early to know for sure,

its light nature implies a white rose is in the works.

Pure, beautiful, and meant to last.

I’m sure this rose will have no competition,

but we’ll only know when it has fully bloomed.


Years ago, I planted a rose bush,

hoping for that one perfect rose.

Happy Birthday to the Corset Queen!


Because of her eccentric style, her sultry, yet slightly psychotic characters, and her consistent ability to deliver a solid performance, Helena Bonham Carter has landed a spot as one of my favorite actresses.  She has starred in some of my favorite films (Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory… just to name a few) and has maintained a decade long relationship with probably my favorite director, Tim Burton, so, of course, I frickin’ love her.  Bonham Carter has proven herself as a serious and talented actress with a quirky side to her.  She always stays true to herself, while only delivering the best.  In her own weird way, she is a great role model.  I can’t wait to see what else she will add to her legacy, but, today, I just want to wish her a very happy birthday!

The Great Gatsby Official Trailer


The official trailer for the new Baz Luhrmann movie, The Great Gatsby, is out and I am so excited for it.  Even though we all have to wait until December to watch the actual film, at least we have this trailer to hold us off until then.  Enjoy the trailer for The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, and Carey Mulligan.