Celebs at the Billboards


The Latin Billboard Music Awards just passed, so now it’s time for the Billboard Music Awards 2012 and, of course, celebs got decked out for one of the biggest nights for music.  Some kept it classic and didn’t risk too much, while others surely pulled out all the stops, but, as usual, only few could master the technique of good style.  Both men and women committed fashion faux pas, but some big names did not disappoint.

One of my favorite looks of the night was worn by Jordin Sparks.  Her light, lacey dress was perfect for the evening.  The short and tight silhouette created plenty of sex appeal, while the three-quarter length sleeves retained Jordin’s renowned good girl image.  Her hair swept to the side and the limited, but eye-catching accessories completed Jordin’s look, earning her an A+.  To put it simply, I would wear her outfit!  Taylor Swift also impressed me in her floor length red gown.  The top half features some delicate lacing exposed under a bold, bandaged pattern.  The skirt of the dress flow down to the ground in pleats and it leaves Taylor reminding us all of the Ancient Greeks.  Her pin straight blonde hair and dark eye makeup against her bright eyes, only creates a stunning look for the young entertainer.  I honestly can’t help but think of a Barbie doll when I see this look of hers.  Kudos to her and her stylist!

Cheryl Tiegan and Julie Bowen also earned their fashion stripes on the Billboard carpet.  Neither of the two are singers, so they’re choices were surely fitting for their “supporting” roles at the event.  Both Cheryl and Julie went with short, strapless dresses.  Great minds think alike, right?!  Cheryl, being the sultry model that she is, chose red as her color, while Julie stuck with black and a little bit of shimmer to emphasize her mature but still fun personality.  Nothing fancy was done to their hair, which I fully support, and, overall, the two looked very nice.

Carrie Underwood and Katy Perry also made memorable appearances at the awards.  Carrie showed up with her man, NHL player Mike Fisher, and she was turning heads in a very Cinderallish gown.  The color I love with hints of grey and even some lavender.  The top hands down is perfect for her and it shows off her little figure.  The skirt can be considered questionable, but I, personally, appreciate it deeply.  Maybe a ball gown isn’t the most appropriate choice for this award show, but the funky style of it is definitely commendable in my book.  Katy Perry’s look also was not a clear-cut win or fail.  The hair color is her.  There’s no doubt about that and she rocks it in a way that nobody else could.  The dress is lovely to me.  It’s cut is so classic and feminine, but when paired in that metallic lavender gives it that Katy Perry edge it needs to be worn by her.  I’m also a big fan of the structured top and the free-flowing skirt.  My issue is with that unbearable lipstick color.  It is too dark and takes so much away from the outfit that it is absolutely shameful.  If it weren’t for the lipstick, Katy Perry would have aced the red carpet with ease.

As for the boys, I would like to give props to Gavin DeGraw for his polished, but unique attire.  The black suit complimented by the blue tie is sleek and classic, making it almost impossible to go wrong.  He then accessorizes with his own shades and hat.  In the end, you can’t be mad at the guy for that, so job well done.  Lastly, I have to point out The Wanted.  The boy band from the UK made a nice impression for Americans with their clean ensembles.  They all chose suits with classic, subtle colors, but they each put their own twist on it, which is always a good thing.  I really don’t have anything bad to say about them, so take a look at the pictures to make your own opinions of the Billboard Music Awards fashion.

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