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Look at the Sun with Fashion!


This June (and all of summer for that matter) everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses in their stash of fashion accessories.  Especially with this crazy heat that has over taken the U.S., the sun is showing no mercy, but take it on with your best pair of shades and you’re good to go.

My go to pair have to be my Ray-Ban Wayfarers.  The style that once ruled the ’80s is back and I love it.  I got this particular pair for my birthday last year and, since then, I haven’t found another to top them; however, I do keep a few more stored away for different occasions.  To counter my sacred shades, I have my $5 knock offs that I wouldn’t shed a tear for if they broke or I lost them.  This is the pair that you want for a particularly reckless day that can end badly.  You always need some sunglasses you’d be willing to sacrifice.  That’s just the way it is.  Then, I have a couple of funky sunglasses that can hardly be worn with any outfit, so those are tucked away for that one time of the year that they’re appropriate.

Not only are a good pair of sunglasses the savior of your eyes, but they can simply elevate your outfit like you wouldn’t believe.  Tell me you don’t feel that much more fashionable after you throw some shades on.  I know I do!  So embrace the sunglasses this summer and get yourself a good pair that you can always rely on.


Expect Nothing & Be Happy


As humans, it is natural for us to get emotional about certain things.  We can get overjoyed, deeply saddened, and definitely disappointed.  Generally speaking, it’s hard to not expect something to happen.  How can we not get excited for something we are anticipating?  If we think something will happen and then it doesn’t work out the way we had hoped, disappointment is almost inevitable.  Our emotions will once again win and not in the most pleasant way.  The only solution to this uncomfortable feeling is to not expect anything at all; however, it is easier said than done.  I have had the unfortunate opportunity of being disappointed more than once in my life and I would rather have not gone through it at all, but, then again, I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I feel inclined to say that going through moments of displeasure will only enhance the times filled with happiness.  I think this is true, but I can’t deny the emotions that come with being human.

Being disappointed sucks.  It feels like the one thing you were looking forward to vanished and will never come back.  You start to think that all good things have come to an end and that from there on out trust is impossible.  I don’t like getting disappointed and I don’t like disappointing others, so I have learned that I must do everything that is expected of me, while expecting nothing from others.

You cannot wish to live a disappointment-free life and then push it onto others with your own hands.  Do what others are expecting you to do and that way you don’t become a hypocrite who cannot handle a few responsibilities.  You will never disappoint those around you.  Plus, by doing your part, you aren’t disappointing yourself either.  You know what you expect and what you want, so simply do it.  There should be no confusion or hesitation to doing what will make you content.  In the case of others, you can’t expect them to do anything, so don’t.  You don’t know what it’s like to live their lives.  You don’t know what their intentions are.  Therefore, you cannot assume what they will do.  With that mentality, you might as well be attempting to blindly predict the future.  The future is one thing that is never permanent, so things can change and expectations can be left unmet.  In the end, only you will end up being disappointed because you assumed what another person would do.

You can only control what you do, so you can’t control what others do.  You can easily meet your own expectations, if you truly work hard enough.  However, another person can never guarantee that they will meet your expectations, so you shouldn’t think that they will.  In theory, you should never be disappointed.  You should never fail yourself because you know what you want and you know what you can do.  Also, others should never fail you because you should never have expected anything from them in the first place.  I am not saying that everyone will break their promises or agreements, but I am saying that things happen and there are times where disappointment will be given an opportunity to show up.  Even though it’s hard, you have to eliminate that opportunity.  Don’t get disappointed and simply live your life to the fullest.

The Storyteller



I see you talking,

but I can’t hear you speak.


Because all you say are lies.


if you attempted to tell the truth,

people would listen to your words.


if you understood what is reality,

you would be better off in life.


Your deep belief in fantasies

is both incredible and baffling.

Your words carry no weight,

yet you expect the world and more.

Stop telling stories

and, hopefully, your cards will change.


Now you’re silent

with nothing left to say.

It’s funny how the truth

can make a liar a mute.



Cyrus Takes on Vegas Week


Since the beginning, I definitely admired the creativity and talent of Dragon House, but it wasn’t until Vegas week (last week’s episode) where I became a true supporter of Cyrus, a.k.a. Glitch.  During Vegas week, he was left alone after one of his roommates was eliminated and the other simply quit the competition.  However, instead of quitting like his friend, Cyrus used everything he had to prove why he deserves to be in this season’s top 20.  Even if you’re not a fan of hip hop, you have to give the guy props for his tenacity and determination to finish what he started.  Nothing came in the way of him and his goal, which is why he is still standing.  After making it through contemporary, hip hop, broadway, ballroom, and jazz, plus having to dance for his life, tonight we will find out if Cyrus will have a place in the top 20.  I’ll be heartbroken if he doesn’t make it and if he does I’ll surely be rooting for him.  Either way, at least we have a real example of what it means to never give up.

Here’s Cyrus “Glitch” dancing for his life to escape elimination during Vegas week.


Happy Birthday Derek Jeter!


As one of my favorite baseball players of all time, I had to dedicate this post to Derek Jeter’s 38th birthday and believe me when I say that the career Yankee has definitely put in work to have a life worth celebrating.  He’s been with the Yankees for 20 years, playing 18 seasons in the MLB.  Throughout those seasons, Jeter has picked up 5 World Series Championships, numerous awards, and plenty of world records.  If you ask me, that’s pretty impressive.  I must admit that good old DJ was my first love in the world of baseball and the Yankees are the only reason I still keep up with the sport.  Even though Cano has creeped up as my favorite slugger since he debuted as a Yankee in 2005, Jeter will always have a special place in my heart.  I have had the pleasure of going to a few baseball games and seeing Jeter play, which is something I will always hold on to.  He’s been playing pretty well this year, but with the rest of the Core Four slowly leaving the team, Jeter’s retirement is definitely looming upon us.  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy Jeter’s admirable gameplay and cheer him on as much as I can.  Today, we celebrate the incredible legacy that he has created and that will always be remembered long after Jeter has stopped wearing those famous pinstripes.  Happy Birthday Team Captain!


RIP to the King of Pop


Three years ago on this day, the music world lost a legend that I don’t think can ever be replaced.  At 50, Michael Jackson died unexpectedly, leaving all of his fans in a state of shock and grief.  He was on the cusp of embarking on his world tour and everyone was preparing for his big comeback, but, before we could all watch it unfold, he was gone.  Michael Jackson was undoubtedly an inspiration for musicians, dancers, artists, and humanitarians, serving as an irreplaceable icon for so many people.  As the most-awarded recording artist in popular music, it is virtually impossible to overlook his impact on the world and to not know what MJ’s legacy means.

I, personally, have a strong connection with Michael’s work and, like many others, grew up as a big fan of his.  It was hard not to when my mom loved his music, even emulating his notorious style back in the ’80s, and when my brother was always trying time and time again to master the Smooth Criminal lean.  Not to mention that Halloween where I helped do my brother’s make-up for his zombie-Thriller MJ costume.  But Michael didn’t just bring me good music, he also heightened my love of dance.  His dancing talent was incredible and I’m not sure how my dance career would have ended up without his example.  My first year in my high school’s dance company we even did a tribute to the legendary king.  The first duet I ever did with my Capitan was to MJ’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” (Of course, we killed it!)  That was just the first of plenty of dances that I performed to his many great songs… and trust me the routines to his music just keep coming.  (We’re currently conjuring up a dance to “Dirty Diana.”)

Say what you want about Michael Jackson, but there is no way you can take away the outstanding success he experienced throughout his career and the iconic talent that he possessed.  After so many years, Michael still holds world records for album sales, award wins, and charitable donations.  Also take into account the fact that his music and life continues to inspire today’s individuals.  He’s still being recognized in new songs and he is still being named as the inspiration of many.  Now with the Cirque de Soleil tour honoring him, it is clear that MJ is not going anywhere.  He may not be here in person, but his spirit is still with us all.  MJ will forever be the King of Pop.  To all of the supporters of Michael Jackson, let us take today to celebrate the many great things that he accomplished throughout his life that ended way too soon.


Believe- Give It a Shot


Last week, Justin Bieber’s latest album was released and, while I was buying it as a gift for a certain birthday boy, I caved and bought one for myself as well.  I’ve never had Bieber Fever and I’m not a die-hard fan of his, but I do give credit where credit is due.  After hearing a few of his past singles and the “Boyfriend Remix,” featuring 2 Chainz, Mac Miller, and Asher Roth, I just had to give JB a chance and listen to the CD.  Now, that I’ve had some time to listen to it and digest it, I must admit that I like it.  Sure, I’m not obsessed with every song, but each track is commendable in its own way.

Overall, this album seems to serve as the necessary stepping stone that Justin has been waiting for so that he can smoothly transition into a more urban genre.  Many of the songs stay true to his romantic, PG reputation, but, with features like Big Sean, Drake, Ludacris, and Nicki Minaj, I think we all know where Justin wants to go with his music.  However, in reality, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.  I mean, his manager is Scooter Braun, who also manages Asher Roth, and his mentor is Usher, who is… well, Usher.  And, if that didn’t give you a big enough hint, how about Justin’s cover of Drake’s “Trust Issues”?  The boy was destined to break out of his teen, pop image at one point or another.

I have to be honest and actually applaud the transition.  There are several songs that have a heavy R&B influence and it suits Justin well.  I’m particularly a big fan of “As Long As You Love Me,” featuring Big Sean, and “Right Here,” featuring Drake.  Both songs are a perfect balance of where Justin is now and where he wants to go.  Plus, the rap verses flow very nicely with the whole feel of the album.  In my opinion, it was not forced at all.

I congratulate the entire JB team on being able to satisfy old fans and still bring in new, more mature ones because that is exactly what I feel they did.  His growth is obvious, but there’s still a little something for the girls that would go crazy for the 16-year-old heart-throb.  There’s no doubt in my mind that all of Justin’s supporters will be pleased with this album and the sales of it.  But, as a disclaimer, do not listen to this CD if you just went through a break-up.  Let’s just say that Selena was definitely on his mind when the album was being recorded.  The heavy romantic tone is not going to sit well with you.  Other than that you should be good!  I would say to definitely give Believe a chance.