Last Call for Vegas!


SYTYCD Season 9 continues to impress me with the fresh talent that is popping up throughout the States.  Tonight, the Vegas auditions get started, which means that Salt Lake City was the last stop for the audition tour.  Of course, the judges managed to find some great hidden gems, such as a man channeling a praying mantis and a girl next door who enjoys horseback riding and krumping; however, my two favorites of the night were Dareian Kujawa, a contemporary dancer, and Leroy Martinez, a hip hop dancer.

The native Hawaiian, Dareian, was simply mesmerizing in his solo.  Of the three judges, Adam Shankman took the words right out of my mouth and described him as “awesome.”  His technique was on point, the choreography was enchanting, and the music was perfect.  As for Leroy, his dancing was also impressive, but his personality is what really shined through.  He is full of so much light that it was hard to not fall in love with him.  Through his dance and what he dedicates his life to, Leroy definitely proves that no obstacle is too big to overcome.


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