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A Pop of Color Please!


This summer you don’t need that particular bag or those certain pair of heels, but what you do need is color!  It’s summertime so have fun with your wardrobe.  I’m not suggesting you to be decked out in different colors causing onlookers to get an instant headache, but I am suggesting you to stock up on colorful accessories and get a few pieces that are not as subtle as your classic grey and brown.

Personally, I think shoes and accessories are the easiest way to liven up your outfit and give yourself that summer lovin’ feel.  With that being said, if you open up my closet, you’ll be sure to find neon heels, sneakers in all colors, and jewelry to match any color of the rainbow.  Don’t be afraid of color when it comes to accents because, as long as you keep colors in the same family for each outfit, it’ll be hard to overdo it.  Once you get used to color in your jewelry box and shoe collection, I encourage you to spice up your actual wardrobe with it.  It took some bravery on my part, but now I have red jeans, coral pants, and cobalt blue high-waisted pants.  I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t regret buying any one of them.

Color is your friend in the summertime and it’s important not to forget it, but the most important thing to remember is to never go into color overload.  You don’t want to look like a pack Crayola crayons walking down the street, so always pair your colorful choices with a toned down neutral.  Other than that, own your love for colors and enjoy what’s left of summer!


A Long-Awaited Sequel


In April 2011, ROM debuted their limited edition custom sneakers with the release of the Samurai I’s.  Within no time they became a sneakerhead favorite and people were already asking for a part two.  A little over a year later and after plenty of teaser pictures, ROM has now released the Samurai II’s.  These sneakers seem to have everything that was so loved about the Samurai I’s, like Japanese inspired art, nice details, and an overall clean design, but this sequel definitely has some new touches that will make it just as desirable.  The whole design is based on a black, blue, and pewter color way, in my opinion, speaking to the stealth of the samurai and the notorious sleekness of ROM.  The back panel features samurai art created by ROM himself in blue against a black background.  To add to the details within the design, the shoe sports a pewter to black fade, while the swoosh has a blue to black fade to match it.  As a final touch, the ROM tag stands out in red on the heel.

As opposed to its Samurai I brother, the Samurai II’s can be ordered straight off of the new ROM webstore and are available in Nike Dunk lows ($260) or highs ($300).  Did I mention that only 20 pairs are being made?  If you’re interested, you might want to act fast.

Donde Hay Fe Hay Amor…


Wisin y Yandel siempre han sido unos de mis artistas favoritas en el mundo latino y ganaron más de mi respeto con sus maneras de ser.  Yo tuve el gusto de verlos en concierto y déjame decirte que fue una experiencia increíble.  Son talentosos, amables, y me hicieron el día cuando vieron mi bandera puertorriqueña.  Encima de todo eso, Wisin y Yandel me siguen impresionando con sus espíritus positivos.  Siempre están tratando de ayudar a la comunidad latina y hacen lo posible para motivar a la juventud.  La semana pasada, Wisin y Yandel recibieron el premio Idolo de la Juventud en los Premios Juventud y se lo merecen, pero lo que dijo Wisin me dio mucho más gusto.

Happy National Dance Day!


As a dancer, I couldn’t help but wish you all a very happy National Dance Day.  This is the third annual one and it’s a perfect excuse to dance the day and the night away.  Dance is a beautiful thing and I promise I’m not just saying that because I’m bias.  It’s a great way to honestly express yourself or you can choose to take on a completely different character on stage.  You can do it to have fun or to vent.  Plus, dance has been proven to help battle depression, so I think everyone should give it a shot.  For all of my trained dancers, show off your technique that has been years in the making.  For everyone who simply loves dance, take the opportunity to dance all you want.  For the rest of you that have never tried it, maybe today is a good day to start dancing.  Personally, I am proud to say that I am a dancer and a lover of dance, so I am very excited to see the growing support for the world of dance.  Trust me when I say that dance is beautiful and you should always dance however your little heart desires.  Have fun and have a happy National Dance Day!!

Hello London Olympics!


I’ll admit I am not the biggest sports fan in the world.  I do love my Yankees, so I follow baseball for them, and I definitely keep up with Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal.  Occasionally, I follow the Ravens, but I would not describe myself as the sports obsessed kind of girl.  However, when it comes to the Summer Olympics, I am so there!

Today is the first day of the only event I have waited four years to watch and I can’t wait to see it all unravel.  There is something about the history and the complete epicness of the Olympics that I just can’t resist.  To call yourself an Olympian or to be able to say that you saw so and so break the world record is incredible to me and I am so fascinated by it all.  This kind of event has the ability to pin countries against each other in competitions, but still bring them together in harmony.  Only at the Olympics!

I must say that I am sad that I won’t be able to watch Rafa play in the name of Spain, but I still have plenty to look forward to.  Gymnastics and swimming are always exciting, while I also have to keep an eye out for the Puerto Rican athletes.  For now, I’m going to enjoy the Summer Olympics while they’re here!

Calm Your Nerves



Step back.

Take a breath.

Count to ten.

Put it all in perspective.

Don’t lose your head.

Why are you here?

What’s the worst that can happen?

Is it all worth it?

If the answer is no,

then walk away

and don’t worry about it again.

If the answer is yes,

then just go

and don’t wait any longer.


you’re prepared for the worst

and you’re aiming for the best.


Happy Birthday Lindsay!


I remember the first time I met you that you came into my house and sat down without saying a word to me.  I thought you hated me, so I wasn’t even going to try to talk to you, but I think the thing that broke the ice was your “Go Go Power Rangers” ringtone.  Honestly, I don’t remember when or how exactly it happened, but all I know now is that you’re my partner in crime!  You’re my Diz for life and I can’t imagine anybody in your place.  Sure, we don’t always see eye to eye on everything (Zooey Deschanel is hilarious, Donnie Wahlberg is an angel, and Team Jacob all the way), but, whenever you doubt my love for you, just remember the day I rode Superman for you.  Either way, I can’t wait to have more adventures together and to finally finish our list of movies (Between me and you, I don’t think that’ll ever happen.  Whenever we watch one, we’ve already added on three… smh), but, today, I just want to wish you a very happy birthday!  Don’t stress over anything, wear lots of pink, and enjoy it!

Happy Birthday Diz!

Love, Wiz ❤