The Perfect Combination


Last week, we got to see the top 20 of SYTYCD perform with their partners for the first time and, as I usually do, I was watching closely to find my favorite routine and the ones that I could care less about.  To my surprise, my favorite routine came from Tiffany and George who danced a contemporary number choreographed by the very talented Sonya Tayeh.  There was no doubt in my mind that Sonya’s work would get to me, but a choreographer’s work can only be as good as how it is danced.  Tiffany and George have never been my favorites, but I will openly applaud their dancing from last week.  The two danced beautifully together, reaching a seamless flow that is not easy to find.  Sonya delivered one of her best creations, while the pair definitely stepped up their game and caught my attention.  There were definitely some other great routines throughout the night and I still have lots of love for many other dancers, but this contemporary dance was simply perfection!


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