Remember to Laugh


When you go about your life, there will be plenty of times where you simply feel defeated.  You wish you could give up and just start crying.  You would rather run away and go into hiding.  You think that there is nothing that could make you feel better and that things could not get any worst.  If that’s the case, then simply laugh.  It’s been proven that smiling and laughing can almost immediately improve your mood, so why not give it a shot?  Plus, what can you lose by laughing?  In my opinion, nothing.

Laugh when you make a mistake because, after you learn from that mistake, that’s all it is… a silly mistake.  Laugh after you cry because you just let all of your sadness go in those tears.  Laugh when you’re nervous because you’re probably worrying too much anyways.  Laugh if you’re mad because in a year or less your anger will most likely evolve into a very funny story (trust me, I know).  Laugh when you’re scared because confronting your fear will only help you be victorious.  Laugh if you’re tired because it means that you worked hard enough to not waste your day.  Laugh when things are at their worst because that only means that things will get better and they’ll soon be at their best.

Always laugh.  Remember to always laugh.  You will feel so much better after you do it.  Laughing is one of the best things in the world, so never pass up an opportunity to do so.


About Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the mainland United States, I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and am a 2016 VONA Voices Alumna. I currently perform spoken-word in the greater Washington D.C. area and have previously performed in Philadelphia, Miami, and the Dominican Republic. Most recently, I have been published in Public Pool, Spillwords, and The Acentos Review, and Here Comes Everyone: East & West Issue.

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