The Best of Mia Michaels!


So You Think You Can Dance returned from a two-week hiatus with a bang!  What better way to start off the second half of the season with a revamping of classic Mia Michaels routines?… and I must say that last week’s show was definitely a memorable one.  There were a few dancers that fell short of the Mia Michaels legacy and really didn’t meet the high standard that comes with performing one of her routines.  I’d say it was mostly an issue of understanding the deep stories that Mia somehow manages to fit into her choreography so effortlessly; however, there were a couple of pairs that did their SYTYCD family proud.  My two favorites came from Chehon and Whitney as well as Lindsey and Cole hands down.

Chehon and Whitney had some ginormous shoes to fill, being that the infamous “Bench” dance is one of the most well-known routines in the history of the show and it even won Mia an Emmy.  Overall, I think they filled those shoes pretty well.  I’ve noticed that Chehon is embracing his characters and emotions more, which can make an already technically great dancer an excellent performer.  Whitney could have popped a bit more, but either way she definitely did more than just keep up.  Between Whitney and Chehon, the dance turned out beautiful.

Then came Lindsey and Cole with the “Addiction” routine.  Honestly, I was both worried and excited when I saw that they’d be doing this dance, only because it is one of my favorite routines in all of SYTYCD history.  I had the pleasure of watching it on TV when it was first performed and again live during the SYTYCD tour… not to mention the many times that I’ve watched it on YouTube between then and now.  Needless to say, I was expecting a lot from Lindsey and Cole.  After watching last week’s performance, there is no doubt in my mind that the pair did the dance justice.  Both of them brought something new to the characters of the routine, but still were able to maintain that hypnotic element that was so prevalent in Kupono and Kayla’s original performance.  Although I love Kupono’s sinister smile, I can’t help but love Cole’s straight-faced, quirky tormentor that he brought to life in “Addiction.”  Overall, the two pairs did a great job and Mia Michaels should be proud!


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