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Bring on the Leather!


This September, one of the few fashion items that I couldn’t go too long without was my leather jacket hands down.

It’s that time of the year where it’s cool, but then hot and it’s hard to dress appropriately; however, the leather jacket makes it all so easy.  You can simply wear a pair of jeans, a red tee, and some sneakers during the warm day, then you can just throw on a leather jacket when the sun and temperature go down.  In my opinion, it is one of the simplest fashion items that can add so much to your outfit.  Once you bust out the leather jacket your fashion edge will sky-rocket almost immediately (as long as the rest of your look isn’t a complete train wreck, of course).  It shows you mean business and that you know what you’re doing.

I mean, who wouldn’t love a simple jacket that can be appropriate for both a casual day in class or an exciting night out?  You’ve got to love fashion that translates well in everything.  The leather jacket is simple and versatile, but it can be worth so much to your entire look.  If you’re looking to splurge anywhere, do so here because you can use it in so many different ways and it will last you a while.

Plus, I must admit that leather has seeped into other parts of my collection.  I have definitely been favoring an all black leather bag and it has been going everywhere with me.  Clearly, my love for leather this fall isn’t limited to a jacket.  Get creative with it and have fun with your leather.  You won’t regret it!


Catch The Fairy



Her lips are like a faded rose,

imitating the perfect heart.

Her eyes are nearly black

And their darkness enhances the mystery.

Her ebony locks are wild and charming

Just like her character.

Her skin?

The right blend of mocha and gold.

Her touch is soft,

Her words are mesmerizing,

Her stare is tough,

And her laugh is enchanting.

Like the nimble fairy

Her beauty and charm make you want her more.

She’s the one thing you need,

But she’s the most difficult to catch.

You don’t know how to make her yours,

But maybe just try a little harder

And she’ll make you her match.


Pa’ Tras Ni Pa’ Coger Impulso


In Puerto Rico, we have a saying that says “pa’ tras ni pa’ coger impulso,” which roughly translates to “don’t go back, not even for momentum.”  This is a saying often used when someone is going though a hard time in their life and they need some motivation to push through their troubles.  It literally refers to the idea that when a person is preparing for a long jump they have a tendency to take a few steps back so you can gain momentum to make the leap.  However, the saying advises you to simply jump and to not take any steps back.

In life, you should never stop and you should never move backwards, but you should always keep moving forward.  Once you stop progressing forward, you slow yourself down and it will be even harder for you to continue moving in life.  Imagine how hard it would be if you took a few steps back on top of all that.  You would have to at least make it back to where you started and then some to make the lost time worth it.  When you’re living your life, you always want to look ahead.  The past is the past.  You’ve been there done that and going back  won’t get you anywhere new.  Simply put, the saying says that if you take those few steps back, you’re not helping yourself out.  You are only digging yourself deeper and making it harder to progress, instead just push forward no matter what.  So, when you’re looking for the will to keep moving, just think to yourself that all you need to do is jump.  If you’ve been gaining momentum this whole time, then you should have no worries.  Just never ever take those few steps back amidst all of the progress you’ve already made.

A Much Deserved Victory


This past Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens faced the New England Patriots in what many were calling a rematch of the AFC championship game from last year, where the Ravens lost to the Patriots because of a missed kick.  This face off alone promised an unforgettable game that would surely be filled with tension and emotions; however, the morning of this game, wide receiver Torrey Smith was hit with the news that his younger brother had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  Smith decided to play in the game, earning him even more respect from his coach, teammates, and fans.  During the game, there was a moment of silence in honor of his younger brother and nobody could deny the deep feelings that were embedded into the game.  Despite the already high emotions, Smith played extremely well scoring two touchdowns to help his team win against the Patriots.  Watching Smith play was incredible and I felt like the passing of his brother pushed him further than he thought he could go.  There is no doubt that Torrey Smith has talent and there is certainly no doubt that he has a courageous heart.  Seeing how he channeled his emotion into the game and how well supported he was by his team almost brought tears to my eyes.  It is when I see Baltimorians coming together like this when I am proud to represent Baltimore.

My heart goes out to Torrey Smith and his family.

Happy Birthday Will Smith!


I have been watching Will Smith since he was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I followed his career through his roles as Agent J, a Bad Boy, and Hitch.  I even remember the days when he was being welcomed into Miami.  Yes, you can say I am a fan of Will Smith, but, with the way he is, it’s so hard not to be.  First off, Will Smith is hands down one of the most talented actors of this generation.  He has proven to be funny with his classic comedic roles on TV and films.  Trust me, my brother and I still haven’t gotten tired of Fresh Prince or Hitch, but Will has definitely established himself as a wide ranged actor, by taking on more serious roles.  Do the films Ali, Pursuit of Happyness, and Seven Pounds sound familiar?  Personally, I love I Am Legend and it’s no secret that Will Smith’s dramatic roles have made me shed some tears on multiple occasions.  Clearly, this guy is not just a one trick pony!  Second, he just seems to be such a nice guy.  He’s always so charismatic and positive with a special glow to him that it’s just so hard not to like him.  I’ll be honest I didn’t even try.  I’ve always been a fan of Will’s and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, so, for right now, I just want to celebrate his extremely succesful career and say Happy Birthday Will Smith!

Hello Emmy Starlets!


Last night were the Annual Emmy Awards and anybody whose anybody in television entertainment was in attendance.  Everyone from TV’s best comedians to the biggest names in drama series were there.  Of course, there were some big winners throughout the night and others were simply happy to be nominated, but the main thing I had my eye on was the red carpet.  I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the fashion picks of the Emmy stars.  There were too many to count looks that I thought were so pretty and there were enough dresses that left me thinking wow.  Unfortunately, I can’t give every A-lister an individual kudo, so I have to narrow it down to my top favorite looks.

The number one spot, in my opinion, has to go to the one and only Sofia Vergara.  When I saw her dress, I literally thought to myself “wow… she looks so beautiful,” because, honestly, there is nothing else you can say about her.  Her dress fit her like a glove and she looked like a real life mermaid.  The blue looks perfect on her skin and its shine only makes her look even more like a mystical creature from the sea.  Her look was elegant, sexy, timeless, and so her, which is why she is my best dressed.  There is nothing about Sofia’s dress that I would change.

January Jones came in second for best look of the night in a black number.  Although January didn’t use glitz and glam to catch my eye, she still stood out with her tight, patterned bodice and the layers of sheer black in her train.  I think she looks like a sketch from a fashion magazine and she, too, captured that timeless look with a hint of modern flare.  I am a huge fan of her minimalistic make-up, hair, and accessories because the dress truly does speak for itself.  She simply looked stunning, so I give her two big thumbs up for her fashion pick.

I must admit that I was also a fan of Hayden Panettiere’s style for the Emmy’s.  When I saw her, I immediately related her to some kind of Greek goddess.  Her dress was regal and feminine with the nice color choices of blue and gold.  To me, she definitely stood out from the crowd.  Her simple accessories and up do only made her look even better last night.  She surely gained some brownie points with me after the way she looked at the Emmy’s.

I also have to give Julianne Hough her props for selecting a dress that fit her beautifully.  First off, the color of her gown was to die for.  The light metallic blue made the dancing star look like a snow queen… the textured detail on the bottom hem of her dress definitely only enhances this fantasy motif she gives off.  Her hair was perfect as well.  She seemed to be channeling her roaring twenties with this choice; however, the only thing I would have changed about Ms. Hough’s look was her make-up.  I think a lighter make-up choice would have done a lot more for her overall appearance.

At the end of the night, I was nonetheless pleased with what our starlets came up with for their looks.  Sofia, January, Hayden, and Julianne hands down made the cut for my favorite looks, but there were also a few other stars that caught my attention and I can’t close this out without giving them some recognition.  Brooke Burke, Sarah Hyland, and Shannon Woodward are just some of these ladies that did me proud, but make sure to check out the pictures below for the rest of the big names that aced their fashion exams.

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A Night To Celebrate All Latinos!


As part of the kick off of Hispanic Heritage Month, the 2012 NCLR Alma Awards were held to honor Latino actors that have put their best into what they do throughout the past year.  Although not every Latino in the good old U.S. of A. was given a snazzy award, seeing so many Hispanics doing wonderful things is something we all can be proud of.

The event was hosted by George Lopez and Eva Longoria who mixed in some good jokes with some inspirational messages (as usual).  One topic of conversation was certainly encouraging Latinos everywhere to vote in the upcoming election.  Another was to support undocumented Hispanics in becoming citizens and realizing their real American dreams.  Both are points that I definitely support.

The event also included the A-list Latinos from the past year who were nominated for, of course, the Alma Awards.  Actors like Zoe Saldana, Naya Rivera, Diego Boneta, and Rico Rodriguez were just a few of the recipients of this year’s Alma Awards.  I was honestly surprised to see certain actors being nominated simply because I didn’t know they were of Hispanic heritage.  Being more aware of the successful Latinos in our country is a beautiful thing and I think it helps bring our community that much closer.  I’m certainly glad that I learned some new things!  Cheech Marin and Christina Aguilera were also given special recognition for their impacting and successful careers.  Cheech, of course, has always been an icon in the Latin community, while Christina has always been one of my personal heroes, so I thought the two were very deserving of their awards.

Along with these traditional forms of recognition, the Alma Awards also gave the 2012 Olympic medalists from the USA team that are also Latino some time to shine with a special tribute, including swimmer Ryan Lochte and gymnast Danell Leyva.  Playing for the USA team must feel incredible, but being able to represent where your family is from might be a nice change for the USA Olympians.  Might I add that I thought it was a clever touch for Danell to bring on stage a crate to stand on.  It’s no secret that gymnasts aren’t the tallest people in the world, so I’m glad he can have a sense of humor while standing next to a water polo player.

No award show is complete without some sort of honor for the fallen members of its community.  I was particularly moved by the tribute to Lupe Ontiveros, who passed away this past July from liver cancer.  I knew her best as her role of Yolanda in the film Selena, but there was no doubt about Lupe’s endless talent.  I was shocked and saddened to hear of her passing and, with her family in attendance, I thought the standing ovation was an unforgettable scene.

The Alma Awards definitely don’t rank as the most popular award show, but I do love it for how positive and community-oriented it is.  There is no denying the feeling of comradery at this kind of event.  Everyone knows the struggle and adversity that the person sitting next to them has faced, so there is certainly a mutual respect for each other.  It seems like all attendees are rooting for each other.  They want to see their Latino brothers and sisters succeed and progress, so that their community as a whole can succeed and progress.  Now, wouldn’t the world be so much more beautiful if we all took this into consideration?