The VMA Fashion Line Up!


Last night, the 29th annual MTV Video Music Awards aired in an attempt to bring together the best stars of the young generation.  Honestly, I’m not a big fan of these MTV award shows (mainly because I feel like MTV is always struggling to be too cool, too funny, and too edgy during them… maybe if they just relaxed a bit the award shows would be as awesome as they used to be), but I always feel like I have to watch them.  This time was no different, so, of course, I stuck around for the show and paid close attention to the fashion of the night!  Overall, I saw a lot of nice outfits, a few crazy ensembles, but there were a few that definitely stuck out to me.

First off, my best dressed vote has to go to Ms. Katy Perry.  I thought that her dress was elegant, but I loved the sheer bottom, tying in the playfullness that Katy has become known for.  The black against the bright blue and red details was perfection, while the train added that extra flavor to the whole look.  I was definitely feeling the long black waves and the fairly simple make-up.  If anyone wants to know what being fashion savy and unique looks like, take notes from Katy Perry.  In a close second, I must say that Kat Graham pulled off her look to a T.  I loved the exposed animal print bra top underneath the wine colored blazer… with the wine pants to match.  Her shoes were simple enough to let the rest of the outfit shine, but also played up Kat’s attention to detail with the studded ankle straps.  I was a big fan of Kat’s new dye job.  It seemed to bring a lighter feel to the whole look.  Plus, juxtapose that with dark, berry lips and you have Kat’s funky chic red carpet look.  I did notice that Taylor Swift also went for the suit look, but I wasn’t too crazy about the all white.  Sorry Taylor, but Kat had the edge on this look hands down.

Call me crazy, but I also found a soft spot for Rita Ora’s look on the red carpet.  Sure, a blinged out Pucci jumpsuit can be overwhelming for some people, but I honestly think it worked on her.  I think this sort of thing is right up her alley and she rocked it.  Pairing it with simple black heels and minimal accessories, how can you go wrong?  Plus, the jumpsuit itself is cute!  Who else to wear it on the red carpet than Rita herself?  I, personally, think she looked great!

Before wrapping this up, I wanted to also give Demi Lovato and Zoe Saldana my blessing for their red carpet choices.  Demi opted for a sparkly black dress paired with a leather jacket and I liked it.  I won’t say that it wowed me because it didn’t, but it was cute and I think Demi really stayed true to herself with this look.  She incorporated some optimism through her glitter, but held on to her inner rock star with the leather jacket.  Finish it off with some red lipstick and Demi was good to go.  Zoe also earned some kudos from me with her pale pink mini dress.  The dress was simple with a few ruffles and long sleeves, to up the maturity level of the dress, but the very above the knee hem kept it appropriate for an MTV event.

Like I said, I saw a lot of nice looks, but these were the ones that were the most memorable to me.  Enjoy the pictures!

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