Remember 9/11


I was actually living in New York, when the World Trade Center was attacked eleven years ago.  I’m very grateful for the fact that nobody in my family was hurt, especially since my dad worked in the city; however, we have to keep in mind that many lives were lost and severely changed on this day.  Innocent people who had nothing to do with politics and world affairs were caught in the turmoil of hatred and revenge.  Police officers, fire fighters, and simply brave civilians gave their lives in the hopes of saving another’s.  Families were ripped apart and children were traumatized.  An entire city was changed forever as their country watched with sad eyes.  On that day, tears were cried everywhere, even in the skies.  9/11 was a tragedy that can and never will be forgotten.  It is a lesson of how far hate can lead people in a dark direction, but it also showed us how close love can bring us.  All of the lives lost on 9/11 continue to be in our hearts and they will never be neglected.


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