Hello Emmy Starlets!


Last night were the Annual Emmy Awards and anybody whose anybody in television entertainment was in attendance.  Everyone from TV’s best comedians to the biggest names in drama series were there.  Of course, there were some big winners throughout the night and others were simply happy to be nominated, but the main thing I had my eye on was the red carpet.  I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the fashion picks of the Emmy stars.  There were too many to count looks that I thought were so pretty and there were enough dresses that left me thinking wow.  Unfortunately, I can’t give every A-lister an individual kudo, so I have to narrow it down to my top favorite looks.

The number one spot, in my opinion, has to go to the one and only Sofia Vergara.  When I saw her dress, I literally thought to myself “wow… she looks so beautiful,” because, honestly, there is nothing else you can say about her.  Her dress fit her like a glove and she looked like a real life mermaid.  The blue looks perfect on her skin and its shine only makes her look even more like a mystical creature from the sea.  Her look was elegant, sexy, timeless, and so her, which is why she is my best dressed.  There is nothing about Sofia’s dress that I would change.

January Jones came in second for best look of the night in a black number.  Although January didn’t use glitz and glam to catch my eye, she still stood out with her tight, patterned bodice and the layers of sheer black in her train.  I think she looks like a sketch from a fashion magazine and she, too, captured that timeless look with a hint of modern flare.  I am a huge fan of her minimalistic make-up, hair, and accessories because the dress truly does speak for itself.  She simply looked stunning, so I give her two big thumbs up for her fashion pick.

I must admit that I was also a fan of Hayden Panettiere’s style for the Emmy’s.  When I saw her, I immediately related her to some kind of Greek goddess.  Her dress was regal and feminine with the nice color choices of blue and gold.  To me, she definitely stood out from the crowd.  Her simple accessories and up do only made her look even better last night.  She surely gained some brownie points with me after the way she looked at the Emmy’s.

I also have to give Julianne Hough her props for selecting a dress that fit her beautifully.  First off, the color of her gown was to die for.  The light metallic blue made the dancing star look like a snow queen… the textured detail on the bottom hem of her dress definitely only enhances this fantasy motif she gives off.  Her hair was perfect as well.  She seemed to be channeling her roaring twenties with this choice; however, the only thing I would have changed about Ms. Hough’s look was her make-up.  I think a lighter make-up choice would have done a lot more for her overall appearance.

At the end of the night, I was nonetheless pleased with what our starlets came up with for their looks.  Sofia, January, Hayden, and Julianne hands down made the cut for my favorite looks, but there were also a few other stars that caught my attention and I can’t close this out without giving them some recognition.  Brooke Burke, Sarah Hyland, and Shannon Woodward are just some of these ladies that did me proud, but make sure to check out the pictures below for the rest of the big names that aced their fashion exams.

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