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Happy Halloween!


My loves… I just want to wish you all a very safe and happy Halloween!  To those of you in the Northeast, I hope the storm hasn’t harmed you in any way and, even though you’re Halloween day will probably be spent inside your house, I hope that it’ll at least be a good day.  To the trick or treating munchkins, be safe, have fun, and enjoy the candy.  To the party goers, dance all night, enjoy being someone else for a day, and always keep it positive.  Halloween has become a time to do something you haven’t done before, like being Minnie Mouse, and a day devoted to not take everything so seriously, so embrace it.  Nowadays, it’s a holiday where you can be immature again and not get any heat for it.  It only happens once a year, so make it a good one.  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


Rings For Days!


It’s October, also known as that awkward time of the year where it’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon, so it’s hard to keep up with staple fashion items that will do you good all month-long.  However, there is one accessory that you can always count on… rings.  I have always been a big lover of rings and, as I got older, that appreciation only increased.  When you’re wearing a simple, possibly dark, typical fall outfit, you may need something to spice up your look, like a nice, bold ring.  I usually go this route.  I’ve always been one to favor a chunky, out of the ordinary kind of ring that takes my outfit up a few notches.  One is enough with this strategy, but I must admit that lately I have been liking the look of wearing various simplistic rings at a time.  It can really change-up your style in a simple way and it makes your decision of picking which rings to wear much easier.  I guess I love rings so much because you can dress them up, dress them down, and do whatever else you want with them without having to worry about much else.  Rings are an added bonus (that most people don’t think of) that can really help finish off a look.  Honestly, no look is perfect without some good accessories and I think rings are one of the best ways to do them.  You can never own enough, you can pair them with almost any kind of jewelry, and they can be playful, sexy, or simply pretty.  There is a ring out there for everyone, every day, and every outfit.  In my opinion, rings are a great way to add your personality to a look and an easy way to add that extra pop to your day, so please don’t neglect them.

What Could Have Been



As I sit in the car driving, I think about what could have been.  I wonder how different my life would be right now if I would have made different decisions.  Would I even have a life right now?  I have gone through so much in my life and I am just shy of my twenty-fifth birthday, but I could have gone through so much more.

            I wonder how life would be if I wouldn’t have given her away.  She was mine for so many months and I was the first to say “I love you” and yet she was never really mine.  Today, she is much less mine, if that is even possible.  I could have taken care of her, but I was selfish so I didn’t.  Now, I can’t help but think of what I would have been with her in my life.  Would it have been the best choice I’ve ever made?  Would I feel more whole?  Would she love me back?  Would I have graduated?  Would he have stuck around?   It’s amazing how everyone around you convinces you that it’s for the best, but almost ten years later it still doesn’t feel right.

            I think about where I would be now if I did say yes to the one question every girl dreams of hearing.  He was perfect, or so I thought, and yet I could never work up the courage to commit.  He said he loved me, but I’m not so sure I ever reciprocated the feeling.  Would I have been divorced by now?  Or would I be happy in a house of my own?  Would I have grown to love him?  He probably remembers me as the one that got away, while I think of him as the one whom I probably hurt the most.

            I remember the car crash that changed my life.  She was my best friend and he was a drunk stranger, but now she’s gone and I’m in the hospital with needles in my skin, while he gets to leave like nothing happened.  Every minute in that stark white room made me think of her big smile that was taken away by those two bright lights coming toward us.  What if we didn’t crash?  I would still have my best friend, but would someone else have lost theirs?  But what if I had died, instead of her?  Then, I guess I wouldn’t be on this train of thought.

            I believe that things happen for a reason.  Many times, when you are in the moment, it’s difficult to see its real purpose, but it always reveals itself… sooner or later.  These purposes have yet to make their way into my life, but I’m sure they will.  Until then, I’ll keep imagining what could have been.


Real Words



My words may have rougher edges

And they may be misinterpreted as harsh,

But they have no intentions of burning

And are only so blunt when provoked.

A girl can only cover the truth

With sweet delicacies for so long

And, eventually,

The tasteless core will be revealed,

Leaving bare honesty unhidden.


You can trust

Each word I utter will be my own

And you can bet

With each word, my nose will never grow.

Gentle kindness always comes first,

But, when ears are deaf to this tone,

I will always say what I mean,

though perhaps in less poetic ways.


No malice will ever come of it

Just the mission to preserve authenticity.

Yes, my words are, at times, tough,

But remember they’re always softened

By the truth that they carry.


Happy Birthday Mami Taty!


A grandma is someone who is meant to spoil you, teach you, be proud of you, but above all things love you.  My grandmother is nothing short of a wonderful one and she surely does everything a grandma should do and more.  She may live far away from me, but I know that I can always pick up the phone and call her, if I really need her.  When phone calls aren’t enough, she always makes an effort to visit us, whether it’s for a graduation or just because.  She has taught me so much about my family and myself that it is hard to even explain in words the impact she has had on me and my family.  Without her, my life would be very different in many ways and I don’t know how I would be able to live life the way I do now.  I am so thankful to have a grandmother who is proud of me, who loves me, and who tells me so every time I talk to her.  She never misses an opportunity to let her love be known and that means the world to me.  You really don’t know what those simple words mean until you stop hearing them.  I appreciate my grandma for everything that she has brought to my life and for everything that she continues to bring to my life.  I love my grandmother with all my heart and I can’t wait to see her in a few weeks.

Happy Birthday Mami Taty!

Your Personal Bubble of Peace


It’s really sad to think about the kind of world we live in.  On an international scale, we are in a time of war where just for being from a certain country you’re targeted as an enemy and it’s hard to tell who is working for the overall good of the people.  On the national level, people are constantly faced with violence, financial instability, and simply fear.  Nobody knows when things will get better, how to ensure safety, and what the right answer to anything is.  When you think more personally, each person is dealing with their own issues.  Stress from their job, trying to pay bills, finding the best deals for their necessities, or even just looking for the emotional support to help get them through the day.

There are so many negative forces in the air that it’s hard to keep yourself level-headed and aware of the positive vibes.  It’s hard when you try to stay positive and optimistic, when the world around you is suggesting that only bad is headed your way.  I always attempt to maintain a positive outlook on life and I can definitely tell you that it is not always easy.  There are plenty of days where I can’t see how the good outweighs the bad, but the only solution I have to that is to maintain my bubble of peace.  Sometimes you have to isolate yourself from the world to find your own peace, to take care of yourself, and to get your own mind on the right track.  Listen to music, read, write, take a nap, or just go for a walk, but just do something that will keep you calm and happy.  Do something that will change your outlook in a positive way so that you can focus on the positive things that are going on in your life right now.

Sometimes that family support won’t always be there.  Sometimes things won’t always be perfect and it may seem like your life is only headed downwards, but it’s up to you to change that.  With some hard work and optimism you can remove any dark clouds over your head and in a world with so much negativity, the only way you’re going to do so is by escaping into your peaceful bubble from time to time.  That is the one place that should never be tainted by the bad of the world because that’s your space, meant to re-establish your personal peace and don’t you ever forget that.

Happy Birthday Drake!


There is no doubt in my mind that Drake is my favorite rapper and my reasons go much deeper than his good looks and overall swag.  Although those are nice bonuses to the complete package of Drizzy, they aren’t the real reasons why I will always defend him.  My love and respect mainly stem from his talent, honesty, and position as a true lyricist.  Yes, Drake is responsible for YOLO, which became overrated almost immediately after it started being used in everyday language, but dig deeper into his lyrics and you’ll find the journey of an outcasted boy who persevered through struggles and remained in tune with his experiences to become one of the top rappers in music today.  If you follow his career all the way from Room For Improvement and Comeback Season through So Far Gone and Thank Me Later to, most recently, Take Care, there is no denying the truth that he speaks about himself, society, and things that everyone encounters.  The best part is that each album (or mixtape) highlights just how talented Drake is.

I personally can identify with a lot of Drake’s music and it’s a shame to think that most people only listen to what’s on the radio.  Trust me, this kid has a lot of hidden gems that are worth searching for.  I honestly think that Drake is a good role model for those who are trying to find their way and need some motivation.  His music definitely helps me out!  If you can’t gain some inspiration from someone who’s lived through it, then who’s story can you trust to give you some encouragement?

Of course, I still jam out to “HYFR” and “Best I Ever Had,” but my anthems will forever be the likes of “Say What’s Real,” “Fear,” “Closer,” “Look What You’ve Done,” and the list goes on.  I could honestly sit here and write a dissertation in the defense of Drizzy, but instead I’ll leave you to your curiosity and simply wish him a very happy 26th birthday!