The Path of the Forest



You’re walking in a forest.  It’s deep and lush with plenty of ways for you to lose yourself into your journey, heading toward your grand destination.  Truly, you don’t know what it is, but deep down you know that your entire journey will soon be worth it.  Your steps are guided by a faint path on the forest floor.  You see it clearly and its direction makes sense, but, to another, this path is practically a delusion.  A desperate attempt to survive the forest.

Just as the sun says good night to you and the life of the forest, your steps stall.  Your feet slowly become one with the forest floor.  Behind you is the guaranteed path that led you this far, but retreating won’t help you move past this sinking pit.  Ahead of you, just out of reach, is a faint path that continues forward.  Squirm frantically in desperation and all of your progress will be lost.  You’ll only be feeding your panic to the thick, dark pool.  Do nothing and, in due time, you will surely be a victim of the muddy shackles around your ankles now climbing to your knees.

What to do then?  Be patient.  The forest is tricky, but never unfair.  Wait until your opportunity arises, grab it, and don’t let it go.  Soon enough, you’ll be out of that gluttonous land and on your feet.  You’ll continue walking on that faint path toward your life’s prize with the past and pit behind you and as the sun welcomes the morning.


About Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the mainland United States, I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and am a 2016 VONA Voices Alumna. I currently perform spoken-word in the greater Washington D.C. area and have previously performed in Philadelphia, Miami, and the Dominican Republic. Most recently, I have been published in Public Pool, Spillwords, and The Acentos Review, and Here Comes Everyone: East & West Issue.

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