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Thanks for Everything 2012!


The end of 2012 is finally here.  Many see it as the end of one chapter and the start of another.  I can’t help but agree. Your life won’t be completely changed and it’s not like everything will be different just because it’s a new year, but the new year is definitely a good marker for determining the progress of your life.  It’s a time to look back  at the past year to see what you’ve done and what all you’ve been through.  Take this moment to celebrate and appreciate the positives in your life, but also take this moment to learn from and let go of the negatives.

Personally, I feel like I have grown so much in a positive way, throughout the past year.  I’ve managed to do well in school and am one semester away from graduating college.  I got promoted at work and am able to see the many great changes in my co-workers and my students.  I’ve really started to  make my passion and my aspirations a priority in my life.  I’ve made some great friends, who have had a big impact on my life, while my old friendships have only gotten stronger.  I think I’ve gotten closer to my family and I think I am, overall, much happier than I was a year ago.

Now, I must say that not everything about 2012 was perfect.  There were plenty of moments where I found it hard to maintain my positive mindset and not all of my friendships survived the year.  There was more than enough stress and many lessons learned, but it’s all part of life.  What we all have to remember though is that those not so great moments don’t have to haunt us.  It’s a new year, so don’t make the same mistakes and don’t live the same way if it’s not working out for you.  Let go of what is stopping you from being happy.  Learn from the errors you made.  Make a change, if you feel like you need one.  Don’t be afraid to make 2013  a good year and just eliminate the negativity that is standing in your way.  Use the new year as a motive to make a goal and stick to it, but, most importantly, enjoy every moment.

Tonight, I’ll be celebrating with most of my closest friends and family.  I’m going to celebrate the great memories that 2012 has given me and I’m going to celebrate what 2013 has in store for me.  Hopefully, the new year will be just as unforgettable for all of us!




Sparkles!If you’re thinking about what you need to add to your winter wardrobe this year, the answer is anything that shines and sparkles.  Sequins, glitter, and metallic will all do the trick to helping you liven up the dark, cold winter days with some festive shine.  Winter is a time of celebration.  You celebrate your life, what you have, and what you’ve accomplished and you celebrate with your family, your friends, and the people you love most.  It all calls for a little bit of razzle dazzle on your part.  With the holidays, New Years, and Valentine’s Day, why wouldn’t you want to celebrate this winter?  Even better, why not show your celebration in your wardrobe?

Now, with these flashy additions to your closet, you have to be careful because it all can easily become tacky, but, just like with everything else, you have to learn to balance everything out.  My sparkly pieces range anywhere from dresses, tops, and skirts to purses, jewelry, and shoes, but I definitely don’t where them all at once.  The purpose is to spread some shine in the world, not to look like a disco ball.  I like to limit my shine to one big item or a few small accents per outfit.  You can try a sequined dress with a pair of black heels and a black bag.  Or you can add some flair to a simple LBD with some eye-catching, sparkly jewelry.  It’s all about balancing out the simple with the flashy to find that happy medium.  Either way, you have to bring in that celebratory sparkle into your winter wardrobe!

Thoughts on a Beautiful Day


Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. You need to remove yourself from the normal chaos and acquaint yourself with some unfamiliar peace. I did this recently. I went on a  drive to a secluded, quiet place that I know of.  It was just me in the car with no music playing and I just watched the road ahead of me as hills, trees, and plains rolled past my sides.  I admired the light showers that intermittently broke through the sunny blue sky. I was at peace, thinking about everything and absorbing it all.  I clarified my thoughts and tuned in to my emotions. I figured out what I really want and realized all that I have.  Once I arrived at my destination, my meditation continued with the breeze and chirping that filled the silent spaces between my thoughts.

I don’t think I’ve ever been at such peace before with nothing clouding my mind. I think it served me well and, hopefully, this experience will continue to benefit myself, as well as, those who were in my thoughts.  I can only wait to see about that, but, for now, I have that day in my memory to go back to. That day where everything was the same, yet looked so different. Familiar places and things had never looked so pretty and bright. Those few hours of peace on that unusually warm and sunny day, literally and figuratively, gave me a new perspective on life.

The Puzzle



It’s so exciting,

when you start a new puzzle.

You don’t know what the final picture will be.

You only know what the little pictures that make it are.

As the pictures start to fill in,

you see the progress in your work.

You feel a certain satisfaction.

You want more of that feeling.

You want to finish the picture,

so you stay motivated,

placing one piece at a time.

You step back

and only one piece is missing.

One piece is left to complete your puzzle,

but where is it?

The frustration builds,

the motivation dies down,

and your puzzle is still incomplete.

You know what it should like.

You know where it should go,

but the piece is still missing.

Now the question is

how can you finish your puzzle?



Who Are You? Only You Know


For as long as I can remember, people have told me that I’m a strong person.  Whenever something big happened they were shocked to see me cry and they were even more surprised when they found things out about my life, but, despite all of this, I never believed them until my junior year of high school.  I was in my dance teacher’s office just before practice and I was venting to her about a death in the family.  In the process, I told her some details about my life and, after some tears and some hugs, she said “Tati, you’re strong and you’ll get through this.” Like I said before, this wasn’t the first time I had heard this, yet, for some reason, it was the first time I was actually listening.

Ever since this talk with my dance teacher, I’ve really learned to embrace my independence and strength without questioning what I could surpass and accomplish on my own.  Ask anybody who knows me and they’ll tell you that I’m a tough cookie, I’m feisty, and I can handle my own.  Now I’m not all rough and tough. I do have a sensitive, caring side that can show a lot of affection and, consequently, I’ve earned the reputation of being a Sourpatch Kid.  Apparently, first, I’m sour, then I’m sweet!  I’ve certainly done enough to earn a name for myself, but, truthfully, I regret nothing.

Throughout my life, I’ve grown into a strong, independent young woman.  I’ve managed to keep it one hundred and I will proudly call myself real.  On top of all that, I’ve also learned to be as positive as possible, being able to look at the bright side and let go of the negativity.  I still don’t know the ins and outs of myself, but what twenty year old does?  This is a time in life to find yourself and learn how to be true to yourself.  You can’t do that without being honest and you can’t do that without embracing who you are.  You have to be willing to make improvements and to accept some aspects of yourself that can’t be changed.

I may not have initially understood what people meant when they described me as strong, but I’ve learned to appreciate this quality and to own it.  Figure out what makes you you and never let go of that.  Be honest with yourself, understand yourself, be willing to improve yourself, and accept yourself.  Only you can determine who you are as a person.

Merry Christmas!


I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  I hope that you all will be able to spend this special day with the people you love the most, whether that means your family, your friends, your co-workers, or your neighbors.  Savor the warmth, joy, and love that you feel today.  Things may not be perfect right now.  You may not have a white Christmas or you may not have gotten everything you wanted for the holidays, but you certainly are not spending the day empty handed.  You will always have something to cheer you up, so focus on that and enjoy your Christmas.

Merry Christmas!