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TrillestThe one thing I recommend for you all to do with your fashion is to make a statement.  Don’t be scared to have your clothes say what you’re thinking… or help define who you are.  As long as you’re the one determining what message is being sent, let your attire talk all it wants.  I’ve always believed that your style says a lot about who you are as a person.  Are you professional?  High maintenance?  Laid back?  Abrasive?  Caring?  Your clothes can speak loudly and clearly, so it’s best that you narrow down what you want to say.  Some messages are more abstract than others and they require some deeper analysis, but then there are those pieces in your closet that get right to the point.  I know I have a few tops that read “LOVE” or “New York” and even a hoodie that has “Triumph” written in all caps, which you could say clearly relays a few things about my own personality.

Most recently, I bought this snapback that can be seen in A$AP Rocky’s “F*ckin Problem” video and it simply reads “TRILLEST,” which I am simply obsessed with.  For those of you that don’t know, trill is a Southern slang word for “real.”  If you’re trill, you’re honest and straight forward, so to be the trillest means that your whole character is based on being real, which I value highly.  Not only does this hat show my value of an honest person, but it speaks to my urban roots and the culture I’m surrounded by.  If you don’t use the word trill, then you probably won’t rock this hat, but I’m sure you can find other pieces that can help you say what you want.  You don’t have to wear this snapback, if it’s not your style, but pick something out that makes a statement about who you are and own it.


Happy Birthday Mami Tita!


Today, I want to just wish my great-grandma, my Mami Tita, a very happy birthday.  Today, she turns 86 and I feel so blessed to have had all of the time I’ve had with her so far.  She’s been there since my birth and, even though there have been times where we’ve been hundreds of miles apart, she has always been a huge part of my life.  We’ve shared laughs, tears, and so many unforgettable moments together.  My great-grandma can be one of the sweetest ladies in the world with her generosity and sincere love.  Anyone can fall in love with her tender smile that’s filled with a max of three teeth, but, then again, she can be a riot.  Most recently, she was in the states with us for the holidays and we saw her intense addiction to the casino, taught her how to make it rain, and experienced her uncontrollable stubborness… but, hey, it gives her character!  Either way I love my Mami Tita from the bottom of my heart and I am so grateful for the close bond that we have today.  I consider myself lucky to be wishing my great-grandma a very happy birthday today.

Happy Birthday Mami Tita!

Happy Birthday Mami Tita

The Beginning of the End


Today, my winter break comes to an end and it’s time to return to UMBC for my last semester as an undergraduate student.  I’m not too excited about all of the work that’s lying ahead of me, but I’m glad I’ve come this far.  It’s crazy to think that three years ago I was a freshman in college with no idea of what I wanted to do.  I was an undeclared major, still working as a part-time dance teacher, and anticipating what the rest of my life was going to look like.  Now, I’m finally at my last semester, something that I at times thought would never come.  I remember the late nights, the weekends filled with homework, and the dire need for Starbucks throughout the past years.  I can still feel the stress of taking 18 credits and working three jobs two semesters in a row.  The thought of endless research papers are still too close in my memory to be the past and now here I am… about to start my last semester of college.  I’ve taken on a lighter load, thanks to AP credits and jam-packing a couple of semesters, which is definitely making me dread the next four months much less than other undergrads and I must say I’m so proud of myself.  Despite all of the stress, I think I did pretty well as a college student and I’m ready to finish off my education on a high note.  I’m ready to close the collegiate chapter of my life and move on to the next stage.

The funny thing is that now that I’m nearing my graduation people always ask me if I’m going to go to grad school and, at first, I was dead set against it.  I haven’t always been a fan of school and I always saw my Bachelor’s Degree as the end for me, but, I must admit, there was a point in time when I did think about grad school.  However, I only thought about it for a very brief moment because then I remembered how much of a pain college can be at times and I was reminded of how badly I want to move forward in life.  If I were to go to grad school, I would be using it as a crutch.  It would be because I’m too afraid of the “real world” and truly going after my dreams.  Yes, the thought of having a safety blanket for a couple of more years is absolutely enticing, but, at the end of the day, it’s just not for me.  I would much rather jump now and get to my end goal without hesitation, than to stall in school for a few more years.  When you’re a creative person like me, a formal education can only get you so far.  There comes a point where you just have to let life experiences teach you what’s truly going to mold your craft and that’s exactly what I can’t wait to get started.  That’s the next step and finishing this last semester of school is just the beginning.

The SAG Carpet Queens!


Last night, the most relevant actors in Hollywood came together to honor each other for all of their hard work in 2012, but, before the judgments on performances were being announced, the celebrities had to walk the red carpet to get tested on their fashion sense.  For the most part, the A-listers did pretty well with their dress choices.  There were very few looks that I absolutely hated and I was pleased to see that I mostly liked the dresses I saw; however, just like in any occasion, I did have a few favorites that I wanted to highlight.

Naya RIveraOne thing I noticed was that black was the color choice for a lot of the actresses walking the red carpet and I must say that quite a few of them got it right.  Naya Rivera was probably my favorite in black, showing off her curves in a mermaid cut with a sheer plunge.  She’s young and latina, so why not show some sex appeal?  But Naya kept it classy with a train, a bit of peplum detailing, and some pleating up top on her gown.  Her loose locks and simple make-up completed her look of the night and I loved it.  Morena Baccarin also made me proud in black.  The front slit and the sheer skirt (a big trend this season) give her some sex appeal, too, but she balanced it all out with a very simple bodice.  I must say that I really appreciated the green design along the bottom of her gown.  To me, without this detailing, the dress could’ve easily have been lost in the sea of celebrities.  Kelly Osbourne and Elisabeth Moss were two other SAG attendees that I thought nailed the black dress trend of the night.  Kelly kept it interesting with a very art deco inspired gown, while Elisabeth refreshed our palates with a shorter hem.  Kudos to them both!

But not everything was so dark on the red carpet.  I saw plenty of great looks that brought a lighter feel to it all.  For one, I really liked Naomi Watts’ dress.  The strapless gown had a very simply cut with few unnecessary accessories, while the fabric was what really stole the show.  The lace pattern all throughout the dress gave Naomi a timeless look of flawless fashion that made her one of the best dressed celebs of the night.  On the other hand, Katrina Bowden went with a more detailed dress that played to some more modern trends, but it still worked for her.  I thought that the tulle bottom paired with the geometric bodice made for a beautiful choice.  She looked elegant, but still youthful.  Ellie Kemper was another one who passed her fashion test in a sea-foam green number.  Her dress appeared to be much more traditional than some of the other gowns on the carpet with some floral accents and a big bow on her hip, but I did appreciate the sheer straps that made for an interesting illusion along her neckline.  Her dress definitely suited her sweet personality.

Last, but not least, are the more colorful women of the night who aced their looks.  I have to start with Sarah Hyland, who I think has never made a bad choice when it comes to fashion.  She always seems to know what looks good on her body and I must admit I was excited to see what she would wear this time around.  As usual, she looked beautiful, but this time she opted for a purple strapless gown.  The silhouette isn’t too different from what she usually wears and sticks to the elegance I expect from her, but the bold pop of purple reminds us all that Sarah is still young and allowed to have fun.  If she’s on a fashion roll already, I can’t wait to see how her style matures as she gets older.  Amanda Seyfried also did a good job in rocking some color on the red carpet.  She kept it pretty simple with no patterns, but just a navy blue gown.  The drama comes from the layered, mermaid hem paired with her blonde waves.  The necklace plunging down to her waist finished off the whole look and she looked great.

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Just Look at Lud and Frank



Just look at Lud and Frank.

She’s the first he calls.

She’s ride or die for him.

They can’t stop smiling.

They just can’t get enough.

Everyone sees the compatibility.

Everyone sees the attraction.

It’d be so simple,

if he wasn’t already taken.

Poor Frank!

She’s left to patiently wait,

testing both her good heart and affection.

Poor Lud!

He’s confused and cursed with bad timing,

testing his feelings and ability to man up.


Just look at Lud and Frank.

They’re so happy together,

but they’re not together.

They’re so sadly apart,

but they’re not apart.

It’s just a messed up situation

and it’s destined to be fixed.

He’ll untie his ropes.

She’ll voice her emotions.

That kiss will be shared

and we’ll all be able to say

“Just look at Lud and Frank.”



Richard Blanco and the American Experience


Richard Blanco made history even before he read his poem by becoming not only the youngest inaugural poet, but also the first Latino and openly gay figure to be an inaugural poet.  This is an incredible accomplishment for him personally, as well as, for our country as a whole.  What he represents alone shows the strides of progress that our nation is making.  On top of that, Blanco was able to deliver an honest, heartfelt poem that defined the American experience, emphasizing just how universal it is.  Hopefully, Richard Blanco was heard by everyone who was watching the inauguration and it would be nice to see the progress he represents continue in the future.  Here is the 2013 inaugural poet Richard Blanco.

More Washington Heights Please!


When I first saw the commercials for Washington Heights, I immediately got excited and I couldn’t wait for the premiere.  It made me think of one of my favorite musicals In the Heights and I knew that just the vibe of the show alone would keep me interested for at least one episode.  The New York setting mixed with the Dominican and Boricua cast made the series something I could relate to, so obviously I was attracted to it, but I honestly had no idea I would love MTV’s Washington Heights as much as I do.  Then again, that’s probably because I didn’t know much about the show before I actually watched it.  Yeah it follows a group of Latinos living in Uptown like I expected, but it doesn’t solely focus on the fights or the partying.  Of course those things pop up throughout the series because that’s just life, but the show is much more about family, friends, and following your dreams than anything else.  Besides entertaining, I would say Washington Heights is definitely inspirational and relatable.

You have a group of friends, who practically grew up together.  They know each other so well, they mostly get along, and they are honest with each other no matter the situation, but then within that tight-knit group you have individuals embracing their passions, creating more depth to the show and the friendships in general.  Music, art, poetry, and fashion are just a few of these passions, but, despite these different interests, the friends all have a common goal of following their dreams and making it.  They support each other by going to each other’s performances or even just saying a few encouraging words, while you see these individuals putting everything out there to reach their goal.  From the audience’s perspective, you see the journey of simply having a dream and actually working to make it a reality.  After seeing how motivated the cast of Washington Heights is, you feel even more empowered to follow your own dreams.  You get to see yourself in these figures and doing what you want becomes that much more real.  At the same time, you also see the personal struggles that come into play and, unfortunately, can affect your progress.  You realize that life around you doesn’t stop, but that you have to learn how to deal with it all and keep moving forward no matter what.  Things are never perfect, yet you have to continue to work toward your goal.  You’re reminded that you’re not the only one going through ish and that it should never be a limiting factor no matter how often it happens.

The series is only about four episodes in, but it has quickly become one of my favorite shows.  It is among the best representations of real life that I’ve seen in a while, which is extremely refreshing.  The relatability of the cast mixed with my weakness for positive, driven people trying to live out their dreams and help each other out along the way is probably why I’m so hooked, but either way I have no regrets.  I can tell you right now that I see a weirdly large amount of myself in one of the cast members and it certainly helps me make sense of a lot of things.  I have to recognize that I have already learned so much from the Washington Heights crew and I can’t wait to see what new realizations I experience along the way.