Thanks for Showing Up at the Grammy’s!


Last night, the biggest names in music came together for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and, because it’s one of my favorite award shows, I was certainly excited to see what the red carpet would look like this year.  I’ll admit that the night had a bit of a slow start, but, by the end of the night, I couldn’t complain too much.  Those who I expected to shine, picked their ensembles perfectly (for the most part), while there were also a few pleasant surprises in the mix.  All in all, I think it was a good night in fashion.

Katy PerryMy best dressed pick has to go to Ms. Katy Perry.  She said she was going for a 1970’s Priscilla Presley feel and I think she nailed it with her own flair.  The whole look is a perfect combination of playful elegance with a little Katy Perry twist.  Plus, the jade green color of her dress adds a unique touch that has definitely been missing this award show season so far.  I would say that Katy just looked adorable and I loved her whole outfit.

I think there was actually a tie for second place between Kelly Rowland and Rihanna.

Kelly certainly stepped out onto the carpet with a mission to be remembered and get out of Beyonce’s shadow.  Lately, she’s been doing a good job, but we all have to admit that the famous Superbowl performance set her back a bit by propelling Beyonce even further up.  However, I think that if we’re just looking at last night’s fashion choices I would definitely give Kelly the edge.  Beyonce looked great in her black and white jumpsuit, but it was way too casual for the Grammy’s in my opinion.  Kelly, on the other hand, dressed up her look, while still incorporating a lot of sex appeal.  Her silhouette in this dress is amazing, the geometric patterns are fun, and the shear lines are just plain sexy.  Plus, I have to applaud Kelly for knowing to balance things out and keeping everything relatively simple, considering the power of the dress alone.

Rihanna also rocked the red carpet in a very different look.  She proved that she knows how to keep it classy in a floor length flowy number that went perfectly with her loose waves.  I appreciate the shear details in the bodice of her dress, which to me was a nice nod to the bad girl Rihanna we all know and love.  Much like her best friend Katy Perry, it was nice to see some rich colors on the carpet.  You also have to give Rihanna props for her dope performances.  Again, she just knows how to surprise people with her many sides.

Katy, Kelly, and Ri weren’t the only ladies who made me proud on the carpet, but they were definitely my top picks.  I thought Carrie Underwood, Nicole Kidman, and Solange Knowles did their thing, too.  I also have to give a little shout out to the boys who proved their good fashion taste.  Justin Timberlake is surely taking his comeback seriously as he rocked a classic bow tie and side part, which, in my opinion, is very fitting for his new old school vibe.  Kudos to him.  Also, as much as I love him, I have to be honest and recognize that Mr. Aubrey Graham doesn’t always know what’s best for him when it comes to style, so I was very glad to see that he came correct to the Grammy’s.  Big ups to Drake for his look of the night (including the scruff) and congrats on the win.  As I said before, I think the Grammy’s didn’t disappoint!

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