The Shining Starlets of the Oscars


Catherine Zeta-JonesIt is the biggest night in Hollywood, yet just like that it’s all over. The awards are out and now it’s time to start looking at the newest films and actors that will get nominated for the 86th Annual Oscars next year. In the meantime, we get to take a look at the big names that shined the brightest on the red carpet. The starlets definitely stepped up their fashion game for the Oscars this year and I was glad to see so many beautiful dresses, but not everyone can be on top, so I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.

My best dressed goes to none other than Catherine Zeta-Jones. She wasn’t nominated, but she did perform and she made sure to let people know she was at the Academy Awards in her metallic gold number. The top half was gold with baroque-style detailing, while the skirt trailed off from the shiny gold to a soft nude that flows to the ground. Her stunning dress was paired simply with gold earrings and her dark waves completed the look. Kudos to Catherine on her classy, sexy, timeless look!

In second place, with a tie, came the two best friends of Hollywood, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, dazzling in metallic as well. Naomi opted for a very modern take on fashion with an asymmetrical, straight cut gown that was silver from top to bottom. Her light make-up and pulled back up-do made created a nice balance with the edge of the dress itself. Nicole went for a less structured kind of metallic with a black and gold gown that had a slight mermaid cut to it. The gold swirls coming from the bottom hem only enhanced the ocean-esque look. Her hair and make-up seemed effortless, letting Nicole’s natural charm shine through.

My other favorite of the night was definitely Amy Adams who made all of the ball gown lovers proud. It’s usually a bit challenging to pull off such a big dress on the red carpet, but I applaud Amy for making it look like a no-brainer. The paleness of the dress mixed with the light ruffles all throughout the skirt stopped Amy from being swallowed in her gown and instead made her look like a princess. Amy has a talent for always coming off as a timeless beauty and she just knows how to be elegant, so props to her for that. She may not have won the big award, but she surely looked beautiful.

Those were my top looks of the night, but I fell in love with a few other ones, so enjoy the pictures!

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