Remembering Selena


Tomorrow marks 18 years of Selena Quintanilla’s death.  Growing up, she was one of the many female idols that my sister and I shared.  Although I was only three years old when Selena was murdered, I still have vivid memories of listening to her music, watching videos of her, and even dressing up like her.  Selena was a symbol of strength, beauty, independence, and talent for all Latinas.  My sister and I were no different from the millions of girls who admired Selena for what she represented back then and, today, I still love Selena for the legacy she left behind.  I still listen to her music, I still cry at the end of her movie, and I still look up to her as a great woman.  It’s only fitting that in honor of women’s history month I share with you all the day before her death anniversary one of my favorite songs that Selena recorded.  It’s hard to pick one favorite song, but “Si Una Vez” is definitely a contender for its unique sound and lyrics of the female’s strength.  This performance is from her last concert in Houston, Texas, where Selena donned her notorious purple jumpsuit.  I hope you all enjoy her music as much as I do and remember her for the strong, loving young woman that she lived to be.


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