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The chills run down my spine.

My forehead clenches to not break focus.

The tears join together and leak out.

My head can’t stop rocking to the melody.

It’s my emotions.

I can’t control them.

For no apparent reason,

yet every reason I know,

my emotions have taken control.

With every note,

every word,

every beat,

my emotions crowd my chest and head,

until they break through my body

and, shamelessly,

greet the world.

It’s just so beautiful,

so powerful.

I can’t help but be mesmerized.

My emotions just want to revel

in the epic scene I’m witnessing.

I can’t blame them,

so I release them.

They cling to every note,

every word,

every beat,

as if each one was dedicated to them.

Oh, my emotions!

The most random sights

will bring them out,

but I can’t stifle them.


I can’t hide them,

so I’ll release them

and let them cling to every note,

every word, every beat.



The Lipstick is Where It’s At!


Red LipstickIt’s April and spring is in full swing.  Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and we all have to do something to match the colorful world around us.  What’s the answer?  Bright lips!  Yes, lipstick is one of many things that I’ve fallen in love with recently and I encourage all fashion forward women to invest in a few good colors.

I started with red.  It’s a staple hue and I think every girl should have some red lipstick ready to go.  I prefer a classic, pure red, but go ahead and experiment with different shades if you’re up for it.  I’m also a big fan of pink lipstick.  Now, I realize that pink isn’t for everyone, but, being that I love Barbie, I feel lucky enough to have the skin tone to rock a perfect Barbie pink.  You don’t get much girlier than pink lipstick and I certainly like to sport my shimmering pink lips from time to time.  However, I must say I recently have been a bit of an “Indie Flick” enthusiast.  It’s a color my best friend gave to me and I can only describe it as a cross between red and orange, making it the perfect lipstick shade to set an outfit off.  Trust me when I say the hybrid shades are the unsung heroes of make-up.

When picking my lipstick, I must admit that I’m hesitant to wear these bright lips when my outfit is already so colorful, but if there’s a hint of red or coral in an outfit, believe that I will bring those subtle hues out with my lipstick.  Plus, I think adding a pop of color to your lips is necessary for a mostly neutral look, like outfits that are mostly black or grey.  Every girl needs an edgy surprise in their looks for the day and I think lips are what provide that much needed wow factor.

A Victim’s Plea



Please don’t blame him.

Don’t take it out on him.

It wasn’t his fault.

I shouldn’t have said what I said.

I shouldn’t have done what I did.

I deserved it.

He didn’t mean to hurt me.

He would never want to hurt me.


Please don’t blame him.

I never told him to stop.

I never said it wasn’t right.

I probably provoked him.

I never asked for your help.

It’s best you don’t get involved.


Don’t talk about it.

Nothing happened.

It wasn’t his fault.





I’m so sick of it all.

I honestly really am.

My patience is wearing thin

and I’d advise you

to stop while you’re ahead.

Your moods shift right on schedule.

Happy, proud, love.

Angry, sad, victim.

I’m sick of it

and I don’t want to deal with it,

so I won’t.

The fastest way to lose sympathy

is to demand it,

while giving none.

You’re perfected that strategy.

I applaud you on your accomplishments,

but, personally,

I’m sick and tired of it all.


4 More Days…


There are only four more days left in April, which means there are only four more days left in the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge.  Although I won’t be posting all of my poems that I’ve written in April, I’ve been working hard on my challenge and am on track to getting my 30 poems.  I hope all of you are closer to your writing goals of the month and, hopefully, we’ll all end April with 30 more poems under our belts.  Happy writing!

The Mountain



As I take another step up,

the weight digs deeper into my shoulders.

I look back

and the base seems so far down.

I can hardly remember

the start of my trek.

I look up

and I see the sun shining brightly.

The icy peak

glistens in the light.

At this point,

the mountainside is so steep.

With each movement,

I have to pierce the rock even harder.

I’m tired

and the height is playing tricks with my mind.

I’m scared to lose my footing

and fall back to the bottom,

but, at the same time,

I can’t stop.

I don’t want to stop.

The grass of the flat plains

is a distant memory to me,

while I can clearly smell

the snowy top of this mountain.

I am too close

to not make it.

There is no way

I won’t make it.