The Best at the MTV Movie Awards


Selena GomezIt might not be the most critically acclaimed or the most glamorous award show around, but the MTV Movie Awards, which aired last night, certainly gives the young stars an excuse to strut their stuff on the red carpet.  Although I was excited to see Selena Gomez’s performance and Rebel Wilson didn’t do a bad job as hostess, I had my eye on the fashion to scope out who wore my favorite looks of the night.  I’m usually really excited for the looks at MTV shows because the relaxed, youthful vibe allows for riskier outfits that tend to be more fun.  I will say that many of the celebs last night took on a more conservative approach to their outfits, but there were a few who made sure to stand out.

My best dressed of the night goes to none other than Ms. Selena Gomez.  She’s recently been embracing the fact that she’s growing up and has been letting everyone know that she is no longer the cute Disney princess from years before.  She rocked a glittery gold long-sleeved dress with a short hem.  The metallic fringe and the short hem line brought in a sassier taste to Selena’s look, while the long sleeves and nude fabric held on to the classic style that she’s known for.  I know there were some mixed reviews about her hair, but I was a big fan of the rocker-chic braid.  Plus, the subtle make-up and heels adds a little extra something without overpowering the starlet.

My number two spot goes to Brittany Snow.  Some people thought that her navy blue dress was a bit too formal for the MTV movie awards, but I think it was perfect for her.  Yes, she’s young, but she’s also matured in the last few years, so it’s only natural for her to go for a more sophisticated look.  The color mixed with the high neckline lets her keep her class, while the leg bearing hem, draping, and shoulder embellishments add a funky touch to her whole look.  I’m also a big supporter of her blonde bob paired with her smoky eyes.

I also liked the fashion choices that Greer Grammer, Zoe Saldana, Kim K, and Kylie Jenner made last night.  Greer reminded me of a trendy ballerina in her black and white dress that included a leather halter bodice.  Her high bun complimented everything perfectly.  I don’t think I would have chosen those heels, but I see where she was going with it and I can respect it.  Zoe got the casual memo of the MTV Movie Awards, but she didn’t sacrifice fashion either.  I loved the black sheer maxi shirt with floral embellishments and I think her red lipstick topped off the outfit perfectly.

As for the famous, fashion forward sisters, I’ll admit that I had to let Kim K’s ensemble marinate in my mind before deciding that I actually did like it.  I was a big fan of the body hugging bodice of the dress, while I also liked the batwing sleeves that, at first sight, I wasn’t so sure of.  I think that the gold necklace was a perfect touch and I liked that she kept her look simple.  Kylie Jenner did me proud by being chic and trendy all at the same time.  Her pencil skirt paired with a white crop top was adorable.  She topped it all off with a gold chunky necklace, which brought us back to the fun MTV Movie Awards.  Overall, congrats to the celebs who know how to rock a good outfit!

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