Tupac Taught Me to Change the World



“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.”

–Tupac Shakur


I’ve found that creating a meaningful life is one of the most important goals to strive for during your years, but how do we go about doing this?  You do it by contributing something positive to the world.  If you add something to the world that leads to progress, positivity, and enlightenment, then you’ve done your part.  We, personally, have goals for ourselves.  We want to be writers, artists, successful, happy.  And we will be as long as our goal contributes to the well-being of everyone else.

Five years ago, I assure you that I had no idea of this notion.  I didn’t know what having a meaningful life meant and I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.  Back then, I had never given any thought to bringing the world more positive energy.  I wasn’t a horrible person and I don’t think I didn’t consider this idea because I didn’t want to, but because I thought that the world was too big of a concept for me to understand.  How could my actions influence the world?  What difference could I make?

But then Tupac spoke.  He enlightened me, allowing me to understand that the seemingly small ripples a person makes throughout their lifetime will grow with the years, leaving an impression throughout the entire body of water.

You may not always see who you positively affect.  You may never experience the results of the positive vibes you created so long ago, but trust that they are doing their work.  You have to understand that change is happening and it is accelerating so fast that one day your ripples will be the ones who molded tomorrow’s leaders.  You may never understand this.  You may never be able to grasp the idea that what you do matters, but it does.  You may never be able to wrap your head around the concept that you helped change the world, but it’s true.

Even if you never see it, you’ll feel it as soon as you send that positivity into the world.  You’ll know that you matter and you’ll know that you’ve done your part.  From that point on, the experience of feeling your effect will make you crave for it more and more until your life is filled with meaning and those around you have been given meaning.  Trust that the spark will happen and that you will help change the world.


About Tatiana Figueroa Ramirez

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the mainland United States, I graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and am a 2016 VONA Voices Alumna. I currently perform spoken-word in the greater Washington D.C. area and have previously performed in Philadelphia, Miami, and the Dominican Republic. Most recently, I have been published in Public Pool, Spillwords, and The Acentos Review, and Here Comes Everyone: East & West Issue.

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