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Patterns! Patterns! Patterns!


PatternsSummertime is all about having fun and being bold, which is why it only made sense to make patterns the must have for July fashions.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on leggings, a dress, a skirt, a top, or even some eye-catching wedges, everyone can use some fashionable patterns in their closet.  Personally, I love patterns and they have taken over just enough of my wardrobe for me to feel like I’m making the most of my summer fashion choices.  As you know, I already own a few pairs of patterned leggings from simple black and white stripes all the way to funky 90s inspired abstract, but I’ve started to branch out my love for patterns into dresses (particularly a coral Keith Herring-esque style), tops (leopard print, floral, polka dots, and the list goes on), and even shoes.

Now, I will say that when dealing with prints it is too easy to overwhelm your whole look and turn your beautiful designs into an eye-sore of a hot mess, which is why you need to maintain some reservations.  My advice is to stick to one pattern at a time.  There are some people who can pull off different prints at once, but I don’t feel comfortable going that far.  If you want to keep your outfit from being too boring, then pick a bright color from the patterned piece you’re wearing and accentuate that in the rest of your look.  This will help you get that head turning style (in a good way) without getting lost in your patterns.  Trust me, patterns are a wonderful adventure and I encourage you all to try it out this summer!


Be Loyal… You Owe it to Yourself


It’s July and I think it’s time for me to evaluate the progress of my New Year’s resolution.  Just as a reminder, my goal was to focus on myself and make myself a priority in my own life.  To be honest, I think the start to my year was pretty shaky in relation to moving toward this goal.  I can recall one too many times when I was sacrificing time and energy that I truly could not spare, all in the name of helping others.  I was definitely feeling the stress, while seeing no real progress for myself.  However, the past few weeks have acted as a real turning point for me.  I’ve noticed a change in my thinking where I’ve learned to consider myself in my decisions, which is helping me progress in my own life.  Can I really afford to do this?  Do I really have the time for that?  Will this set me back in any kind of way?  I have to ask myself these kinds of questions to determine whether or not I’m being fair to myself.

Lately, I’ve experienced some interesting situations.  I’ve been tested really and I’ve had to make some decisions.  At first, I was torn and confused because I wasn’t sure what I should do.  Many of these situations involved two opposing sides and, in all of these specific cases, both sides were led by people who are relatively close to me.  I wasn’t sure whose “side” I should take, so I considered not taking a side and not getting involved at all.  I figured they could resolve their differences without my intervention and I wouldn’t have to deal with the scrutiny of taking a position.  But I realized that silence is just as loud as having an opinion, so there was no way around it.  I had to get involved in each situation.  I struggled with this issue each time, trying to decide who I agreed with, until I realized that I owed myself loyalty.

I needed to do what I was most comfortable with whether that meant speaking up and defending so and so, keeping someone’s secret, or being honest with a friend.  Situations vary and the person who is at fault isn’t always the same, so I couldn’t vow to blindly be loyal to someone.  If they were wrong, I had to let them know.  If they were right, I had to back them up.  If they asked something of me, then I had determine if it would hurt anybody before accepting.  If it didn’t harm anyone else, why not?  I had to play each situation by ear, loving each person who I had to deal with, but also being fair.  I had to be fair to those around me and, mostly, to myself.  I had to be loyal to myself and to what I feel is right.  It’s all about making yourself a priority.  So, yes, I said some things and, yes, I know some things, but I definitely am being as loyal as can be to those around me and, definitely, to myself.

I’m Gonna Be Alright


Lately, I’ve been dipping into my “old-school” music library and, naturally, I’ve been having a lot of Jennifer Lopez play in my shuffle.  I may not be the biggest J-Lo fan nowadays, but ten years ago you can believe that I knew just about every word to every song on her album.  However, one of my favorites was always “I’m Gonna Be Alright.”  Yeah, it talks about the traditional feminist idea of a woman not needing a man to survive, but it can easily be applied to anybody’s life.  Even if you doubted yourself to begin with, have some faith and put in a good amount of effort and you can accomplish just about anything.

1204 Swag



My interest was peaked

the moment I saw you walking over

and the forearm tattoos

only made it harder

for me to choose.


I must confess

it’s all about your swag.

You’ve got a cute face,

an honorable build,

and I appreciate the maintenance,

but it’s the way you walk

and the way you talk

that allows you to brag

and it’s why I let you make statements.

Go ahead and say that you’re fine

or flirt with your eyes

because the way you carry yourself

carries your self.

Show me your quick wit

and turn up the charm.

Make me laugh and giggle

like you can do no harm.

Your presence is magical,

yet it feels so practical.

Let me adjust

my navy blue plaid shirt

and the bright bow in my hair

as you roll up each

of your cardigan sleeves

and speak with no care.

You’ll hold my books

and we’ll ignore the looks.

My girls will ask in school

and your boys will speculate,

for sure,

but we can’t say a word.



No “yes” and no “no.”

It’s the rules of the game

that we’re playing.

It’s the cost of your claim.

Blame the swag from your soul,

boy from room 1204.

It’s all about your swag,

so just this once,

feel free to brag.



When In Doubt, Listen to Your Self


People will never be one hundred percent sure of anything because, no matter what, there will always be an amount of uncertainty in their mind.  There will always be some doubt, so people will always be unsure.  Even if the truth is the truth and you know that it is, it will always be possible to change someone’s mind.  Persuasion is the pervasive nuisance that will always be lingering around the corner.  With that being said, sometimes logistics and rationale need to be forgotten.  Your instincts and gut feeling need to be given a chance and they’re the ones who need the opportunity to guide you.  When you reach that crossroad in your life where you have no idea which path you should take, just follow your heart.  Listen to what your soul really wants because, at this point, there’s no way that overthinking anything is going to help you.  Identify what feels right to you and let those instincts lead the way for you.  Sometimes analyzing the evidence won’t do anything but confuse you.  Sometimes hanging on to the little truth that you have can keep you from seeing the whole truth, but you’ll never know unless you let go of the analytics and focus on your soul.  It’ll tell you what’s best for you and, when it does, you better listen carefully.