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Don’t Forget Your Nails!


Nail ArtWhen it comes to fashion, so many people forget how much of a difference some great nail art can make.  In my opinion, it is the most underrated fashion accessory there is.  It’s the forgotten sleeper that is oh so wonderful.  When I was younger, I had a slight obsession with nails.  I remember loving my faux nail kits, complete with stickers, rhinestones, and miniature bottles of nail polish, and using them whenever I got the chance.  I’ll admit that when middle school and high school hit, I forgot about my nails.  I usually didn’t wear any nail polish at all or let the color chip away as the days passed.  However, once college came around, I remembered how beautiful nail art can be.  I began with basic one color designs like a bold red all throughout or maybe a hot pink polish.  Then, I moved up to trying simple adornments, trying my hand at stripes, polka dots, and abstract anythings.  I even started doing my own variations of french manicures.  I’m now at the point where I love doing my nails and I love showing them off even more.

The great thing about nail art is that it’s a simple addition to your whole look without stealing away too much attention.  People will always notice your nails… good or bad, so you might as well make sure they look good.  Show off a bit of your personality with a pop of color or a fun design.  It can be the difference between something missing from your look of the day and being on your A-game.  Now that it’s  Fall, I suggest sticking to darker colors.  Reds, purples, and greens are always a good bet in Fall, but don’t be scared to add something flashy.  You can add some glitter, gold, or even a hint of white to make your nails that much more fabulous.  Also, don’t be shy and experiment.  Practice designs, test out new patterns, and just live a little.  The worst that can happen is you need to use your nail polish remover.  Just remember that you can have too many bracelets and rings, but your nails won’t be so loud that you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone.  Take your fashion to the max this season with your own custom nail art.  Have fun!


Mi Preciosa



Preciosa te llevo dentro,

muy dentro de mi corazón.

Aunque de ti estoy lejos,

Sigo bailando a tu son.

Todavía oigo tus olas

y siento tu brisa.

Cierro los ojos y veo tu sol brillante

lo cual me cubre como una frisa.

Me imagino caminando por tus calles.

Me veo disfrutando con mi gente.

Con ese ritmo borinqueño,

seguiré vacilando pa’ que se siente.

¡Ay, mi preciosa hermosa!

Es que me vuelvo loca por tu encanto.

Mi madre, siempre seré tuya,

una boricua durmiendo bajo tu manto.


hasta la próxima ocasión,

pero, mientras,

estarás en mi corazón.



Pettitte’s Last Pitch


Last Sunday, New York Yankees veteran Andy Pettitte pitched his last home game through eight innings.  As is normal, pitchers were switched out during the game, but, this time, the enormous Yankee family came to the realization that last weekend’s game would be Pettitte’s last at home.  The crowd gave him proper recognition and support with a standing ovation and deafening cheers filled with love.  Pettitte ran off the field tipping his hat to his fans and then embracing his teammates in the dugout one at a time.  For one last time, Pettitte stepped out of the dugout bidding his loyal, pinstripe loving fans farewell.  Personally, it was hard watching his goodbye and it was harder to realize that another of the Core Four is leaving the Yankees.  Although Pettitte had retired once already, it seems like this time he’s serious and has no intentions of coming back.  After the 2013 season, Derek Jeter will be the sole remaining Core Four member on the Yankees and there’s no guarantee that he’ll be a Bronx Bomber for much longer.  Seeing Pettitte go is just another reminder that it’s a new age in baseball and it brings me so much nostalgia.  I feel like a chapter of my childhood is closing and it’s hard to accept the new face of the team that I’ve loved for so long.  Pettitte will surely remain an iconic figure in the New York Yankees franchise and any pitcher following in his steps will have some very big shoes to fill.


The Emmy’s Impressed!


Given the way recent red carpets have gone at award shows, I was a little apprehensive going into this year’s Emmy Awards, but I was so relieved to see as many beautiful looks as I did.  I’m so grateful for this good fashion line up, since there were so many disappointing losses throughout the show.  The dresses and the dance number were just about the only thing that kept me content throughout the three hours.  But you can’t have everything, right?  Honestly, with the exception of a few really bad mishaps (no one is exempt from fashion mistakes… not even Jon Hamm), it was hard for me to pick a favorite.  I saw a lot of great classical looks that reminded me of the European Romance movement, while I also noticed some futuristic getups that were pretty impressive.  Overall, I was very happy to see some bolder choices in color, shapes, and textures, which, for the most part, seemed to really pay off.

Kaley CuocoIn the end, Kaley Cuoco won my heart over with her wine colored A-line tulle dress.  I love the elegance of the dress that is accented by the ruffles underneath a sheer layer of tulle mixed with the subtle fullness of the skirt.  The wine color sets it off and falls perfectly in line with the first day of Fall.  On top of that, Kaley’s has a sheer structured bodice and a fitted waist that gives the dress the youthful edge that she deserves.  The accessories and her loose locks add to the youthful tone of her age, keeping the entire look from being too mature.  In other words, I thought she looked pretty flawless.

A few bolder looks that were worth the risk go to Connie Britton, Constance Zimmer, and Ms. Heidi Klum.

Connie’s dress, overall, is beautiful.  I’m a big fan of the blue and gold color scheme, which takes me back to the infamous Marie Antoinette, one of my all-time favorite historical figures.  The detailing mixed with the subtle train creates a regal feel that does her justice; however, I am on the fence about the velvet fabric.  It seems a bit dated and is a little off-putting.

Constance also rocked gold detailing, creating the vibe of a 1920’s era socialite who knows her worth.  I love the black and gold together as well as the plunging neckline under that sheer top layer.  I know Constance as the uptight Republican from HBO’s The Newsroom, so it was nice to imagine her as a more daring character.  My only complaint is that the skirt of the dress doesn’t blend as seamlessly as I would like it too.  If the gold layer of fabric would’ve faded more gradually into the pure black, I think I would’ve been head over heels in love with Constance’s whole look.

Heidi Klum took us to the future and reminded the world that she’s a fashion enthusiast in her berry gown, which I simply loved.  The metallic detailing and patterns throughout the dress are gorgeous, but it’s that crazy neckline that makes me feel like Heidi is playing the role of a Queen of a distant planet in the year 2304.  I admire the fact that Heidi wore her hair back and purposely forgot to accessorize, so that the dress could speak for itself.  In the past, this retired supermodel has enjoyed being bold, but I’m glad this time it worked!

As for the boys, I think Peter Dinklage and Zachary Quinto simply killed it.  Peter embodied a modern day Tyrion Lannister in his classically, chic suit.  The touch of purple grey on his shirt and tie were perfect in making him stand out, so there’s no way I can criticize anything.  Zachary also impressed me in his stealth mode look.  The black on black with a hint of dark grey screams stylish, but doesn’t yell too loud to the point that all of your senses are begging for mercy.  Zachary kept it elegant and flawless.

There were so many other great looks on the carpet, but I can’t talk about them all, so enjoy some more pictures!

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Hello Autumn!


The nights are getting colder, the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin season is here.  Yes, Fall has officially arrived.  Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this season.  I just dread the cold, short days of Winter that immediately follow the colorful months of Fall.  However, Fall has plenty to offer.  I love the layered fashion that is now fair game and I like seeing the leaves change colors.  I enjoy dressing up on Halloween and I adore cooking a feast on Thanksgiving.  It’s the beginning of the holiday season.  How can I not appreciate Fall in some way?  To me, Fall is also a good time to re-establish your goals in your life and make changes.  It’s almost the end of the year, the season is changing, and the world is starting its major natural makeover during this time, so why shouldn’t you, too?  Take Fall as a symbol for the changes that you’re going to make this upcoming new year.  (Yes, it’s almost here!)  Shed the negative energy that is decaying away and you simply don’t need.  Find a place within yourself that can serve as a better foundation for your future.  Even if you’re feeling good about your life right now, there’s always room for improvement.  Enjoy Fall and make the most of it!


Ice Cold



Have you ever dipped your hands in ice cold water?  The initial feel of it is shocking and your instinct is to pull away, but you don’t.  Instead, you keep your fingers submerged, not committing anymore to the liquid.  Your fingers feel it first, but soon the pain spreads through your palms and your wrists, all the way up to your forearms.  No, it doesn’t burn.  It hurts much worst than that.  Beneath your skin, you feel your bones aching and freezing to the point of near explosion.  It’s paralyzing.  No matter how much you try to shake it off, the poisonous cold feeling keeps spreading.  You tried to limit your pain by only exposing your fingers to its threats, but it got the better of you.  Now, your fingers are completely numb, your hands are drifting away, and you are slowly bu surely proving to be no challenge for the ice cold water.  Your tan hue becomes more purple with each second that passes, taking away any sign of life.  With just a simple touch to your fingertip it is killing you with ease.