National Hispanic Heritage Month!


Today marks the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, so I definitely want to incorporate some of my own Puerto Rican culture into some of my posts throughout the next thirty days.  Traditionally, Hispanic Heritage Month correlates with the independence days for several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua among others.  Along the way, it became a time to celebrate the Hispanic culture and Hispanic contributions to the United States.  With the growing population of Hispanics in the U.S., I think this month should be emphasized even more in our country.  As a Hispanic U.S. citizen, I know what I’ve done to try to improve this country and I am aware of what I plan to do as well.  Plus, I get to see on a daily basis how much of an impact the Hispanic population has on the United States, making this time of year even more special.  Personally, my native island of Puerto Rico isn’t included in the independence day celebrations, but Boricuas sure do have a lot of traditions and culture to share with the rest of the country.  I definitely see National Hispanic Heritage Month as a reason to celebrate the culture I grew up with, so, as I said before, I’ll do my best to share pieces of it throughout all of National Hispanic Heritage Month.  Enjoy!


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