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Happy Halloween!


Yes, Halloween is here and the holiday season has officially started.  Soon we’ll be feasting every other week, party hopping, shopping for gifts, and celebrating everything there is in this world.  But, for right now, have fun being someone else for the day and adding a little bit of theatrics to your life.  Just remember to get creative, have fun, and stay safe.  This is the only weekend of the year that it’s okay to not quite be yourself and to eat as much candy as possible, so take advantage of it and enjoy it to the max.  Trick or treat my loves!

Happy Halloween!


The Blazer!


20131030-005651.jpgThis October my job has been busy with meetings regarding the start of the school year and upcoming projects, while there were also plenty of events filling up my schedule related to everything from Hispanic Heritage Month all the way to launch parties.  However, I must say transitioning from day to night and keeping something light but warm on hand was made so much easier thanks to the all purpose blazer, making it my staple item of the month.  The blazer is a fast way to turn your average outfit into a stylish, but still professional look.  You can wear it to an interview, a meeting, a simple day at the office, lunch, happy hour, girls night, and the list goes on.  I first started wearing blazers in middle school, but I must say that college and on is the time where my blazer game has been stepped up.

I have a simple black blazer with pink lining that can be a traditional looking blazer if need be, but can easily be stylized by rolling up the sleeves to expose the bright pink detailing.  I also have a black and white striped blazer that is perfect for adding a little something special to your look.  However, the neutral black and white colors keep it from being too crazy.  Then, there is my red and navy striped blazer, which adds the perfect amount of pattern and bold color to any look.  This is definitely the one I’ve been sporting the most.  I’ve recently paired it with jeans and a black tee, leather leggings and a crop top, and, of course, a blue maxi dress.

If you’re new to blazers, keep in mind that every girl needs at least two clutch pieces in her closet.  A neutral, safe choice that goes with anything.  You can’t go wrong with black or white.  But she also needs a bolder blazer that lets her have more fun.  Pick a bold color like hot pink or go for a print that will pop like stripes or houndstooth.  Also, keep in mind the trends of the season, not straying too far off what’s in, as well as what goes well with your body shape.  Try a few on and see which cut works best for you.  Just have fun with your blazers and be ready to run the world!



Forgiveness is perceived to be such a complicated concept, but, in reality, it’s one of the most straight forward parts of our lives.  All you have to do is let go.  Of course, you can do other things to help forgiving be easier, but, in reality, forgiveness only matters if you let go.  Letting go is the crucial part of forgiveness.  When you’re hurt by someone, there is a wound that is left.  Sometimes you hardly realize that there even is an impact.  Other times it takes years for the scar to even begin to fade, but, if you ever want that wound to completely heal, you have to let go of whatever caused it. Like I said, forgiveness can be achieved by doing different things, but letting go is the point of it all.

The best way to forgive is to understand what happened.  Remove yourself from your personal mentality and open your eyes to other perspectives.  Look at the situation through the eyes of the person who hurt you or even a completely unrelated third party.  Look at what that person did, look at what you did, look at what was happening around you, look some place that isn’t even visible.  Maybe you’ll see something that will change your perspective.  Maybe what you see will make it easier to see where that other person was coming from.  This all boils down to learning how to understand others.

Be more understanding and sensitive to the situations of others.  Don’t be so quick to judge why someone chooses to do something.  Instead, understand what they’re background is, what they meant versus what they did, their mindset, their character.  You may learn something that reveals they didn’t mean to hurt you or they didn’t mean to make a personal attack against you.  It may have been a defense mechanism, a form of tough love, or even a complete accident.  It might even be the only way they know how to respond.  What if they were dealing with things that didn’t allow them to see the hurt they unintentionally caused you?  All of this can help you see the situation for what it was and not how you perceived it the first time.

Just remember that understanding why a person did something doesn’t mean that they’re correct; however, it allows you to learn why they did it in the first place.  Not all pain comes from hatred and a desire to be cruel.  Some pain comes from pain itself.  If you can understand why pain was caused, you can definitely understand how to remedy it. You can understand if the person who hurt you was suffering as well or if they truly meant no harm by what they did.  You can understand if you weren’t in the position to look at the situation for what it was, altering your judgment and perception.  Either way, understanding can lead to closure, making letting go much easier.

However, if you still don’t understand the motive and if you still don’t see a different point of view, then just let it go.  What good does it do you to continue dwelling on a wound?  That wound is only hurting you, so let it go, leave it alone, and allow it to heal.  Simply forgive.  People make mistakes.  We all have done things that we aren’t proud of, that we have asked forgiveness for, so realize that whoever hurt you is only a being that has made a mistake just like how you have made so many in your life.  If you don’t forgive, you’re only hurting yourself.  More importantly, perhaps it is yourself you have to forgive.  If so, make peace with yourself and with the people you hurt.  Understand why you made those decisions you now regret, learn from them, and grow as a person.  If you aren’t the same person who made those mistakes in the past, then don’t punish your present self.  Instead, accept that the past occurred and prove to the world that you have changed for the better, having learned from your mistakes.

Additionally, if you’re waiting for an apology, then you aren’t prepared to forgive in the first place.  An apology is, in all actuality, just a set of words.  Sometimes they are said with proper meaning, but, most times, an apology is attached to an imbalance of power.  It is a power move, demonstrating who the alpha party truly is.  A person apologizes, essentially begging for forgiveness, as another looks down with the decision of forgiving them or not.  It is a power struggle about the ego.  I, on the other hand, would much rather have a person show me they have made positive changes in their life and that they have grown from their past as opposed to hearing “I’m sorry,” but seeing no real improvement in their behavior.  Even after someone repents, who’s to say you’ll still let go?

The only way to ensure peace of mind is to let go of everything that’s hurt you.  Simply forgive.  It is the easiest thing you can do.

The Artist



I am an artist.

I paint my soul

in ways for everyone to see.

Why hide the beauty of what’s within?


it needs to be shared.

It should be admired.

I am an artist.

Each ensemble

expresses an emotion,

a personality.

Every photograph

captures a moment,

a thought,

an action,

a feel.

Each word and every line

represents the vibe of my spirit.

It is my art.

It is all me.

I am an artist,

creating the masterpiece of my mind.

The symphony of my soul.

The novel of my heart.

I’ll share it all with you.


don’t shy away

from my installation.

See the painting.

Take it in.

Meet the artist.

Know me.

I am an artist

and I

am my greatest creation.


Happy Birthday Drake!


Drake is definitely my favorite rapper and he is certainly in my top five favorite music artists of all time.  I can listen to his music on repeat at any given moment with no complaints, but I can assure you it is only because he has earned that spot with his talent.  I think Drake is arguably one of the best lyricists making music right now and, if you don’t think that, then I will have to blame the Young Money mainstream stigma for deafening your ears.  Drake is mainstream and he does have his fair share of pop rap songs, but there is no denying his ability to write genuinely good lyrics.  There’s a reason why he’s so sought out for ghost writing.  On top of that, he is the musician that I can relate to the most. Not only is he vulnerable and a human with emotions, but he’s also an eager young adult, hungry to prove why he deserves to be successful.  “Lust for Life,” “Say What’s Real,” “Fear,” “The Motion,” “The Calm,” and “Worst Behavior” are only some of the songs that I can quote and relate to my life, my mindset, and my character.  I may sound cheesy, but Drake really could write the soundtrack to my life because rearrange tracks from his past projects and you already have it.

People can hate on Drake all they want, but there’s something to be said for the fact that his albums debut at the top of the charts, he’s recognized as one of the top rappers of the moment, and has already won a Grammy before his 27th birthday today.  Honestly, he is one of my inspirations in life and I have no shame in saying it.  He is one of the few artists who have been able to maintain my interest for so long and that’s because of his talent.  I really don’t think Drake is anywhere near being done, but I can’t wait to see what he does next.  For now, happy birthday Drake!

Getting to Know Drake


Tomorrow is Drake’s birthday and, in honor of his special day, I thought it would be appropriate to give you all the opportunity to get to know Drake a little bit more.  As my hands down favorite rapper and as one of my favorite music artists of all time, I’ve been able to understand Drake’s mindset and character as a whole through his music including everything from Comeback Season all the way up to his latest album Nothing Was the Same.  If you haven’t had the chance to listen to Drake’s music, I highly recommend it, especially NWTS.  I can seriously listen to that entire album without skipping any songs on repeat without getting tired of it at all.  It tells a story that reveals a lot about Drake and can help you understand a lot about yourself, while also creating an ambiance that relaxes and excites you at the same time.  I personally feel like I can relate to him, which is why I vibe so well to his music, but I also believe that his music is fairly universal and that it can resonate with so many more people than just me.

Drake recently did an interview on Q in Canada where he opens up about his NWTS project, his feedback from listeners, and his background among other things.  The entire interview is about an hour long, which is a pretty serious time commitment for a video, but I watched it and I thought it was really interesting.  I definitely learned a lot about Drake that I didn’t already know; however, you can also find a five minute clip of the interview here, in case you don’t have that kind of time for the whole interview.  Enjoy!