Congratulations Tessanne!


This week The Voice’s Season 5 winner was announced and the title went to Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin from Team Adam.  Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier, especially since Jacquie and Will were two of my other favorites in the competition and they made it to the finals, as well.  Tessanne quickly became one of my early favorites after hearing her audition with Pink’s “Try” and, with every new song she did each week, I only wanted her to win the whole thing more badly.  Even if you weren’t rooting for Tessanne, you can’t deny her talent.  Her voice is a special cross between Whitney Houston and tones of Toni Braxton sometimes mixed with Caribbean flavor and her own Tessanne touch.  She can pull off virtually any genre of music from reggae and R&B to mainstream Pop and it seems as if no note is off limits to her.  Plus, her energy seems to be full of light and positivity, which is impossible to not love.  To celebrate her big win, enjoy a few of my favorite of Tessanne’s performances along with her original song “Tumbling Down.”


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