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Felicidades Mami Tita!


Hoy cumple la mujer que admiro más en este mundo, mi bisabuela Mami Tita.  Adoro a esta mujer con todo mi corazón.  Ella es mi corazón.  Desde que nací, mi Mami Tita me ha brindado su amor incondicional y me ha enseñado lo importante que es dar amor sin esperar nada a cambio.  En mi pueblo de Sabana Grande, mi abuela es respetada y querida por tan buena que es.  Si a alguien le faltaba algo, ella junta con mi abuelo (que en paz descanse) siempre daba lo que podía.  Me acuerdo que todos los días ella les preparaba comida a los vecinos y a sus familiares para asegurar que iban a almorzar y cenar.  Esta mujer siempre ha estado presente en mi vida.  Nunca me ha fallado y por eso siempre estaré eternamente agradecida por los veintiuno años que he podido compartir con ella.  Mi Mami Tita me ha regalado su amor, su sabiduría y su alegría.  Solo espero ser mitad de la mujer que es mi bisabuela quien ha sido la mejor abuela del mundo para mí.  La quiero tanto y le deseo mucha felicidad en este día que cumple 87 años.  Le mando un saco de besos desde los Estados Unidos.

Mami Tita


Feel Free to Write


Just recently I was having one of those nights where I had so many thoughts running through my head that I wasn’t sure how to express everything I was experiencing.  I didn’t know how to say what I was thinking and I honestly didn’t even know if I could say everything just because I didn’t completely understand all of the thoughts in my mind.  I was so overwhelmed with thoughts and I could feel my anxiety rising, so I opened up a notebook and started writing.  I kept writing and writing for about twenty minutes.  At first, my sentences were jumping from topic to topic and my ideas were jumbling together, but, by the end of it all, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me.  By writing it down, I had worked through my brain so that I could understand myself and it worked.  After getting my thoughts out in a free write, I felt so much better and I got a pretty good poem out of it, which is always a plus.

I’m sure you’ve had those moments, too.  Those nights that you can’t sleep because you’re up thinking or those days when you can’t even carry a conversation because there’s so much on your mind.  If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed like that, why not experiment with a free write?  It’s so simple that there is no harm in giving it a shot.  They can be as fun or as serious as you want them to be.  As short or as long.  Free writes can be anything you want, so why not?

On those days, take a pen and paper or even a keyboard and just write.  Write for five minutes, ten minutes, or however long it takes to keep your thoughts from crowding your mind.  I’ve been doing free writes forever and it is honestly one of the few writing tools I consider to be priceless.  They help you jot down all of the clutter and nonsense in your mind, organizing your stream of consciousness to a point where there is cohesiveness to your words.  Before you know it, you’re off on a tangent that exposes some thoughts you couldn’t tap into before, sparks a new idea for a short story, or just makes you feel a whole lot better.

Plus, there’s something special about expressing all of your thoughts without having to talk about them or share them if you don’t want to.  Sometimes your thoughts should remain private and only you can make sense of them.  Free writes can be that time of the day you dedicate to yourself, which is something everybody needs.

The Killer Looks of the Grammys


Like millions of other music lovers, I was watching the 56th Annual Grammy Awards and I must admit they were not my favorite, which comes as a big disappointment for me because I love the Grammys.  I’ll give props where props are due and acts like the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons cross plus Pharell, Daft Punk, and Stevie Wonder on the same stage kept my hope for the awards show alive.  I was even ecstatic to see Bruno Mars go home with an award.  However, I disagreed with a lot of the winners and I thought most of the performances were a little lack luster.  I probably would’ve rather looked up the highlights of the show on Youtube.   With that being said, the red carpet looked pretty good and I loved a good chunk of the fashion from last night.

CiaraMy ultimate favorite has to be Ciara who is officially preggers and she definitely did a great job in showing off her “pregnant glow.”  I loved, loved, loved the bronze and nude Pucci gown she rocked that had a plunging neckline and an all-over print.  The fit of the dress was perfect by being fitted enough to highlight her baby bump, but it still had enough movement to keep her from looking trapped.  Plus, she finished off her look with natural make-up and a pulled back do that came across as effortless.  Props to Ciara.

The award for second best dressed goes to Katy Perry.  Her dress was a unique ode to music without being tacky.  Her whole look just screamed romantic, classic, and feminine.  I loved the layers of tulle, the exposed corset, and the airy color.  This dress paired with Katy’s funky bun made her look like a ballerina songstress.  Sometimes Katy’s look can be kind of out there, but kudos to her for this one.

Third place goes to two ladies, Chrissy Teigen and Iggy Azalea.  Chrissy always looks beautiful and she definitely made her presence known on the red carpet in her all gold gown.  With all of the glamour she was dripping with last night, anybody could have mistaken her for an R&B diva, but she was just there supporting her hubby to be John Legend.  Iggy also killed the carpet with her crisp, white elegance.  She’s known for being a little outrageous and thinking more outside of the box when it comes to style, but Iggy came correct last night and kept it super cute.

Amber Rose, Beyonce, and Rita Ora all deserved honorable mentions in my book.  Amber looked stunning in her body hugging dress, but I think she could have taken it a step further and it felt like there was something missing from the whole look.  I loved Beyonce’s dress that she changed into after her sexy performance with hubby Hov, but I can’t forgive her for her hair.  The bob looks good on Bey, but she could’ve blow dried it before stepping back out.  Rita’s hair, make-up, and accessories were flawless.  I even loved the fit and color of her knee length dress, but I do wish there was a little something more happening on the dress.  A different neckline or something along those lines would have done wonders.

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Message Received


There’s something poetic
About what you say
And the way it’s displayed.
Questions are answered
And a tenderness is touched
I think I adore it a little too much.
It’s sweet and it’s kind,
But I love that it’s raw
So unorthodox, it breaks every law.
But I get it.
That’s why I respect it
And, for now,
I can definitely accept it.

The Golden Stars of the Golden Globes


Okay, well maybe these celebs weren’t literally golden being that black and dark hues seemed to be the palette of the night for most of the big names, but they still found ways to dazzle and awe with their looks of the night.  For the most part, I saw a lot of black, navy blue, and dark green that caught my attention.

Uma ThurmanUma Thurman definitely stole the spotlight in my opinion with her monochromatically embellished halter top gown.  Uma is Uma and she can do pretty much anything.  I mean she’s Black Mamba and she was surely dressed to kill in this number.  I love how edgy and different the dress is.  Yes, it has classic elements and it screams elegance, but the juxtaposition of the fabrics and the gunmetal next to the black push Uma’s whole look into its own category.  Plus, she just looks so fierce and gives off an air of confidence that is impossible to hate.

Right after Ms. Uma Thurman comes Olivia Wilde who slayed the competition in her tight-fitted emerald dress.  It sparkles from head to toe, giving off rich green tones mixed with a bit of black and silver.  I’m definitely a fan of her long sleeves and the body hugging feature of the gown that keeps all eyes on her very visible baby bump.  Plus, I think her ombre locks paired with her light eyes perfectly compliment her whole look.

Rounding out the lovers of the dark, my kudos go out to Sofia Vergara in black and Kate Beckinsale in metallic grey.  Sofia opted for an all black ballgown style dress, which was a refreshing change from her signature body flaunting mermaid gowns.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for the mermaid and trumpet cut gowns, but variety is always nice.  I think by keeping the dress black with no patterns or embellishments helped keep the gown from being too much.  I was also a fan of her turquoise statement necklace that brought in the perfect pop of color to her look.  Kate Beckinsale also looked good in her metallic mermaid number.  The silhouette itself is girly and classic, while the fabric and patterns are industrial, tough, and modern, which I love.  It kept her outfit from being too safe or predictable.  Kate’s updo and simple make-up completed the look passively, yet perfectly.

Although the girls in dark hues were running the red carpet last night, I will say that there were a few looks that were giving those ladies a run for their money.  I loved, loved, loved Margot Robbie’s crisp white leg bearing gown paired with emerald details, while Lupita Nyong’o kept me interested with her red caped gown.  For more of my favorites from last night, take a look at the pictures below.

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If It’s Meant to Be



If it’s meant to be

it’ll come to me.

Never force it.

Never fight it.

Whatever you need

will come at the right time.

When you most need it.

When you’re most ready for it.


The universe knows what it’s doing.

Let it work it’s magic.

Just be ready for when it comes

because, surely,

if it’s meant to be

it’ll come to be.