The Killer Looks of the Grammys


Like millions of other music lovers, I was watching the 56th Annual Grammy Awards and I must admit they were not my favorite, which comes as a big disappointment for me because I love the Grammys.  I’ll give props where props are due and acts like the Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons cross plus Pharell, Daft Punk, and Stevie Wonder on the same stage kept my hope for the awards show alive.  I was even ecstatic to see Bruno Mars go home with an award.  However, I disagreed with a lot of the winners and I thought most of the performances were a little lack luster.  I probably would’ve rather looked up the highlights of the show on Youtube.   With that being said, the red carpet looked pretty good and I loved a good chunk of the fashion from last night.

CiaraMy ultimate favorite has to be Ciara who is officially preggers and she definitely did a great job in showing off her “pregnant glow.”  I loved, loved, loved the bronze and nude Pucci gown she rocked that had a plunging neckline and an all-over print.  The fit of the dress was perfect by being fitted enough to highlight her baby bump, but it still had enough movement to keep her from looking trapped.  Plus, she finished off her look with natural make-up and a pulled back do that came across as effortless.  Props to Ciara.

The award for second best dressed goes to Katy Perry.  Her dress was a unique ode to music without being tacky.  Her whole look just screamed romantic, classic, and feminine.  I loved the layers of tulle, the exposed corset, and the airy color.  This dress paired with Katy’s funky bun made her look like a ballerina songstress.  Sometimes Katy’s look can be kind of out there, but kudos to her for this one.

Third place goes to two ladies, Chrissy Teigen and Iggy Azalea.  Chrissy always looks beautiful and she definitely made her presence known on the red carpet in her all gold gown.  With all of the glamour she was dripping with last night, anybody could have mistaken her for an R&B diva, but she was just there supporting her hubby to be John Legend.  Iggy also killed the carpet with her crisp, white elegance.  She’s known for being a little outrageous and thinking more outside of the box when it comes to style, but Iggy came correct last night and kept it super cute.

Amber Rose, Beyonce, and Rita Ora all deserved honorable mentions in my book.  Amber looked stunning in her body hugging dress, but I think she could have taken it a step further and it felt like there was something missing from the whole look.  I loved Beyonce’s dress that she changed into after her sexy performance with hubby Hov, but I can’t forgive her for her hair.  The bob looks good on Bey, but she could’ve blow dried it before stepping back out.  Rita’s hair, make-up, and accessories were flawless.  I even loved the fit and color of her knee length dress, but I do wish there was a little something more happening on the dress.  A different neckline or something along those lines would have done wonders.

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