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I’m absolutely aware that I’m not perfect, but I am also very hip to the fact that I am flawless.  Yes, I have my questionable characteristics, my quirks, and my rough edges.  I didn’t graduate college with a 4.0.  I’m not the “ideal” height and weight.  I’m horrible at admitting when I’m wrong.  I don’t know how to ride a bike.  I’ve made mistakes.  I have some shortcomings.  No, I’m not technically perfect and neither are you nor the person who lives next door to you.  Perfection is such a subjective term that I’m not even sure if it truly exists.  However, I am flawless.  Why?  Better yet, why not?

Seriously though, I am myself.  I love who I am and I accept the person I am, no matter what.  The fact is no one in this world who can be me better than how I am me.  No one can tell me how to be me.  I will always be the best version of me because I am the only me in this world.  And I will always be the only me to ever exist, but this goes for you, too.  There’s nobody in this world like you.  Yes, there are people similar to you, but there will never be another you.  As long as I’m staying true to who I am, I will always be flawless and as long as you stay true to who you are, so will you.

But don’t misconstrue what I’m saying.  I’m not encouraging individuals to stop learning about themselves and to stop bettering their characters.  No, never that!  Instead, I’m urging people to continue beating their own high scores.  Redefine what your perfect self is and redefine what being a flawless you means.  Being flawless is about doing everything with confidence and to the best of your ability, while not worrying about the limits being placed upon you.  So don’t be the one to limit yourself.  It’s 2014.  Do Better!  Be the best you.  Be a flawless you.  Because as long as we’re real about it and we all understand it, we are all flawless.

Forced Epiphany


My absence
Made your heart grow fonder
And that’s when I knew
I couldn’t hold out any longer.
I realized
I needed to recommit
And, to all of my muses,
I needed to submit.
I thank you
For opening my eyes.
I appreciate how you helped me
Shake off my demise.
Without you,
I wouldn’t be writing this now.
If it weren’t for you,
I would’ve already seen my way out.
Now I know
What my words really mean
And I’ll always make sure
They’re heard and seen.

Hoy Celebro mi Papito


Happy Birthday to the man who I miss most in this world!  The man who I regret my future husband and kids will never meet.  The man who was the best grandfather any little girl could ask for.  The man who defined what a man should be.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and there is no way that I love him any less than when he took his last breath.

I will always miss my Papito.  I will always love him.  And I will always celebrate his life.


Sí, soy la dueña, pero tú siempre serás el dueño de parte de mi corazón.

Ignorance is Overrated


There is no such thing as “no room for improvement.”  Everyone reaches a point where a little self-reflection is not only helpful but necessary.  For some people, a look in the mirror will reaffirm what they’re already working on and it may even allow them to notice positive changes that are already in the works, only motivating them even more to continue on their path.  For others, a hard look at themselves means a serious reality check that highlights problem areas in their lives.  There is no more time for making up excuses and living in denial.  Instead, it’s time to take responsibility for what is going on.  Ignorance is overrated.

Sure, being honest with yourself can force you to deal with some tough obstacles that you’d rather avoid, making self-reflection a touchy subject, but, in the end, honesty really is the best policy and everyone needs to be honest with themselves.  Why not take a moment to really evaluate your life and your character?  Every person should strive to be better and nobody should settle for being complacent.  Taking the time to reflect on your self can mean a huge life change for the better.  Maybe it will help you focus on your career, leading to the biggest opportunity you’ve had thus far.  Or self-reflection can mean you finally work on finding out who you are so you can learn to love and accept yourself.  It can even mean putting your life into perspective in relation to the rest of the world, allowing you to fully grasp your place in society.

Now, I’m not saying sit in lotus position for an hour and think about everything that you’d like to change about yourself.  And I’m also not suggesting an epiphany is going to happen on the first day of your spiritual journey.  However, I am saying you should take the time out to be self-aware.  Try to analyze what is going right in your life and what makes you happy.  Then, think about the aspects of your life that could be better.  From there, determine what you can do for yourself to improve those things.  Keep in mind that not everything can be controlled by your actions.  There are always variables that will be out of your hands and you’ll just have to deal with them, but also remember that bettering your faulty characteristics could positively affect how you react to those unforeseen factors.  And, like I said, nothing is going to happen overnight.  This is going to take time, maybe even years.  Prioritize what you need out of life right now and focus on the biggest factors that will lead to a better you.

Remember that you can always afford to learn something new and to better yourself in some way.  Don’t be so stuck in your ways that you create permanent tunnel vision for yourself.  Instead, get rid of the ignorance and stare at your life.  Truly look at your reality and make an effort to make the reflection you see tomorrow at least a little bit better than the one you saw yesterday.