Monthly Archives: April 2014

Pardon my Fence


Pardon my fence.
It doesn’t open completely,
So you’ll have to squeeze your way in.
It’s rather large,
So climbing over it might be difficult,
But I’ve met a few passersby who enjoy the challenge.
It’s rusted,
so it’s hard to see through,
But I don’t mind
Because, from what I remember,
There isn’t much of a view.
It’s old.
It came with the house,
So, though it wobbles
And teases to fall down every so often when the wind blows just right,
It never does.
It still stands.
It’s outlasted every season,
Each day,
All of the attempts against it.
Pardon my fence.
It doesn’t seem to be going down any time soon.


Sane Insanity


Call me crazy,
But at least I’m not lazy.
Don’t get mad at me
Because your vision is hazy.
I’m gonna continue to do me
And just wait till you see
What I’ll be.
You’ll wish you had been in my corner from before,
Sitting there praying for more,
But I’m sorry I worked for this with all of my core.
So no you won’t get some pie
Because you were never my ride or die.
You’re just a person I know who loves to lie.
This has never been yours to take,
So, for my own sanity and sake,
I just can’t let you in and be fake.



What I have to say,
I wish I could just say it,
But I can’t. I won’t.


2am Flow



It’s that 2am flow

that will keep you up at night.

It’s the one you can never let go.

It’s the verse after verse

that bash through your head,

until lack of sleep doesn’t feel as worst.

It’s the raw emotion

that’s unfiltered by a sunlit mind

and is what keeps you in motion.

It’s that 2am inspiration

that will make you or break you

based on if you give in to it’s temptation.

You can ignore it.

Act like it’s stupid and irrelevant,

but you’ll regret your choice to forgo it.


I prefer to let it take me wherever.

For it’s such an exhilarating journey

that I know I’ll remember it forever.

It’s that 2am flow

that will keep me up at night.

It’s the one I can never let go.






Nothing was the same.


nothing is how it used to be.

There are places still missing

and it’s only complete when I dream.

The air is a little heavier

and we’ve all become much stealthier.

Years ago,

we laughed and we played

and the houses were full.

Things were different way back when.

There was no end to the good times.

There was no limit to the love.

I remember how times were back then.


I go back

and there are only hints of that.


how I wish it could all be the same,

but it can’t

and, in all honesty,

there’s no one to blame.

That’s how it goes.

That’s just life.

So, despite the nostalgia,

we have to to live with our strife.

But united we still stand,

side by side we’re together.

Through the years and the times,

we’ll be family forever.



Let’s Explore


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to explore.
I know there’s at least a small part of me,
No matter how small,
No matter how deeply hidden,
There’s still a part of me that craves an adventure
For the sake of having a story to tell,
But mostly in the hopes of finding that treasure.
There’s a part of me that’s tempted to leave it all behind
For that mysterious journey.
A journey that could make or break a life.
But there’s another part of me,
The dominant part,
That stands firmly on the shore
Reluctantly ready to let that ship sail
For the journey is too risky.
For all I know,
It could be sailing toward rocks,
But then that small part speaks louder
“What if you’re already heading toward the rocks?
Then how would you rather go?”
It asks.
And then I’m back to dealing with a craving to explore.


RIP Mami Tita


Yesterday I lost one of the most important women in my life and one of the most important individuals in my life for that matter. After 87 years of life, my great-grandmother just couldn’t hang on anymore. I don’t blame her and I’m certainly not complaining. In this day and age, where it is so rare for a millennial to have the opportunity to meet their great-grandparents, I am well aware of how fortunate I’ve been to have spent 21 years of my life with my Mami Tita. This was the woman who has inspired so many of my decisions, she gifted me with an irreplaceable bond, and she showed me everything a perfect grandma should be. My memories with her are things that I could never make up and I definitely won’t ever forget them. Just because future generations won’t have the pleasure of meeting her personally, I’ll make sure that she is always remembered how she was in her life. Naturally, I’m not happy to hear about her passing, but, if I know my grandma like I think I do, I know that she would not want me to be lingering in my sadness. Instead, she would remind me that it’s part of life, she’s no longer suffering, and that we had a good run together. Of course, all of these wise words would be communicated through her blunt vernacular, but the message would be the same nonetheless. Personally, I have no regrets about the time I spent with my grandma. I know I did as much as I could for her and I know she knows that I love her. I will always love her and she will always be my heart.