Billboard’s Best


My number one best dressed gal at the Billboard Awards was definitely Ms. Carrie Underwood.  She usually goes for a more traditional look, but from time to time she’ll surprise us all with something a little more edgy.  This time around she did a bit of both by mixing a classic silhouette with a bold neon fabric and standout silver detailing.  I loved it!  She kept it formal enough to respect the event, but still managed to add a youthful twist to her look.  I also appreciated the minimalistic accessories that didn’t take away from the dress at all.

Carrie Underwood

Best in black goes to none other than the Harajuku Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj.  I’ve been a big fan of hers since back in the day when she had only released mixtapes and was rapping about being on a plane with Dwayne and I loved how raw she was.  Her raps, her style, her energy were all very real.  I didn’t stop loving her when her theatrical side started to show, but I am definitely loving seeing the old Nicki is back in action.  The dress is very simple, but the cutouts are perfectly placed to give her that sex appeal that Nicki is notorious for.

Nicki Minaj

My most improved award has goes to Ke$ha.  The pop star was at one point synonymous with glitter and most people compared her style to that of a drunken partyer.  I’ve always liked Ke$ha, but I did always know that she could do WAY better in the fashion department, so needless to say I was happily surprised to see her elegance shining through at last night’s awards.  Could she have done something a little more daring?  Probably, but I will take this trumpet gown over feathers in her hair and a ripped t-shirt on the red carpet.


Some honorable mentions for last night’s awards go to Cher Lloyd, Kendall Jenner, and Shakira.  Cher is a little out of the box, so I appreciated her bold, purple dress and loved the traditional elements incorporated into her whole look.  Kendall Jenner definitely gets style points for her futuristic outfit.  The cropped pants and silver heels paired with her stark white halter top was stunning.  Lastly, I have to give it to Shakira for holding it down in her curve hugging, metallic dress.  It was sexy and fun, yet also not too much, which I can respect.

Cher Lloyd

Kendall JennerShakira


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