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Earlier I shared with you all Bomba and now I’m sharing with you all Plena.  Plena is another traditional style of music and dance from Puerto Rico, which also originates from African culture, but also has a heavy Caribbean influence.  Bomba and Plena are both personal favorites of mine, so I hope you all enjoy it.




Puerto Rican culture is a blend of Taíno, African, and Spanish influences.  Bomba is one of the traditional styles of music and dance in Puerto Rico, which originated from African culture that was brought over during slavery.  Today, Bomba is still prevalent throughout the island, particularly on the East coast and during cultural festivals.  Here is a taste of what Bomba is like.

“Dirty Diana” SYTYCD Performance


A couple of weeks ago, So You Think You Can Dance aired a special episode in honor of Michael Jackson’s latest video where all of the contestants performed dances to the King of Pop’s songs.  In honor of what would’ve been his 56th birthday, I’d like to share with you all my favorite performance from that night, which was actually done to one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs ever, “Dirty Diana.”  Enjoy!

Determination Can Be Unstoppable


So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 is just getting started and I’m already feeling inspired.  Caleb Brauner auditioned last season accompanied by his father, but he didn’t make it too far in the competition, so he auditioned again this year.  First, he went to New Orleans where the judges learned that Caleb’s dad had passed away.  Caleb made it to choreography, but just didn’t make to cut.  You would expect that to be the end of his story, but instead Caleb tried again and went to the Chicago auditions.  He again made it to choreography, but, this time, he made it through to the next round and got his ticket to Los Angeles.  It’s just another example of how far determination can get you.

Tears of an Angel


Being the lover of dance that I am, I have definitely been keeping up with the latest season of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance.  Unlike last season, I haven’t been posting my favorites from each night because I felt like I wanted to only post the dances that left me wanting more, left me thinking, and left me in love with the routine.  Last week’s group dance to “Tears of an Angel” choreographed by Bonnie Story did just that.  The concept behind the dance is a powerful one about bullying and I think the dancers themselves did their part in doing the choreography and the song justice by putting their souls into the dance.  I honestly just loved this dance and I had to share it with you all.  Enjoy.

Pegate- Ricky Martin


This song has always resonated with me as it makes me feel very close to my Puerto Rican roots and it always manages to put me in a good mood.  Plena music is something that I love and I am a firm believer in what this particular song advocates.  I personally listen to music to make me feel better and dancing only ehances that by like a million.  When the song says “bailando todo se arregla,” I believe it!  I hope this song makes you feel as good as it makes me.  Enjoy!