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What I Want



I want a boy who can make me laugh,

a boy who can read my mind

and make me feel better with one look.

I want a boy who I can cuddle with,

a boy I can talk to whenever

and who I know will never leave my side.

I want a boy who I can learn from,

a boy who want to and will take care of me,

but will also let me pursue my own ambitions.

I want a boy I can trust,

a boy I can love

and grow old with.

I want a boy who will love me,

a boy who is mine

and I am his.

This is everything that I want in a boy,

but the funny thing is,

with everything that’s been said,

it’s not a boy I’m describing.

It’s a man that I want.



They’re Engaged!


They're Engaged

Today, I want to send out a special congratulations to my big sister and my soon to be brother-in-law for their engagement.  This past weekend we all went down to DC for The Color Run and just as the celebratory dance party was at its peak, the DJ announced a couples dance contest on stage.  My brother-in-law and my sister went up on stage where they competed in the dance off and then he made a special announcement to my sister.  The crowd cheered, my mom cried, and my sister said yes.  It was all perfect and I’m glad to have been a part of it.  I love those two and I think they are perfect for each other… Congratulations and welcome to the family!

Maybe Winter Isn’t So Bad After All


I must admit that I have never been a big fan of winter.  Yes, I love some things about winter.  Christmas, New Years, the look of snow, and, of course, the unforgettable memories that come with the season of winter, but it also has its con.  The below freezing weather, the early sunset, and the bare trees are all aspects of winter that I can’t stand.  What can I say?  At the end of the day, I am a summer baby, so I guess I am a little bias.  However, I also must confess that as I was lingering on Facebook I caught a glance of what can save winter for me.

One of my cousins wrote in her status about how much she loved winter and everything about the holiday season.  She went on about how the crisp, cold weather in the air was harsh, but that it only existed to help you feel the warmth and love from all of your loved ones.  I have to give her kudos for this kind of ideology.  Before seeing this, I had never thought of such a plus to the depressing, brutally cold winter weather and I have definitely developed a different appreciation for the season.

At the end of the day, winter is really about family and friends.  You spend the holidays with your family and friends, you give and receive gifts from your family and friends, and, when the year is coming to a close, you remember the moments with your family and friends, looking forward to the many more memories you’ll create together.  After spending so much time with the people you love most, it’s hard not to feel the warmth from their love.  Winter can definitely be cold and dark, but that only means that the warmth, light, and love from your relationships have more room to shine.  Embrace the ones around you and embrace winter.  It’s just another opportunity to give and receive love.  I guess, that’s not so bad after all!

Love for Love


People will always tell you that love is meant to be self-less.  That you should want to see the person you love happy, but, most of all, you want them to know that they’re loved.  You want them to embrace that affection they receive and feel complete as a person.  We are told this and we know this, yet we can’t help but want to be loved ourselves.  Yes, we give love, but we usually want to get love first.  Instead of looking for or wishing for someone to love, we often ask for someone to love us.  It’s selfish, which defeats the whole purpose of love.  However, this is only natural and it’s something we all need to work on.

Think about it this way, if you spend your time waiting for someone to love you, you’ll probably only find people who aren’t worth the time because who’s to say that you’re prepared to love them back?  You want to love someone who sparks that love bug in you, not someone who you care for out of some sort of sympathy.  You want to find someone who makes loving worthwhile and who makes you want to love first.  When you realize that you need to give your love in order to receive it, then the time will be right.  In the meantime, focus on the meaning of love and the fact that a relationship takes two.  You have to be willing to give love for the sheer fact of seeing that special person happy in order for that person to return that love; however, I’m not suggesting for you to love blindly.

I’m suggesting for you to love so purely that the emotion you receive in return is just as pure.  Rather than hoping to find someone who will love you, hope for someone you can inspire to love.  There are many individuals who won’t put their heart out there simply because they’re scared.  Maybe it’s your job to erase that fear.  Make them forget their scars from love and help them believe in its power again.  Bring light to their lives by showing them your own love for them, but also be aware of what kind of love they need and be willing to give it.  Find that selflessness and desire to love within yourself.  Love will surely find you then because that’s when you’ll be ready for it.

You won’t find your happy ending by only thinking about yourself because, just like how positive vibes attract each other, love attracts love.  So start wanting to give love and others will want to give it right back to you.

It Takes Two


A relationship is a two-way street.  One person shouldn’t be expected to make the full commute as the other person just sits and waits.  Instead, there has to be a compromise.  There has to be a green light somewhere.  In a relationship (or even a prospective one at that), you have to meet each other half way.  Generally, there are a few rules that each prospective partner should follow.  These are rules that are meant to foster a proper relationship that will actually last and not one that is headed for a tragic collision.

1. Communicate Clearly.

Sending mixed signals is your one way ticket to the friend zone, so show your interest in the most  direct way possible.  Men, don’t talk about the hot chick next door as you have your arm around your crush’s waste.  That’s just not cool.  And ladies, don’t sing along to the man bashing song that plays at the next party.  It’s the perfect male repellant.  The point is be completely clear and honest about what you want.  Don’t talk in lexicon and don’t beat around the bush.  Even if you’re at her house singing Bruno Mars’ Marry You, you’re doing something wrong when you’re pointing to the imaginary girl in front of you and not the real one next to you.  Sometimes the classic and impossible to misunderstand I like you is the best way to go.

2. Cooperate.

One person cannot carry an entire relationship and we all have to put in some effort.  Ladies, if you see your guy desperately trying to be romantic and it’s not working out perfectly have a little sympathy and help him out.  At least he’s making an effort.  Plus, you have to keep in mind that most men need a lot of help when it comes to deciphering what women want.  Admit it, we can be difficult when we want to be.  So when he invites you out to a party or out bowling, accept the hint and just go with him.  What matters is that he is extending an invitation out to you.  If you don’t cooperate with him, he’ll eventually get over your I’m too busy for you attitude and move on to the next one.  And the same goes for men.  If a girl is cold or if she wants to dance, please realize that she is leaving the door wide open for you to step in.  If you don’t get it, expect her to direct her attention to her girlfriends or even another guy.

3. Take Initiative.

If you notice that your crush is constantly eyeing you and talking to you about things that really don’t matter, then it’s time for you to grow a pair and make the next move.  They’re obviously interested in you, so why don’t you ask them out to a movie or something?  Why don’t you call them to just see how they’re doing?  I mean, isn’t that why you have their number anyways?  I’ve said this many times on my blog before… you have to work for what you want.  Unfortunately, a relationship isn’t going to just fall in your lap.  If you’re crush is stuck in limbo and doesn’t have the courage to push it a little further, then it’s up to you to do so.  Because if neither of you do it, then nothing is ever going to happen.

Like I said before, it’s a two-way street.  If you don’t know where either of you stand, you’re headed straight for a crash.  If your crush is doing all of the work and you’re not cooperating, then they will move on.  If neither of you are doing anything, then you can’t move any closer.  But then again, if you’re doing everything you can and it’s not working out, then just let it go.  Either way, everyone has to make an effort if they want that great relationship.