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Welcome Winter!


Today marks the first day of winter.  The season the year starts off with and the same one it ends with.  Honestly, winter has always ranked as my least favorite season.  However, after some long reflection, I think it wasn’t the season of winter that was hurting my soul, but the things I had to endure during so many winters of my life.  I’m not a big fan of cold weather, I prefer long sunny days over short dark ones, and winter always meant that I was only half way through the school year.  This year is a little different and I must admit that I’ve developed a new appreciation for the winter season.  Yes, the air is cold and the days are short, but there’s also so much beauty in winter that shouldn’t be overlooked.  White snow, bright holiday decorations, and so many celebrations.  Winter is a season of reflection.  You’re preparing yourself for a new year in your life, your renewal in spring.  You have to appreciate that in some way.  Personally, I still hate the cold, dark days filled with leafless trees, but I love the opportunity to celebrate.  You can celebrate your family, your year’s accomplishments, and what your new year has in store for you.  So, honestly, I welcome winter with open arms because I’m just excited to celebrate all that I’ve done since last winter and I can wait to see what comes next.


Hello Autumn!


The nights are getting colder, the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin season is here.  Yes, Fall has officially arrived.  Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this season.  I just dread the cold, short days of Winter that immediately follow the colorful months of Fall.  However, Fall has plenty to offer.  I love the layered fashion that is now fair game and I like seeing the leaves change colors.  I enjoy dressing up on Halloween and I adore cooking a feast on Thanksgiving.  It’s the beginning of the holiday season.  How can I not appreciate Fall in some way?  To me, Fall is also a good time to re-establish your goals in your life and make changes.  It’s almost the end of the year, the season is changing, and the world is starting its major natural makeover during this time, so why shouldn’t you, too?  Take Fall as a symbol for the changes that you’re going to make this upcoming new year.  (Yes, it’s almost here!)  Shed the negative energy that is decaying away and you simply don’t need.  Find a place within yourself that can serve as a better foundation for your future.  Even if you’re feeling good about your life right now, there’s always room for improvement.  Enjoy Fall and make the most of it!



SummertimeSummer is officially here and, because it’s my favorite season of the year, I couldn’t be more excited.  I always view summertime as a time of freedom, youth, and fun, so I definitely try to take advantage of the spontaneity of the season and I encourage you all to do the same.  Take advantage of the sunny summer days, the warm summer nights, and the flexible summer schedules.  Go to the beach.  Go to an amusement park.  Go for a walk.  Go for an adventure.  Do whatever you want, but just make sure to enjoy the nice weather and the freedom that summer brings.  I’m definitely excited for my summer plans and the memories that will come from random moments with the people I love.  The fact that I just graduated and will be turning 21 soon makes this summertime even sweeter for me.  I can’t wait for the unforgettable memories and the nice tan I’ll be gaining this year.  I wish you all the best during what I think is the best time of the year and I hope you all enjoy whatever the next three months have in store for you.  Happy Summertime!





My happiness begins to fall

as the flames consume the trees,


covering the earth.

Just like everything else that was green

the once colorful leaves

lie on the ground

motionless, brown, and dead.

The critters and creatures

all move into hiding,

avoiding the cold air

these next few months will birth.

The sun goes away,

the clouds come out to play,

the wind is here to stay,

and this is all that lies ahead.


This is no winter wonderland.

For all I see are gray landscapes,

making it impossible to wake

and want to take on the days.

All the frigid dreariness

makes me feel like I’m in a maze,

like I’m going insane.

At least that would make sense.

Perhaps, I want to be caught in a craze.


I just want to go into hibernation.

Skip over this feeling of stagnation,

in the hopes that the warmth will be my salvation.

But I know I must endure.

I have to wait for what is pure.

The rain will come and wash it all away.

It’ll give me that clean slate,

taking away everything I hate.

And that’s when I’ll find my cure.

I know it.  I’m sure.


My black and white silent film of a life

will be painted with a rainbow

after all of my strife.

Dandelions, daisies, roses, and tulips

will all rise again,

standing tall next to the rich, green grass.

The critters and creatures

will wake up and resurface.

Birds will dominate the skies

and the butterflies

will flutter and be seen in mass.

The life of spring makes my heart beat.

The dew tastes so sweet.

I know I’ve conquered the feat

and I know I’m in for a treat

because I can already feel the heat.


My summer is here.

What I’ve longed for is now so near.

I have nothing else to fear

and I can only rejoice in my cheer.

Laughter and joy is all that I hear.

The freedom I wanted

is now so mine and dear.

I’ll enjoy it while it lasts

because it will soon all be a dreamlike haze.

I can feel the hot sun rays,

but, in due time,

they will make the red flames blaze

and the earth’s surface is sure to sear.



The Spring Trends that’ll Make your Style Blossom!


Now that spring is here, it’s time to bust out the spring fashion.  That means you can begin to part ways with your winter gear and reacquaint yourself with your warmer seasons’ pieces.  As always, you want to keep plenty of good basics and reliable neutrals in your wardrobe to avoid the pricey task of revamping your closet every time a new season comes around; however, you do want to freshen up your look with a few items that fall in line with the trends to keep you on the fashion forward side of things without having to completely give your style a make-over.

Sheer and lacey fabrics are things you want to incorporate into your closet this spring.  These fabrics are light, fun, and weather appropriate, allowing for a very fresh, spring feeling in your wardrobe.  On top of that, the sheer, lace factor in your outfit definitely adds a youthful sex appeal to your whole look.  I’ve always been a fan of lace ever since it started making a comeback a few seasons ago and I’m surely not ready to part ways with it anytime soon, so this is one trend I’ll be embracing in the upcoming months.  Sheer fabrics have also grabbed my attention, particularly in the dress and jacket departments.  I recently picked up a black chiffon bomber jacket that I’m basically in love with.

Jason Wu - Runway - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Also, keep your eyes open for florals.  Floral dresses, bottoms, tops, shoes, and anything else you can think of will not be out of place this season, but just don’t wear it all at once.  I’m all for the florals as long as there is a nice balance between the bold pattern and a neutral partner.  I’m certainly guilty of owning a few floral patterned tops and some floral shorts, but I don’t regret owning them as they know how to amp up the style factor of any outfit.  Throw on a black tee paired with some floral patterned shorts accessorize a bit and you are good to go for a nice spring day at the park.

Continuing off of this floral fashion tangent, ruffles will also be a good choice to add to your wardrobe, but just like with anything else be sure to practice moderation.  Ruffles and florals can easily become overwhelming and an eyesore if their beauty is exhausted, so don’t overload on these two trends.

Floral Pants

If you’re wondering what shoes to invest in, I would suggest focusing on blue or white heels as those are the colors this spring.  White is always a good choice for the spring and summer seasons, matching well with the warm, bright settings, while blue is also a good spring color.  Bright colors are reminiscent of the blooming flowers and blue is simply the “it” color for the fashion world this time around.  If you’re not a heels kind of gal, then I would recommend wedges.  They add that extra spark to your look without making you feel like your ankles are going to break with every step you take.

White Heels

Lastly, it’s important to recognize that spring doesn’t exactly mean sunny, eighty degree weather all season long.  You can’t exactly kiss goodbye your long sleeves until next year, so it’s important to know which jackets you want to keep handy for a few more months.  For one, the motto jacket is still a favorite amongst all the great fashion minds, particularly the leather ones.  There’s a new love for leather sleeves, speaking to the edge that this spring is hanging on to, so if you have a motto jacket adorned with zippers, spikes, sequins, or leather it will be welcomed this season.  The high fashion sweater is also another popular piece for spring.  I personally am in love with the Brian Lichtenberg, Givenchy, and SSUR sweaters, which bring the fashion world with street life.  I loved them enough to even buy a couple of pieces that I’ll be obsessing over for a while.

Homies Sweatshirt

If you didn’t get anything from these trends just understand that the upcoming season is all about mixing the youthful, edgy, urban world with the classic, high fashion society.  Don’t be afraid to mix a lacey dress with a leather motto jacket.  Or go ahead and rock your Homies sweater with denim floral shorts.  Have fun with your wardrobe and dare to mix things up.  It’s the spring season, so live a little and let your clothes show who you are.


Spring Blooming


Spring Blooming

Spring is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited.  For one, I’m glad the cold, dreary mood of winter is formally on it’s way out, even though I must admit that this winter was full of some great experiences.  Secondly, I’m excited to dive into the perks of the warmer seasons, including the fashion, the outdoors, and the sights.  But, mostly, I can’t wait for the spring blooming.  It’s during this season when we get to see flowers and nature blossoming from closed, dull buds to colorful, lively products of our world.  Every corner is filled with bright colors and fresh scents, making me feel all the more inspired in my own life.

I’ve always seen spring as an opportunity to bloom as an individual and this year is no different for me.  I think you can take what you’ve learned and use it as a tool to grow, especially during this season of change.  Your experiences can help you become a brighter, more optimistic person that is headed in the direction of more success and happiness.  Yes, the new year is supposed to motivate you to make goals for your life, but spring can just as easily be the moment when you encourage yourself to stay on track with your upward trends.  Why not use spring as a chance to better your life and to better yourself?  Why not be inspired by the great things around you to make your life greater?  Spring, to many, is simply another season of the year, but you can also make it an inspirational time for you.  Motivate yourself to bloom and watch yourself blossom!


Welcome Back Fall!


Yes, it is that time of the year where we have to say see you later to the hot, sunny summer and say hello to the cool, colorful season of autumn.  Although I’m not a big fan of fall because of the approaching cold weather and darker days, it really isn’t all that bad.  Fall brings the fantastical holiday of Halloween where it gives us all an opportunity to be someone else for a day without looking totally crazy.  Then there’s the priceless day of Thanksgiving.  The one day where you are allowed to pig out and say thank you all at the same time!

For me, Fall means the beginning of the holiday season and a lot of family time.  My grandparents and great-grandma will be spending the holiday season with us, so a lot of home cooking and storytelling will certainly be in the line-up of extracurricular activities this Fall.  When it comes to school, the arrival of autumn makes me feel like I’m halfway done with the semester (a girl can dream, ok!), making the stress of school seem not so bad.  Plus, with a new season comes new styles that you can rock.  Hello cozy sweaters, boots, and scarves!  If all of this doesn’t make you look forward to Fall, then maybe the irresistible oranges and reds in the changing leaves will make you have a change of heart.

Either way, embrace and enjoy the Fall season of 2012.  It certainly is one of a kind!