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Summer is Here NOW!


Yesterday marked the first day of Summer, the season of youth and freedom.  The season that also happens to be my favorite time of the year.  As a Summer baby, I feel like these next three months are when I thrive the most.  For some reason, I feel extra motivated and, to an extent, unstoppable.  Like I said before, it is the time for youth and freedom.  Summer is the opportunity to do whatever you want.  It is the time to be daring and try new experiences.  The cold Winter air isn’t keeping you indoors and the dreary skies aren’t stifling your happiness.  It’s the perfect time to carry out your plans, achieve your goals, and enjoy yourself.  Don’t let another summer pass you by without taking full advantage of it.  I know I definitely will be doing everything I can to make sure I don’t waste my Summer.


What you Attract In is What you Put Out


What you attract in is what you put out. I am a firm believer in this. Whatever you put out into the air is what will be returned to you. Whether it’s love, good vibes, happiness, or appreciation that is what you will attract into your life. On that same note, if you are hateful, greedy, rude, or negative, that is the same kind of energy you’ll bring into your own life. For me, I can sum it up by saying it’s all about karma. It boils down to being paid back in the same way that you pay the universe. If you give the universe positive energy, then it will give you positive energy in return. You get what you paid for.

If you don’t believe in karma, then think of it like a grade in school. If you do your homework, study, and go to class, then you’ll probably get a good grade. You put in the effort for that good grade, you earned it, so you got it. Thus, if you try to make the world more positive by contributing your own good vibes, then you’re probably going to get some of those nice vibes back. It’s the same thing if you give negative energy to the universe. It’s almost as if you’re exhausting the positive energy that’s already out there, so you might owe the world some good vibes and it ends up getting deducted for your positive energy paycheck.

This can manifest in many different ways. For example, if you’re a loving person, you may be blessed with a healthy, loving relationship. If you’re the type to appreciate your friends and help them, they’ll probably do the same for you. If you are generally a happy person, you’re more likely to have more good days than bad ones. But, if you’re rude, people aren’t going to want to be nice to you. If you’re greedy or selfish, then you probably won’t get much support from others. It’s all about what you put out that determines what you attract in.


Billboard’s Best


My number one best dressed gal at the Billboard Awards was definitely Ms. Carrie Underwood.  She usually goes for a more traditional look, but from time to time she’ll surprise us all with something a little more edgy.  This time around she did a bit of both by mixing a classic silhouette with a bold neon fabric and standout silver detailing.  I loved it!  She kept it formal enough to respect the event, but still managed to add a youthful twist to her look.  I also appreciated the minimalistic accessories that didn’t take away from the dress at all.

Carrie Underwood

Best in black goes to none other than the Harajuku Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj.  I’ve been a big fan of hers since back in the day when she had only released mixtapes and was rapping about being on a plane with Dwayne and I loved how raw she was.  Her raps, her style, her energy were all very real.  I didn’t stop loving her when her theatrical side started to show, but I am definitely loving seeing the old Nicki is back in action.  The dress is very simple, but the cutouts are perfectly placed to give her that sex appeal that Nicki is notorious for.

Nicki Minaj

My most improved award has goes to Ke$ha.  The pop star was at one point synonymous with glitter and most people compared her style to that of a drunken partyer.  I’ve always liked Ke$ha, but I did always know that she could do WAY better in the fashion department, so needless to say I was happily surprised to see her elegance shining through at last night’s awards.  Could she have done something a little more daring?  Probably, but I will take this trumpet gown over feathers in her hair and a ripped t-shirt on the red carpet.


Some honorable mentions for last night’s awards go to Cher Lloyd, Kendall Jenner, and Shakira.  Cher is a little out of the box, so I appreciated her bold, purple dress and loved the traditional elements incorporated into her whole look.  Kendall Jenner definitely gets style points for her futuristic outfit.  The cropped pants and silver heels paired with her stark white halter top was stunning.  Lastly, I have to give it to Shakira for holding it down in her curve hugging, metallic dress.  It was sexy and fun, yet also not too much, which I can respect.

Cher Lloyd

Kendall JennerShakira


Stand Up Women


Ever since the beginning of time, women have had a nasty reputation that their place is below any and all men.  Women are inferior mentally and physically.  They are beings dominated by their emotions causing them to be unstable, conniving, and untrustworthy.  Women have always been perceived as undeserving of equality in terms of respect, recognition, and rights.  It is because of women that mankind was banned from paradise and it is because of women that the demise of men even exists.  Because of these deeply engrained archaic ideas that girls grow up feeling inferior, being more passive, and adhering to gender roles placed upon them.  Girls are meant to play with Barbies, should aspire to be nurses, and need to know how to keep a home together. 

Although I myself played with Barbies and I agree that women should be able to keep a home together, I also believe that girls should be able to play soldier if they want to and that every independent adult should be responsible for their home.  It is not simply a woman’s role to raise a child, cook a meal, and be an assistant.  Just as there are passive and dominant men, there are also passive and dominant women and these women shouldn’t be stifled because of their gender.

I’m thankful and proud to be living in a much more progressive era where women can vote, work, go to school, and live independently if they have to; however, that doesn’t mean I see no more room for improvement.  Women are still looked at by many as pieces of meat, trophy wives, and dimwitted sidekicks.  There are still too many incidents where women are judged and criticized for not fearing their sexuality or are dismissed when attempting to assume a leadership role in their careers.  I have witnessed one too many occasions where men blatantly disrespect women, including their own wives and family members, only because they believe they have the right to do so.  There is still too much misogyny, stereotypes live on, and stigmas need to be broken in order for real progress to occur.

I applaud the women who are stepping up and breaking boundaries in our society.  The female presidents, the female entrepreneurs, and the female college graduates.  However, I also urge other women to make their voice be heard.  Don’t stop at being good enough and don’t settle for what you think will make your man happy.  Strive for excellence and greatness.  Empower yourself enough to do things that haven’t been done before. 

In my personal group of girlfriends, I know each and every woman is capable of being independently great, whether it’s as a college graduate, music producer, entrepreneur, doctor, revolutionary, or even president.  I know my girlfriends first hand.  Yes, they are beautiful, caring, classy, and everything a woman is believed to be, but they are also intelligent, ambitious, hardworking, and strong-willed.  They are the women of this generation who will pave the way for future generations.  They are the women who will continue to change the identity of the ideal woman.  They are the women who will prove that we are equal to men.  They are women.

So, on this day, which celebrates women everywhere, think about the role women play in this world.  Maybe Eve is guilty of Adam taking a bite from the apple, but it is also because of women that we are all here today.  Maybe women were created from a man’s rib, but every man came from a woman and that is fact.  Women stand up and remember that.  If women are capable of bearing children and giving life, then what aren’t we capable of?


The Lovers of Valdaro


Lovers of Valdaro


My Renewed Passion


Have you ever felt absolutely and utterly, hopelessly uninspired?  Like whatever you love to do is still something you love, but that you don’t know what to do with it.  You are just stuck, not knowing where to turn or where to go.  You might have a blank canvas and a palette full of paint, but no concept.  Or, in my case, you might have a story that is waiting to be finished and you just don’t know what to say next.

A while ago, I wrote several short stories (fiction and non-fiction) and I even drafted some novel concepts.  For a good month, I was on a roll, busting out a bunch of ideas and outlines that I was infatuated with (and am still a big fan of), but that’s where my inspiration ended.  I couldn’t revise or flesh anything out because I didn’t know which direction I wanted to take, so I got nowhere.  Now, after a few years for some of these unfinished projects, I’ve gone back to a lot of that writing and have never felt more inspired to create some great stories.  I looked at what I had and it was as if the stories were already completed in my head and all I had to do was type out exactly what I saw.  I knew exactly where these pieces needed to go, what could be taken out, and what needed to be added.  It was all so natural and fulfilling that I even stayed up till about five in the morning finishing up a story one night.  I guess that’s some real dedication!

But where did this spark come from?  How did the words hit me so obviously like they had been in my face the whole time?  I think the answer is that I needed that break.  I needed to remove myself from my own little world of storytelling to be able to truly spread its beauty even further.  By having taken a step back, allowing my mind to be refreshed, and going back to work with a new vision, my passion was renewed and stronger.  This hiatus from my pieces made me crave them even more to the point that I didn’t just want to finish them, but that I needed to finish them.  I couldn’t sleep without getting my ideas out and I couldn’t focus without having completed another work.  My writing bug had bitten me once again.

This kind of drive is what I think will amount to success and greatness.  I can’t be certain of what the future holds for me, but I believe in my heart that writing is the way to go.  It’s honestly among the few things that I can’t live without (even though sometimes I do have to think about what I’m writing).  Every day, I come up with new concepts and ideas, so I have to write on the daily just to keep up with my own imagination.  I truly hope that everyone can experience a passion like this.  Yours doesn’t have to deal with writing, but I encourage you all to nurture and embrace whatever love you may have.  It will definitely be worth your while.