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The Emmy’s Impressed!


Given the way recent red carpets have gone at award shows, I was a little apprehensive going into this year’s Emmy Awards, but I was so relieved to see as many beautiful looks as I did.  I’m so grateful for this good fashion line up, since there were so many disappointing losses throughout the show.  The dresses and the dance number were just about the only thing that kept me content throughout the three hours.  But you can’t have everything, right?  Honestly, with the exception of a few really bad mishaps (no one is exempt from fashion mistakes… not even Jon Hamm), it was hard for me to pick a favorite.  I saw a lot of great classical looks that reminded me of the European Romance movement, while I also noticed some futuristic getups that were pretty impressive.  Overall, I was very happy to see some bolder choices in color, shapes, and textures, which, for the most part, seemed to really pay off.

Kaley CuocoIn the end, Kaley Cuoco won my heart over with her wine colored A-line tulle dress.  I love the elegance of the dress that is accented by the ruffles underneath a sheer layer of tulle mixed with the subtle fullness of the skirt.  The wine color sets it off and falls perfectly in line with the first day of Fall.  On top of that, Kaley’s has a sheer structured bodice and a fitted waist that gives the dress the youthful edge that she deserves.  The accessories and her loose locks add to the youthful tone of her age, keeping the entire look from being too mature.  In other words, I thought she looked pretty flawless.

A few bolder looks that were worth the risk go to Connie Britton, Constance Zimmer, and Ms. Heidi Klum.

Connie’s dress, overall, is beautiful.  I’m a big fan of the blue and gold color scheme, which takes me back to the infamous Marie Antoinette, one of my all-time favorite historical figures.  The detailing mixed with the subtle train creates a regal feel that does her justice; however, I am on the fence about the velvet fabric.  It seems a bit dated and is a little off-putting.

Constance also rocked gold detailing, creating the vibe of a 1920’s era socialite who knows her worth.  I love the black and gold together as well as the plunging neckline under that sheer top layer.  I know Constance as the uptight Republican from HBO’s The Newsroom, so it was nice to imagine her as a more daring character.  My only complaint is that the skirt of the dress doesn’t blend as seamlessly as I would like it too.  If the gold layer of fabric would’ve faded more gradually into the pure black, I think I would’ve been head over heels in love with Constance’s whole look.

Heidi Klum took us to the future and reminded the world that she’s a fashion enthusiast in her berry gown, which I simply loved.  The metallic detailing and patterns throughout the dress are gorgeous, but it’s that crazy neckline that makes me feel like Heidi is playing the role of a Queen of a distant planet in the year 2304.  I admire the fact that Heidi wore her hair back and purposely forgot to accessorize, so that the dress could speak for itself.  In the past, this retired supermodel has enjoyed being bold, but I’m glad this time it worked!

As for the boys, I think Peter Dinklage and Zachary Quinto simply killed it.  Peter embodied a modern day Tyrion Lannister in his classically, chic suit.  The touch of purple grey on his shirt and tie were perfect in making him stand out, so there’s no way I can criticize anything.  Zachary also impressed me in his stealth mode look.  The black on black with a hint of dark grey screams stylish, but doesn’t yell too loud to the point that all of your senses are begging for mercy.  Zachary kept it elegant and flawless.

There were so many other great looks on the carpet, but I can’t talk about them all, so enjoy some more pictures!

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2013 VMA MVPs


After a whole year of new music, videos, and performances leading up to one event, just like that the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards came and went.  Generally speaking, it went exactly how I expected it to.  Getting frustrated at the “bias” victories, waiting for those few good performances and appearances, looking out for the quirky fashion, and wanting to change the channel, but instead watching the show until the very end.  It wasn’t the best production MTV has given us, but there were some pretty good performances… JT, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Bruno Mars I’m looking at you guys.  And even Kanye West and Drake stood their ground in their own ways.  As is to be expected I didn’t agree with all of the winners, but you win some and you lose some I guess.  All I can say is at least Kevin Hart made a few appearances to fill in the gaps.  But enough of that and on to the fashion.

RihannaFor the most part, I was surprised to see how conservative this year’s attendees were.  Most of the famous faces were dressed safely and fell in line with a lot of the current trends.  I think a few people *cough* Becky G and Miley Cyrus*cough* tried a little bit too hard to stand out, but that’s how you learn I guess.  In addition to those two, I was honestly disappointed in my girls Rita Ora and Rihanna who showed up in some not so impressive attire.

Rita’s dress on the red carpet looked great on the runway and I can see why she gravitated towards it, but it just didn’t look right on her and, after last year’s to die for jumpsuit, I was expecting her to be on point.  The plus side is I’m loving her new bob and the red dress she changed into did her much more justice.

Rihanna, on the other hand, went in the complete opposite direction and just threw on some jeans and a tee.  I guess she knew she wasn’t going to win a moon man and decided to just be comfortable.  Tisk tisk Riri!Ciara

As for the outfits I did like, I don’t have a favorite, but I do have a few top looks.  Ciara looked beautiful in her sheer embellished gown.  I love the detailing throughout the dress, which gives her whole look a certain amount of class and elegance.  I also am a fan of the sheer fabric and feathered skirt because it gives the gown a touch of edge that you need at any and every MTV event.  I’m not sure how I feel about the casual hairstyle with that dress, but it doesn’t look bad either.

My girl Selena Gomez also made me proud with her look of the night.  Her floor-length navy dress seemed to formal when I first saw it, but then I caught sight of the black and sheer bodice underneath along with that not so shy slit going up her thigh and I had a quick change of heart.  I like the fact that Selena left a lot to the imagination, but still showed off some fresh sex appeal.  It’s clear that Sel is growing up, but I’m glad she’s not twerking on stage or having a public breakdown to tell us that.

Last, but not least, I have to give a little shout out to Danity Kane who announced last night that they are back together and ready to release more music.  Not only was I happy about their return, but I was also happy to see their black and white ensembles they were rocking on the carpet.  Aubrey’s shoulder pads were questionable, but I think Shannon’s whole look and Aundrea’s killer shoes saved the day.  I just couldn’t stay mad at DK for long.

Of course, I couldn’t talk about everyone who graced the red carpet with their presence, but I’ve included some pictures of other celebs who, in my opinion, did the right thing.

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The Best at the MTV Movie Awards


Selena GomezIt might not be the most critically acclaimed or the most glamorous award show around, but the MTV Movie Awards, which aired last night, certainly gives the young stars an excuse to strut their stuff on the red carpet.  Although I was excited to see Selena Gomez’s performance and Rebel Wilson didn’t do a bad job as hostess, I had my eye on the fashion to scope out who wore my favorite looks of the night.  I’m usually really excited for the looks at MTV shows because the relaxed, youthful vibe allows for riskier outfits that tend to be more fun.  I will say that many of the celebs last night took on a more conservative approach to their outfits, but there were a few who made sure to stand out.

My best dressed of the night goes to none other than Ms. Selena Gomez.  She’s recently been embracing the fact that she’s growing up and has been letting everyone know that she is no longer the cute Disney princess from years before.  She rocked a glittery gold long-sleeved dress with a short hem.  The metallic fringe and the short hem line brought in a sassier taste to Selena’s look, while the long sleeves and nude fabric held on to the classic style that she’s known for.  I know there were some mixed reviews about her hair, but I was a big fan of the rocker-chic braid.  Plus, the subtle make-up and heels adds a little extra something without overpowering the starlet.

My number two spot goes to Brittany Snow.  Some people thought that her navy blue dress was a bit too formal for the MTV movie awards, but I think it was perfect for her.  Yes, she’s young, but she’s also matured in the last few years, so it’s only natural for her to go for a more sophisticated look.  The color mixed with the high neckline lets her keep her class, while the leg bearing hem, draping, and shoulder embellishments add a funky touch to her whole look.  I’m also a big supporter of her blonde bob paired with her smoky eyes.

I also liked the fashion choices that Greer Grammer, Zoe Saldana, Kim K, and Kylie Jenner made last night.  Greer reminded me of a trendy ballerina in her black and white dress that included a leather halter bodice.  Her high bun complimented everything perfectly.  I don’t think I would have chosen those heels, but I see where she was going with it and I can respect it.  Zoe got the casual memo of the MTV Movie Awards, but she didn’t sacrifice fashion either.  I loved the black sheer maxi shirt with floral embellishments and I think her red lipstick topped off the outfit perfectly.

As for the famous, fashion forward sisters, I’ll admit that I had to let Kim K’s ensemble marinate in my mind before deciding that I actually did like it.  I was a big fan of the body hugging bodice of the dress, while I also liked the batwing sleeves that, at first sight, I wasn’t so sure of.  I think that the gold necklace was a perfect touch and I liked that she kept her look simple.  Kylie Jenner did me proud by being chic and trendy all at the same time.  Her pencil skirt paired with a white crop top was adorable.  She topped it all off with a gold chunky necklace, which brought us back to the fun MTV Movie Awards.  Overall, congrats to the celebs who know how to rock a good outfit!

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The Shining Starlets of the Oscars


Catherine Zeta-JonesIt is the biggest night in Hollywood, yet just like that it’s all over. The awards are out and now it’s time to start looking at the newest films and actors that will get nominated for the 86th Annual Oscars next year. In the meantime, we get to take a look at the big names that shined the brightest on the red carpet. The starlets definitely stepped up their fashion game for the Oscars this year and I was glad to see so many beautiful dresses, but not everyone can be on top, so I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favorites.

My best dressed goes to none other than Catherine Zeta-Jones. She wasn’t nominated, but she did perform and she made sure to let people know she was at the Academy Awards in her metallic gold number. The top half was gold with baroque-style detailing, while the skirt trailed off from the shiny gold to a soft nude that flows to the ground. Her stunning dress was paired simply with gold earrings and her dark waves completed the look. Kudos to Catherine on her classy, sexy, timeless look!

In second place, with a tie, came the two best friends of Hollywood, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, dazzling in metallic as well. Naomi opted for a very modern take on fashion with an asymmetrical, straight cut gown that was silver from top to bottom. Her light make-up and pulled back up-do made created a nice balance with the edge of the dress itself. Nicole went for a less structured kind of metallic with a black and gold gown that had a slight mermaid cut to it. The gold swirls coming from the bottom hem only enhanced the ocean-esque look. Her hair and make-up seemed effortless, letting Nicole’s natural charm shine through.

My other favorite of the night was definitely Amy Adams who made all of the ball gown lovers proud. It’s usually a bit challenging to pull off such a big dress on the red carpet, but I applaud Amy for making it look like a no-brainer. The paleness of the dress mixed with the light ruffles all throughout the skirt stopped Amy from being swallowed in her gown and instead made her look like a princess. Amy has a talent for always coming off as a timeless beauty and she just knows how to be elegant, so props to her for that. She may not have won the big award, but she surely looked beautiful.

Those were my top looks of the night, but I fell in love with a few other ones, so enjoy the pictures!

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Thanks for Showing Up at the Grammy’s!


Last night, the biggest names in music came together for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards and, because it’s one of my favorite award shows, I was certainly excited to see what the red carpet would look like this year.  I’ll admit that the night had a bit of a slow start, but, by the end of the night, I couldn’t complain too much.  Those who I expected to shine, picked their ensembles perfectly (for the most part), while there were also a few pleasant surprises in the mix.  All in all, I think it was a good night in fashion.

Katy PerryMy best dressed pick has to go to Ms. Katy Perry.  She said she was going for a 1970’s Priscilla Presley feel and I think she nailed it with her own flair.  The whole look is a perfect combination of playful elegance with a little Katy Perry twist.  Plus, the jade green color of her dress adds a unique touch that has definitely been missing this award show season so far.  I would say that Katy just looked adorable and I loved her whole outfit.

I think there was actually a tie for second place between Kelly Rowland and Rihanna.

Kelly certainly stepped out onto the carpet with a mission to be remembered and get out of Beyonce’s shadow.  Lately, she’s been doing a good job, but we all have to admit that the famous Superbowl performance set her back a bit by propelling Beyonce even further up.  However, I think that if we’re just looking at last night’s fashion choices I would definitely give Kelly the edge.  Beyonce looked great in her black and white jumpsuit, but it was way too casual for the Grammy’s in my opinion.  Kelly, on the other hand, dressed up her look, while still incorporating a lot of sex appeal.  Her silhouette in this dress is amazing, the geometric patterns are fun, and the shear lines are just plain sexy.  Plus, I have to applaud Kelly for knowing to balance things out and keeping everything relatively simple, considering the power of the dress alone.

Rihanna also rocked the red carpet in a very different look.  She proved that she knows how to keep it classy in a floor length flowy number that went perfectly with her loose waves.  I appreciate the shear details in the bodice of her dress, which to me was a nice nod to the bad girl Rihanna we all know and love.  Much like her best friend Katy Perry, it was nice to see some rich colors on the carpet.  You also have to give Rihanna props for her dope performances.  Again, she just knows how to surprise people with her many sides.

Katy, Kelly, and Ri weren’t the only ladies who made me proud on the carpet, but they were definitely my top picks.  I thought Carrie Underwood, Nicole Kidman, and Solange Knowles did their thing, too.  I also have to give a little shout out to the boys who proved their good fashion taste.  Justin Timberlake is surely taking his comeback seriously as he rocked a classic bow tie and side part, which, in my opinion, is very fitting for his new old school vibe.  Kudos to him.  Also, as much as I love him, I have to be honest and recognize that Mr. Aubrey Graham doesn’t always know what’s best for him when it comes to style, so I was very glad to see that he came correct to the Grammy’s.  Big ups to Drake for his look of the night (including the scruff) and congrats on the win.  As I said before, I think the Grammy’s didn’t disappoint!

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The SAG Carpet Queens!


Last night, the most relevant actors in Hollywood came together to honor each other for all of their hard work in 2012, but, before the judgments on performances were being announced, the celebrities had to walk the red carpet to get tested on their fashion sense.  For the most part, the A-listers did pretty well with their dress choices.  There were very few looks that I absolutely hated and I was pleased to see that I mostly liked the dresses I saw; however, just like in any occasion, I did have a few favorites that I wanted to highlight.

Naya RIveraOne thing I noticed was that black was the color choice for a lot of the actresses walking the red carpet and I must say that quite a few of them got it right.  Naya Rivera was probably my favorite in black, showing off her curves in a mermaid cut with a sheer plunge.  She’s young and latina, so why not show some sex appeal?  But Naya kept it classy with a train, a bit of peplum detailing, and some pleating up top on her gown.  Her loose locks and simple make-up completed her look of the night and I loved it.  Morena Baccarin also made me proud in black.  The front slit and the sheer skirt (a big trend this season) give her some sex appeal, too, but she balanced it all out with a very simple bodice.  I must say that I really appreciated the green design along the bottom of her gown.  To me, without this detailing, the dress could’ve easily have been lost in the sea of celebrities.  Kelly Osbourne and Elisabeth Moss were two other SAG attendees that I thought nailed the black dress trend of the night.  Kelly kept it interesting with a very art deco inspired gown, while Elisabeth refreshed our palates with a shorter hem.  Kudos to them both!

But not everything was so dark on the red carpet.  I saw plenty of great looks that brought a lighter feel to it all.  For one, I really liked Naomi Watts’ dress.  The strapless gown had a very simply cut with few unnecessary accessories, while the fabric was what really stole the show.  The lace pattern all throughout the dress gave Naomi a timeless look of flawless fashion that made her one of the best dressed celebs of the night.  On the other hand, Katrina Bowden went with a more detailed dress that played to some more modern trends, but it still worked for her.  I thought that the tulle bottom paired with the geometric bodice made for a beautiful choice.  She looked elegant, but still youthful.  Ellie Kemper was another one who passed her fashion test in a sea-foam green number.  Her dress appeared to be much more traditional than some of the other gowns on the carpet with some floral accents and a big bow on her hip, but I did appreciate the sheer straps that made for an interesting illusion along her neckline.  Her dress definitely suited her sweet personality.

Last, but not least, are the more colorful women of the night who aced their looks.  I have to start with Sarah Hyland, who I think has never made a bad choice when it comes to fashion.  She always seems to know what looks good on her body and I must admit I was excited to see what she would wear this time around.  As usual, she looked beautiful, but this time she opted for a purple strapless gown.  The silhouette isn’t too different from what she usually wears and sticks to the elegance I expect from her, but the bold pop of purple reminds us all that Sarah is still young and allowed to have fun.  If she’s on a fashion roll already, I can’t wait to see how her style matures as she gets older.  Amanda Seyfried also did a good job in rocking some color on the red carpet.  She kept it pretty simple with no patterns, but just a navy blue gown.  The drama comes from the layered, mermaid hem paired with her blonde waves.  The necklace plunging down to her waist finished off the whole look and she looked great.

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Well Done Golden Globe Girls!


After a fairly disappointing red carpet at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards, I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the well-styled celebs at the 2013 Golden Globes.  After what I saw this past week from the PCAs, the Golden Globes remain the kick off to award season in my eyes and, if the rest of the season is anything like last night’s event, then I can’t wait to see what else is to come.  The show itself was better than most award shows, but with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting that isn’t too hard to do.  However, I was particularly pleased with the overall fashion at this year’s Golden Globes.  Although the men looked dashing, the women stole the spotlight as the boys didn’t step too far out of the traditional black and white get up.  The leading females filled the carpet with leg baring slits, bold necklines, and a pretty good variety of colors.  Nonetheless, so many of the Golden Globe attendees looked so nice that this red carpet definitely earned itself a post.

Kate HudsonMy overall favorite of the night has to be Kate Hudson.  She looked stunning in her black and gold gown that complimented her blonde locks and smokey eyes perfectly.  There is definitely some cleavage action going on, but it is balanced out with the long sleeves and the neck detail.  Plus, there’s no slit in sight, telling us all that Kate Hudson knows that you don’t have to show everything to be sexy.  Her dress hugged her body in all the right places and she showed just enough to maintain her youthful sex appeal, but Kate still managed to evoke a sense of class and elegance that I can’t help but appreciate.  The gold details around her waist and neck finish off the look with perfection.  Big kudos to Kate Hudson, but she wasn’t the only one who killed it in black.

Little Ms. Sarah Hyland gave her co-star Sofia Vergara, who also looked great in black, a run for her money by showing off her own curves.  Sarah opted for a strapless black gown with a bit more structure and peplum details.  I applaud the choices made to keep Sarah from being lost in a more dramatic dress than she’s used to wearing and I think the dress highlights her best features flawlessly.  However, I would’ve liked to have seen her with a lighter lip color.  The dark eye make-up, dark lips, and dark dress all together seems a bit too much for me.  Sarah’s still young and a more youthful color on her lips would’ve taken her whole look to the next level.  Regardless, she still made my best dressed.

On a lighter note, there were plenty of celebs that looked their best in lighter, bolder colors.  I was certainly a fan of Jennifer Lawrence’s look of the night.  The coral gown matched with the skinny black belt, not only catches everyone’s eyes, but it also helps everyone focus on how great Jennifer’s curves really look.  In that dress, she definitely looks like what a nominee should look like, retaining elegance and maturity that’s rare these days, but that form-fitting top part of her gown certainly reminds people of Jennifer’s sex appeal.  I also liked Emily Blunt’s green cut out dress that made her look like some kind of award show Barbie.  Her dress was simple and classic, but I loved the cut out sides that bring her look back into the twenty-first century.  She looked fashionable and edgy, while still being a lady.

Speaking of ladies, I have to talk about the more mature attendees who still managed to rock the red carpet.  I think there’s a common misconception that older women don’t have style and they’re naturally obligated to dress in frumpy, outdated clothes.  However, I would like to express my appreciation for women like Dame Helen Mirren and Glenn Close who shut that belief down.  Neither of these women are in their twenties or anything of that sort, but they definitely have enough fashion sense to keep up with the latest trends.  Both of these actresses held their own on the carpet with age appropriate, yet fashionable gowns.  I was particularly a big fan of Glenn Close’s navy blue mermaid style gown that highlighted everything good about her body.

Overall, the Golden Globe red carpet was overstuffed with good looks.  Judging by my favorites, the key to this red carpet was to balance out modernity, edge, and youthfulness with classic elegance.  I think a lot of the A-listers hit the mark and I was pleased with what I saw.  Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton were probably the only pair who stepped out of this formula and still gained my support, but that’s mainly because they’re a unique couple who will always stick to their own style.  Although, in the past, the two have gone way too alternative, I think they did pretty well this time around.  Then again, my deep appreciation for their work might be creating some bias in my opinion, so who knows with these two.  Unfortunately, I can’t talk about all of the dresses I liked, but I think I hit the most important points and I’ve included pictures of some of my favorites.  Hope you enjoy!

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