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Happy Independence Day!


Today we celebrate the 13 colonies’ victory against the British in the American Revolution. It was the victory that sparked an overflowing need for freedom, justice, and independence. Along the way, America had to make some adjustments and changes to make sure that the country was sticking to it’s priority of freedom. It’s true that when the United Stated was formed not everyone was free and not everyone was sharing the same joy that the revolutionaries were feeling, but it’s also true that, without the American Revolution, I wouldn’t be a free U.S. Citizen and that rings true for many other people in this country. At the end of the day, all Americans share a mutual history that has affected our current situation in one way or another. On the same tip, all Americans share a mutual responsibility for the future of this country. So, as we celebrate the independence that this country achieved in the past, let’s remember to continue the path to freedom for everyone.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!


Happy Father’s Day!


Because today is Father’s Day, I would like to give a special shout out to all of the wonderful daddies out there.  The ones who provide for their children, love their children, and find the time to share special moments with their children.  Although I’m in no rush to have kids, I’m looking forward to seeing my future hubby be one of the best fathers ever.  There’s nothing like a mother’s love, but I don’t think dads get enough appreciation out there.  After all, none of us would be here without our fathers, no matter how long they were around.  Personally, I absolutely love my pops and I appreciate everything he does for me and my siblings.  This year, I get to have my dad all to myself and, despite all of the jokes we’ve shared with each other, he knows that father daughter time is priceless.  I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have their dads around and, against the odds, my dad is still a very big part of my life, so I’m going to soak in every bit of this trip and cherish it.  I love seeing how similar we are, how similar he is to my mom, and new things I’ve never realized before.  So Pa be ready for our father daughter day!  Happy Father’s Day!

Honor Our Soldiers


On this Memorial Day, I want to take a moment to recognize the sacrifices that our military makes each day. I have been fortunate enough to never lose a loved one to the realities of war, but, as a military brat, I understand the hardships that come with being involved in the military. My grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and father all served in the military or still are in the military. My grandfather almost lost his life in the Korean War, while I remember many months as a kid when my dad was away serving in the Army. I understand that being in the military means sacrificing precious time that could be spent with loved ones. I understand the meaning of Memorial Day.

No matter what age, rank, or gender a fallen soldier is still a soldier who have their life to serve their country. They deserve every citizen’s respect, but, mostly, they deserve for their death to not have been in vain. If a person is going to sacrifice their life to serve their nation, then it is up to us to ensure that this country is worth dying for. Each day is an opportunity to improve yourself and your surroundings. Don’t destroy our nation with violence, greed, selfish ideals, and ignorance. Instead, do what you can to build this country up. As citizens, it is our duty to help protect the nation’s integrity, lifespan, and value, so that our soldiers are not falling for a dead cause. I know nothing can bring those soldiers back and that lost time can never be replaced, but we should do what we can. We should reflect on what we’re doing to make sure that we’re doing our best as a whole and as a country.

Happy Mother’s Day!


A mother is not the one who held you in the womb for nine months, but the one who fell in love with you in her womb, who dreamt about you for nine months, and nurtured you before the world met you.  A mother is not the one who went into labor and screamed in agony, but the one who gave you life and cried tears of joy.  A mother is is not the one who sets rules, teaches lessons, or forces standards, but the one who guides you, encourages you to learn lessons, and lets you reach beyond any limitations.  A mother is not the one who provides a house, but the one who gives a home and creates a family.  A mother is the one who raised you.  She is the one who loves you unconditionally.

She is your mother.  Your only mother.

Be Happy… It’s Valentine’s Day!


Okay, I agree that Valentine’s Day is a completely commercialized holiday that encourages people to spend money on chocolate, flowers, stuffed animals, and flowers, while managing to make single people feel lonelier than before and getting taken men into trouble for planning the wrong surprise (or not planning anything at all).  It’s horrible.  I get it.  But, on the same tip, isn’t every other holiday filled with cold commercialism, too?  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas are far from pure holidays unexploited by big companies, so why hate on Valentine’s Day?  Just because you’re single or you don’t feel like taking your girlfriend out on a date?  That doesn’t seem fair.

The fact is Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere.  Stores will continue to stock up on red and white heart shaped items and advertisements won’t slow down on the amount of in love couples they show using their products.  Women will still want to have a valentine and men will still be expected to be generous gentlemen every February 14th.  So, since Valentine’s Day is sticking around, you might as well enjoy it.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about love, not hating on those who feel love.  Instead, focus on the love you have in your life, whether it’s the love you receive from those around you or the love you radiate to others.  Your parents, siblings, friends, and lovers are all in this web of love that you can appreciate on Valentine’s Day.  If you’re in a relationship, then you clearly have a significant other you can show your love to.  Even if you’re in the early stages of “dating” someone, use today as an excuse to talk to them.  You can’t tell me you don’t enjoy hearing their voice, so use Valentine’s Day as the perfect scapegoat.  If you’re single, then use today as a moment to appreciate the love your friends and family show you.

More importantly, love yourself on Valentine’s Day.  Isn’t that the first lesson of being confident, finding love, and all of that good stuff?  You have to love yourself before anyone else can.  I’m sick of all of the woe is me statuses, tweets, and Instagram posts about how you don’t have a hunny by your side this Valentine’s Day.  If that’s your attempt at getting a valentine next year, I can guarantee that projecting your bitterness isn’t going to attract as much honey to your beehive.

Personally, I used to loathe the dreaded Valentine’s Day holiday.  The red and pink aisle in Walmart used to annoy me to no end and I couldn’t wrap my head around the purpose of it all, but that was a while ago and I’ve evolved since then.  Now, I recognize that it’s just another reason to say “I love you” to the people I love.  It’s an excuse to show the love I have for the important people in my life and I see nothing wrong with that.  I’m happy to say that I have quite a few valentines this year that range anywhere from my loving madre to my best friend since middle school.  My valentines fill my heart in their own ways to the point where I feel complete.  I’m not missing any kind of love right now, so I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be hating this Valentine’s Day.  It’s all about love.

Thank You Veterans!


The military has always been a part of my life and, for the first twelve years of my life, it was all I knew.  My great-grandfather, who was more like a grandfather to me fought in both World War II and the Korean War.  Both of my grandfathers were Army veterans and my father was in the Army for 20 years.  Aside from them, I have uncles, cousins, and plenty of friends who have served and still serve in the military.  I respect and admire them for doing so and I want to use today as an opportunity to thank them for that.  Happy Veteran’s Day to you all!

My Veterans

Happy (Belated) Labor Day!


Labor Day is one of those days that people aren’t sure of it’s origin, but nobody questions why they have a day off.  I at least know that I never thought too much of this holiday, but I must say it is a good time to measure all of the work that you’ve done throughout the past year.  From what I know, Labor Day is meant to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of American workers.  This day off serves as a sort of reward for people who work on a daily basis, mainly, because that work contributes to our economy and the general benefit of our country, but this day should also be an opportunity to celebrate the work that everyone does, even if it doesn’t directly affect the rest of the nation.

Personally, I try to do something productive everyday.  I work on my writing projects, I help with my brother’s business, or I reach out to my students.  The point is I always try to keep my day from being wasted, even if it means just going to the gym or meditating to work on myself.  I truly believe that the different forms of productivity found within each person is important to society and should be celebrated, so I hope everyone enjoyed their day off from work and classes.  I had a great Labor Day weekend with my closest friends and family, while I know a few other people who made the most out of their long weekend.  I can only imagine the many ways that people took advantage of their day off.

However, I hope everyone truly understands the value of work and productivity.  Knowing how to work and experiencing the journey of working for something is one thing that everybody needs to go through.  Without that, a person is liable to grow up with the inability to be independent, appreciative, and understanding.  Labor Day is meant for those who have worked to finish their education, to maintain a job or career, and to help support others, so they have earned a day of rest.

I look back at my year and I see that I’ve graduated from college and am working two jobs, while nurturing my career.  I look at the people around me to see people who have raised kids while working and going to school, worked their way through college into careers, and have developed successful businesses virtually on their own.  I commend every person who has worked for something or is currently working for something because I know it’s not easy, so I truly hope you had a great Labor Day and remember to always take care of yourself in the process.