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It’s Been Real 2013!


Even though it may be hard to believe, today is indeed the last day of 2013.  Tonight the world will be welcoming a new year in the form of 2014, which they hope will be only better than the last 365 days of their lives.  Personally, I have little to no complaints about how my last year went.  Yes, there were some reals lows throughout the past 12 months and there is no doubt that there were many moments that I broke down in tears, was overwhelmed by stress, and burst out in anger.  However, these moments were greatly outnumbered by the accomplishments, the beauty, and the blessings that I experienced in 2013.  I graduated college, I dedicated more time to what’s important to me, I got some quality time with the real me, I created priceless memories, and I cherished every minute of it.  I realized that in the past it was hard for me to enjoy the present, pick out the positive in each situation, and focus on my own goals, but 2013 was different.  I feel like I grew so much as an individual and I can’t help but think that 2014 is only going to be a continuation of that positive growth for me.  I enjoyed every second of 2013, but I honestly can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer.  As the chapter of this year ends, I am welcoming the start of a new year with welcome arms.  Thanks for everything 2013, but now it’s time to give 2014 a chance to outdo you!

For my New Year’s resolution, I want to maintain a positive mentality, fighting off any negativity that can hinder my progress, while I also want to keep my life moving forward.  I don’t want to remain stagnant or stall out.  I don’t want to be content with anything.  I want to keep progressing without hesitating and without wanting to look back.  I want my optimism and my forward movement to maintain my personal happiness and increase my success, while also rubbing off onto those around me.I hope you all can look forward to the new year with a positive mindset, remembering that forward movement is the key to success.   You can only fight darkness with light, so always make sure to keep the light within yourself to assure that nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.  2014 can be your year, if you believe it and work hard to make it so.  All in all, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  End 2013 on a positive note, so that 2014 will start off on a positive one as well!


Pa’ Tras Ni Pa’ Coger Impulso


In Puerto Rico, we have a saying that says “pa’ tras ni pa’ coger impulso,” which roughly translates to “don’t go back, not even for momentum.”  This is a saying often used when someone is going though a hard time in their life and they need some motivation to push through their troubles.  It literally refers to the idea that when a person is preparing for a long jump they have a tendency to take a few steps back so you can gain momentum to make the leap.  However, the saying advises you to simply jump and to not take any steps back.

In life, you should never stop and you should never move backwards, but you should always keep moving forward.  Once you stop progressing forward, you slow yourself down and it will be even harder for you to continue moving in life.  Imagine how hard it would be if you took a few steps back on top of all that.  You would have to at least make it back to where you started and then some to make the lost time worth it.  When you’re living your life, you always want to look ahead.  The past is the past.  You’ve been there done that and going back  won’t get you anywhere new.  Simply put, the saying says that if you take those few steps back, you’re not helping yourself out.  You are only digging yourself deeper and making it harder to progress, instead just push forward no matter what.  So, when you’re looking for the will to keep moving, just think to yourself that all you need to do is jump.  If you’ve been gaining momentum this whole time, then you should have no worries.  Just never ever take those few steps back amidst all of the progress you’ve already made.

Life is Just One Big Test


There will be times in your life when you just don’t understand why things are happening the way they are.  You’ll look at your present situation and wonder what else could possibly go wrong.  The only thing you believe is that you don’t deserve this.  These moments happen to us all.  I have surely felt this way many times.  Some people will claim that they can’t handle it anymore.  They’ll feel so tired and defeated that they give up.  But how can you give up on life?  You’re giving up on yourself, your family, your future, your legacy. You’re giving up on everything that’s bound to you and that is just not right.  Instead of giving up, you have to push through it all and pass that test.  There are definitely people who do that.

In the Book of Job, God decides to test Job’s faith, so he presents him with a series of obstacles, tragedies, issues… The list goes on.  Throughout the story, Job is told to lose his faith, his purity is questioned, and he is ultimately tormented.  Job could have “forsaken” God and he could have thrown away what little he had left, but he doesn’t.  In the end, Job never gives up.  Instead, he accepts his life and moves forward, past all of the negativity.  After proving himself, Job is given everything that he lost and more.  He passes his test.

Life will do this to you.  Life will test you to your limit and I don’t think it will ever push you past that, your limit.  I am a firm believer in the idea that you are never given a test you can’t pass.  Some people may not think this is true.  These are the people who crumble under pressure.  They never strive to move past a problem.  These are the people with no hope or faith in themselves.  On the other hand, there are people who use these moments of negativity to display their greatest strengths.  These individuals won’t question their faith.  These people won’t question their abilities.  These are the people who simply do what is needed of them.  By not succumbing to the pressure of life, they will have proven how deserving they are of the great things in life.  These people who pass the test life has given them will be the ones who gain the most.

So the next time you find yourself in the face of adversity, remind yourself that it is only a test.  A test that you cannot and will not fail.  Fill yourself with the proper strength and faith to continue forward.  Learn from past mistakes and don’t repeat them.  Maintain optimism in your mind.  You may not deserve to be tested, but, if you pass, you’ll surely deserve the reward waiting for you.  Don’t give up and wallow in your sorrow, simply accept your life and remember that it is possible for you to get through anything.

Make It Worth Your While


You do it all the time.  Before you go to sleep.  When you wake up in the morning.  During your monotonous daily routine.  As you drive down the road.  Probably the only time you don’t do it is when you do something stupid.  It’s thinking.  The reason as to why we have brains and why school is so important.  You are always thinking whether you realize it or not and it’s really not hard to think at all.  Trust me, it is almost impossible to not think.  (I dare you to try to clear your mind and then tell me how long it takes.)

The real trick is to spend your time thinking about something of value, something significant that is productive.

Many times, the thoughts that linger in our mind deal with regrets that still haunt us.  Maybe you made a mistake that you wish you could undo.  Perhaps, someone made a statement that cut you so deep, you really don’t know how to move on.  And there’s always a chance that you didn’t do what you wish you had the nerve to do.  Either way, those are moments that can’t be changed.  You can try reliving each day with a new ending as much as you want, but the truth is that thinking like that will get you nowhere.  You’ll just be stuck living in the past.  Don’t think about what could have been or how you wish things could have been different because the past will never be different.  What already happened is the one thing that will forever stay the same.

In my opinion, the only time when reminiscing is appropriate is when you use those beautiful memories as the extra push you need to keep moving forward.  Sometimes it’s necessary to look back in order to remember your motive for progressing so that you don’t lose that drive.  Think about the moments you live for and continue living without slowing down.  Once you get that momentum back, tuck that memory away for safe keeping until you need help smiling again and move forward to your future.

All of your thinking should be as productive as possible.  Consider your options for the future.  Think about your next move in life.  Question where you want to go and how you’ll get there.  Even thinking about your next outfit or your next meal can help save time and it’ll teach you a little something about being prepared!  The point is to always look ahead and to only spend your time thinking about things that will benefit you.  Don’t lament the things you can’t change, but celebrate the progress you’ve made and will continue to make.

Never ever waste a thought.

Spring Cleaning: Day 7


#7 Move On

People love to talk about the past and dwell on it.  Probably because it’s the one thing we know for sure.  The past is the only thing that’s certain, but how are we supposed to live our lives if we continue to linger in it?  That sounds a bit backwards to me and it’s because it is.  The past happened.  It affected you, yes.  But now all you can do is accept it and learn from it.  Once you’ve done that, let go of the past and move on.

If you’re trying to rid your life of whatever negativity has come your way, then it’d be a good idea to rid yourself of the negativity from your past.  At this point, there is no way you can change what happened, so accept that it happened.  Do not live in denial, trying to paint an image that simply does not exist.  Stop lying to yourself about the different ways the situation could have been better because the truth is that there was only one way that the story ended up playing out.

I always say that things happen for a reason… even bad things.  Personally, I think that we’re supposed to learn from the negative occurrences in our life.  Maybe they’re meant to tell us hey you really shouldn’t do this or don’t trust that person, so why not take the hint and learn?  Out of every situation you can learn at least one new thing.  Apply it to your life and continue moving forward.  Bad things are bound to happen, but if you weren’t the cause of it, then you have nothing to be ashamed of.  If you were at fault in past scenarios, then learn from your errors and make sure they don’t happen again.  You can only be excused for the same foolish behavior once, so don’t waste your chance by doing the same thing all over again.

The past is something that you can never completely be free from because it was a part of your life.  It affects you everyday whether you realize it or not, but it’s up to you to decide how it affects you.  You can stay stuck in the past, trying to analyze every little thing that happened or you can be more proactive by accepting it, learning from it, and moving on.  I think the second option will get you much further than sulking in the corner.  So please, just cleanse yourself from that haunting past and move on with your life.

Spring Cleaning: Day 5


#5 Meditate

Because of how crazy life can be, many people forget to tap into their minds and reflect on their lives.  It’s important for you to set aside time for evaluating your past, your present, and what you want your future to be like.  You need to meditate.  Be by yourself for a little bit and just think about everything and what you can do now.

You can’t change the past.  What’s done is done unfortunately; however, you can still learn from it.  If there are some things you’re not so proud of, what did you take from it?  There is always something to be learned and a positive can always be found within a negative.  Don’t let that not so great experience have been in vain and grow from it.  If there are things from the past, that you think were good experiences, then how can you repeat them?  How can you use that same pattern to further yourself now?  Use that positive as a guide for what you should do now.

Look at your life now.  How are you feeling right now?  If you’re in a happy place and you feel like you’re doing what you need to do, then continue in that same direction.  You seem to be doing something right.  If you’re not so content with where you’re at (physically and spiritually), then it’s time that you correct what isn’t right.  If you need a change, then make that change, but before you do, make sure that the change is necessary and is being done for the right reasons.  Don’t do something drastic out of impulse or spite because then you’ll be the one getting screwed over.  Seriously think about the changes you want to make and then commit to them.  Put everything you have into making yourself happy.

Imagine where you want to be in five years… not ten.  That’s too far away for you to even consider.  Now, outline in your mind what you need to do, so that you reach your goal.  Start developing your foundation now before it’s too late.  Never waste time on something that won’t help you in the long run.  If it doesn’t help you move forward, then it’s only pushing you back.  So, always have that image of where you want to be in your mind and never forget it.  That is what you want to reach, so always move toward that.  Tweak your image if you have to, but remember that the less committment you have for something, the less spectacular it will be.

Take some time to think about everything that makes up your life.  Determine how you feel about your life and make a decision on how to make it better.  You need to always have some time for yourself, away from the influence of others.  It’s your life, so you need to have an honest perspective on it and you need to be fair to yourself and decide what you need to do to keep moving forward.