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It’s Been Real 2013!


Even though it may be hard to believe, today is indeed the last day of 2013.  Tonight the world will be welcoming a new year in the form of 2014, which they hope will be only better than the last 365 days of their lives.  Personally, I have little to no complaints about how my last year went.  Yes, there were some reals lows throughout the past 12 months and there is no doubt that there were many moments that I broke down in tears, was overwhelmed by stress, and burst out in anger.  However, these moments were greatly outnumbered by the accomplishments, the beauty, and the blessings that I experienced in 2013.  I graduated college, I dedicated more time to what’s important to me, I got some quality time with the real me, I created priceless memories, and I cherished every minute of it.  I realized that in the past it was hard for me to enjoy the present, pick out the positive in each situation, and focus on my own goals, but 2013 was different.  I feel like I grew so much as an individual and I can’t help but think that 2014 is only going to be a continuation of that positive growth for me.  I enjoyed every second of 2013, but I honestly can’t wait to see what 2014 has to offer.  As the chapter of this year ends, I am welcoming the start of a new year with welcome arms.  Thanks for everything 2013, but now it’s time to give 2014 a chance to outdo you!

For my New Year’s resolution, I want to maintain a positive mentality, fighting off any negativity that can hinder my progress, while I also want to keep my life moving forward.  I don’t want to remain stagnant or stall out.  I don’t want to be content with anything.  I want to keep progressing without hesitating and without wanting to look back.  I want my optimism and my forward movement to maintain my personal happiness and increase my success, while also rubbing off onto those around me.I hope you all can look forward to the new year with a positive mindset, remembering that forward movement is the key to success.   You can only fight darkness with light, so always make sure to keep the light within yourself to assure that nothing will stop you from reaching your goals.  2014 can be your year, if you believe it and work hard to make it so.  All in all, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!  End 2013 on a positive note, so that 2014 will start off on a positive one as well!


Go For It!


The unfortunate part of life is that we won’t always know how things will end up.  In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict how something is going to go no matter how planned out your decisions may be simply because there are so many unknown factors that can come into play.  You won’t always have the reassurance or guarantee you might want; however, that shouldn’t stop you from doing anything.  It would be great if a little voice could tell you what would happen if you made a certain decision “yes, this is the right choice” or “you really shouldn’t do this,” but that’s not how the world works.  Instead, we have to trust our guts and make an educated decision, while hoping for the best.  In other words, close your eyes and jump.  It’s the only way you’ll make some real progress in your life.  You can choose a stable job and a comfortable life that is secure or you can dare to try for a little bit (or a lot) more.  If you succeed, you won’t have to wonder what could have been as you realize your lifelong dreams.  If you don’t do too well, then you still won’t have to wonder “what if.”

There comes a point in all of our lives where we have to make that life changing decision.  Do we choose the safe and secure option that may not be what we had hoped for growing up or do we take a risk and invest everything we have in the future we dreamed of?  I think it’s almost always best to take that risk.  It’s the only way you can break out of the monotonous average life that so many of us face everyday.  Sure, give yourself a safety blanket with an education and some savings, but be brave enough to jump and let go of your “leading to nowhere” job.  Don’t cheat yourself of an opportunity because the truth is there are plenty of people who will grab at the chance if you don’t.  Figure out what you would be happy doing for the rest of your life and do it.  Commit to it and just go for it!

NaNoWriMo is Back!


Today marks the first day of November, which means that it is also the start of National Novel Writing Month.  It’s a month where writers are encouraged to meet their own goals and deadlines to finish their personal projects.  I’ve done this twice before and I must say I was pretty good with reaching my goals.  However, I’m all about improvement, growth, and progress, so I will definitely be raising the bar for myself during NaNoWriMo 2013.  I have started to put together my first collection of sorts, but I do have other projects underway that need some TLC, not to mention the notes in my phone full of untouched ideas.  So, this month, my goal is to finish at least one of my bigger projects and get some other projects started.  My number goal is 40,000.  Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but it is doable if I dedicate myself.  I hope you all have put some thought into your goals for the month and I wish you the best of luck!

Hello Autumn!


The nights are getting colder, the leaves are changing color, and pumpkin season is here.  Yes, Fall has officially arrived.  Honestly, I don’t have a problem with this season.  I just dread the cold, short days of Winter that immediately follow the colorful months of Fall.  However, Fall has plenty to offer.  I love the layered fashion that is now fair game and I like seeing the leaves change colors.  I enjoy dressing up on Halloween and I adore cooking a feast on Thanksgiving.  It’s the beginning of the holiday season.  How can I not appreciate Fall in some way?  To me, Fall is also a good time to re-establish your goals in your life and make changes.  It’s almost the end of the year, the season is changing, and the world is starting its major natural makeover during this time, so why shouldn’t you, too?  Take Fall as a symbol for the changes that you’re going to make this upcoming new year.  (Yes, it’s almost here!)  Shed the negative energy that is decaying away and you simply don’t need.  Find a place within yourself that can serve as a better foundation for your future.  Even if you’re feeling good about your life right now, there’s always room for improvement.  Enjoy Fall and make the most of it!

It’s Your Race, Your Pace


When you look to your left and then to your right, you may perceive the people around you as going much faster than you.  They might be getting jobs, graduating, getting married, traveling, having babies, or whatever else.  You might feel a little left behind, maybe even lost, but what you need to remember is that as long as you’re working on yourself and preparing for your own journey then you have nothing to worry about.  Worry about what you’re doing now and make sure it will benefit your success.  Sooner or later, you will be doing everything that the people around you are doing and more.  Trust me, everybody goes at their own pace and everyone has their own degree of success at their own time.  Don’t measure your accomplishments with that of those around you because you have to remind yourself that you do know what you’re doing as long you know what your end goal is.  Just make sure that everything you do today will help make tomorrow better and will bring you closer to what you want out of life.  Don’t let what others are doing distract you from what you need to do because the more you mope about how so and so is doing this and you’re not is the more you’re keeping yourself from focusing on yourself.  Nobody is running faster than you.  They’re just running a different race.

Welcome the 2013 Resolutions


2013 is here and now it’s time for the inevitable New Year’s resolutions.  You set a goal for yourself and try to stick to it all year round.  Last year, my resolution was to be the best me I could be.  I was including a more positive mindset, my health, my social life, and my professional goals.  I wanted to progress and grow as much as possible.  Honestly, I think I did a pretty good job at sticking to my goal… and my best friend agrees!  I’ve tried to maintain optimism and forward movement in my life, which has definitely helped me improve as a person, but now it’s time to make a new goal for myself.

Obviously, I have the specific goals of graduating college and all that good stuff, but, more importantly, I want to do a better job of making myself a priority in my life.  I can’t be at my best, if I don’t take care of myself, so I have to make an effort to do so.  This past year, I have certainly given a lot of myself to others to the point that I end up getting burnt out.  It’s nice to help people and you have to make sacrifices in life, but it should never get to the point where you’re not ever benefiting from the situation, so, this year, I’m going to take care of myself and I mean that in every sense.  Let’s make it a good one 2013!

Do You!


When you start your life, you’re constantly surrounded by other people.  They may be family, friends, classmates, or anybody else, but you are rarely left alone.  Not only are you hardly ever unaccompanied, but what you do usually is closely linked to the plans of others.  Think about it.  In school, you graduate with your classmates and the school system already has determined which classes you need to take in order to do so.  With your family, if they move, so do you.  When it comes to your friends, you probably won’t go to a party unless they go, too.  Your plan is so structured by everything around you that you barely have time to process what you actually want for yourself.

Your life depends so much on others and your surroundings that, often times, you feel bound to them.  It’s hard to let go of classmates that you’ve gone to school with since the fifth grade and your family’s opinion has a big effect on your personal decision-making.  Without these people, your life could not be, which, in some sense, is true; however, everyone reaches a point when it is time to be independent and you have to come first.  You become self-sufficient, you determine your own life goals, and it is up to you to fulfill your life.  This is the point when you have to aim for self-actualization, regardless of others.

During this time, there may come points when your longtime bonds with people may challenge the plan you’ve set for yourself.  You don’t want to leave those people behind and you don’t want to neglect them in any way, yet what you’ve set out to do may not strictly revolve around them.  You have to be able to make yourself a priority and truly make an effort to create a life that you are happy with.  Now, I don’t think you should continue on and forget about the important people from your past, but I do think that you should live your life.

People live their lives every day and they live it for themselves.  They don’t live for others, so neither should you.  Strive to reach your goals, have fun with the people you love, and do what makes you happy.  People may judge or not understand it, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not their life.  As long as you don’t sacrifice what you believe to be important, just do you and that’s all I can say.