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Rock the Necklace!


Rock the NecklaceIf you’re in the market for some new jewelry, then I highly suggest you invest in some dependable necklaces.  Growing up, I wasn’t much of a necklace person.  I used to be strictly earrings and rings, but, as of late, I’ve been able to appreciate the worth of a necklace.  For one, it’s a simple and easy way to spruce up your outfit.  They’re perfect for high and scoop necklines.  You can take a solid outfit and add some extra oomph to it by wearing a chunky necklace or a few simple chains.  They even work well with casual tee shirts, helping to make them look more fashion forward.  I, personally, have fallen in love with gold chunky necklaces and collar colored ones.  In my opinion, they make the biggest statement, but sometimes you need a little silver chain for your look.  However, if you don’t know where to start, there are three types of necklaces I think every girl should have.

First, you need a gold necklace and a silver one.  They are your neutral metals and, depending on the rest of your outfit, either one will usually work.  I may favor gold, but I do have some silver pieces that have saved my outfits in the past.  I would recommend at least one of these to be chunky for a statement piece.  Second, get yourself the color neutrals, which means black, white, or grey.  These will be essential to tying together an outfit when metallics won’t do.  Since at this point you’re already building your collection, mix and match lengths and thickness to add some variety to your necklace picks.  I tend to go for black or white, but grey works, too.  Lastly, dare to be bold with colors.  When you’re wearing a mainly monochromatic outfit, a pop of color from your necklace can take your whole look to the next level.  I have a bunch of different colors in my necklace stash from orange and mint green to most recently cobalt blue and emerald green and I’m still looking for more.  I really can’t specify which colors you should invest in because it all depends on your personal tastes.  However, I will say look at the colors in your wardrobe and try out those shades along with their complimentary colors.  For example, my orange necklace goes well with a denim blue shirt that I have.

Hope you all enjoy rocking the necklace as much as I do.  Don’t forget to get creative and wear it only if you like it.  Fashion is supposed to be fun and a form of expression, so scream loud and proud with your fashion!


The Blazer!


20131030-005651.jpgThis October my job has been busy with meetings regarding the start of the school year and upcoming projects, while there were also plenty of events filling up my schedule related to everything from Hispanic Heritage Month all the way to launch parties.  However, I must say transitioning from day to night and keeping something light but warm on hand was made so much easier thanks to the all purpose blazer, making it my staple item of the month.  The blazer is a fast way to turn your average outfit into a stylish, but still professional look.  You can wear it to an interview, a meeting, a simple day at the office, lunch, happy hour, girls night, and the list goes on.  I first started wearing blazers in middle school, but I must say that college and on is the time where my blazer game has been stepped up.

I have a simple black blazer with pink lining that can be a traditional looking blazer if need be, but can easily be stylized by rolling up the sleeves to expose the bright pink detailing.  I also have a black and white striped blazer that is perfect for adding a little something special to your look.  However, the neutral black and white colors keep it from being too crazy.  Then, there is my red and navy striped blazer, which adds the perfect amount of pattern and bold color to any look.  This is definitely the one I’ve been sporting the most.  I’ve recently paired it with jeans and a black tee, leather leggings and a crop top, and, of course, a blue maxi dress.

If you’re new to blazers, keep in mind that every girl needs at least two clutch pieces in her closet.  A neutral, safe choice that goes with anything.  You can’t go wrong with black or white.  But she also needs a bolder blazer that lets her have more fun.  Pick a bold color like hot pink or go for a print that will pop like stripes or houndstooth.  Also, keep in mind the trends of the season, not straying too far off what’s in, as well as what goes well with your body shape.  Try a few on and see which cut works best for you.  Just have fun with your blazers and be ready to run the world!

Don’t Forget Your Nails!


Nail ArtWhen it comes to fashion, so many people forget how much of a difference some great nail art can make.  In my opinion, it is the most underrated fashion accessory there is.  It’s the forgotten sleeper that is oh so wonderful.  When I was younger, I had a slight obsession with nails.  I remember loving my faux nail kits, complete with stickers, rhinestones, and miniature bottles of nail polish, and using them whenever I got the chance.  I’ll admit that when middle school and high school hit, I forgot about my nails.  I usually didn’t wear any nail polish at all or let the color chip away as the days passed.  However, once college came around, I remembered how beautiful nail art can be.  I began with basic one color designs like a bold red all throughout or maybe a hot pink polish.  Then, I moved up to trying simple adornments, trying my hand at stripes, polka dots, and abstract anythings.  I even started doing my own variations of french manicures.  I’m now at the point where I love doing my nails and I love showing them off even more.

The great thing about nail art is that it’s a simple addition to your whole look without stealing away too much attention.  People will always notice your nails… good or bad, so you might as well make sure they look good.  Show off a bit of your personality with a pop of color or a fun design.  It can be the difference between something missing from your look of the day and being on your A-game.  Now that it’s  Fall, I suggest sticking to darker colors.  Reds, purples, and greens are always a good bet in Fall, but don’t be scared to add something flashy.  You can add some glitter, gold, or even a hint of white to make your nails that much more fabulous.  Also, don’t be shy and experiment.  Practice designs, test out new patterns, and just live a little.  The worst that can happen is you need to use your nail polish remover.  Just remember that you can have too many bracelets and rings, but your nails won’t be so loud that you shouldn’t step out of your comfort zone.  Take your fashion to the max this season with your own custom nail art.  Have fun!

Everything Gold!


Everything GoldThis summer has definitely been an exciting, busy one and I assure you that my style was never left behind in all the madness. I did quite a bit of traveling, made lifelong memories with my friends, and took advantage of the beautiful weather, but one of the things that was with me the entire way was my gold jewelry. The summertime is a season of sun kissed skin, bright skies, and being bold, so what other way to do that than with gold? For me, this August, gold toned jewelry was the fastest way to take an outfit to the next level. Whether it was a lion necklace, bangles, or hoop earrings, gold tones did the trick in bringing out some sangria lipstick or making a white tee pop.

Gold is often associated with being regal, goddess-like, and confident, so give your style the proper attention everyone deserves and indulge in gold. Trust me, there were plenty of times this past month where I felt like Rihanna or Rita Ora walking down the street. There is no better way to end the summer than with gold jewelry, but a tip of advice is don’t go overboard. If your outfit is already saying enough, then accent your look with gold studs or a simple gold ring. However, if your outfit needs to be spruced up, don’t be afraid to pair a chunky gold necklace with a few thin bangles. For a quick, casual look, throw on some gold earrings and a watch. Don’t put on every gold piece you own, but if you’re going to have fun with gold, then commit to it. Love it and embrace it!


Rock the High Waist!


High Waisted ShortsI have always been a fan of the high waist and June is no different.  Lately, I have been going on a high waisted whatever frenzy.  Leggings, skirts, pants, shorts.  You name the type of bottom and chances are I have at least one high waisted version of them.  I love wearing my high waisted pants with a flowy crop top, while I leave my skirts for a more professional kind of work day.  With the leggings, I prefer a bold pattern with a simple top, but for shorts I like to go with a neutral kind of bottom and match it with a more eye-catching top.

About a month ago I bought a pair of black shorts with a high waist and I absolutely love them.  Not only are they super comfortable, but they go with just about anything.  I can dress it up or dress it down, depending on my mood, which really lets me play with a lot of different looks.  Some people are wary of the high waisted look because of the fit, but I think as long as you get the right size, you should have no problem rocking this 2013 trend.  I prefer buttoned shorts over a zipper, but that’s just me.  You can really wear the heck out of this style any way you want, which is why I love it so much!

The Showstopping Crop Top


The Crop TopSummer is here and it’s about time the crop top gets its much deserved shine.  This bad boy has been quietly making a comeback for the last year or so, but now is definitely its time.  The crop top is perfect for the hot summer weather that is quickly approaching.  You can stay cool, while looking trendy and cute at the same time.  If you’re confident in your body, be brave enough to rock the crop top with some shorts or jeans.  I think it’s a great look for a concert or even just a day at the beach.  If you prefer a more conservative look, the crop top looks amazing paired with high waisted anything.  You can even wear it over a tank top or a simple dress if you wanted to.  I am fan of wearing the crop top with a pair of high waisted shorts or over my bathing suit for in between sunbathing and swimming.  I’ve personally been amping up my crop top ammo for these summer months with styles that very from off the shoulder, tank style, and the infamous Dope shirt, but, at the end of the day, stock up one your favorite styles.  Maybe you like patterns or maybe you like button up crop tops.  As long as you love it!  Point is, you need to make some room for at least one crop top somewhere in your closet.

The Lipstick is Where It’s At!


Red LipstickIt’s April and spring is in full swing.  Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and we all have to do something to match the colorful world around us.  What’s the answer?  Bright lips!  Yes, lipstick is one of many things that I’ve fallen in love with recently and I encourage all fashion forward women to invest in a few good colors.

I started with red.  It’s a staple hue and I think every girl should have some red lipstick ready to go.  I prefer a classic, pure red, but go ahead and experiment with different shades if you’re up for it.  I’m also a big fan of pink lipstick.  Now, I realize that pink isn’t for everyone, but, being that I love Barbie, I feel lucky enough to have the skin tone to rock a perfect Barbie pink.  You don’t get much girlier than pink lipstick and I certainly like to sport my shimmering pink lips from time to time.  However, I must say I recently have been a bit of an “Indie Flick” enthusiast.  It’s a color my best friend gave to me and I can only describe it as a cross between red and orange, making it the perfect lipstick shade to set an outfit off.  Trust me when I say the hybrid shades are the unsung heroes of make-up.

When picking my lipstick, I must admit that I’m hesitant to wear these bright lips when my outfit is already so colorful, but if there’s a hint of red or coral in an outfit, believe that I will bring those subtle hues out with my lipstick.  Plus, I think adding a pop of color to your lips is necessary for a mostly neutral look, like outfits that are mostly black or grey.  Every girl needs an edgy surprise in their looks for the day and I think lips are what provide that much needed wow factor.