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Happy Birthday Mami Becky!


I want to take today to celebrate my second mother, my lovely Titi, my Becky!  Today is her birthday and I wish her nothing but infinite happiness and blessings.  She is an exemplar woman and human being.  Some people may think she’s feisty, which she is, but she also has a heart of gold.  When this woman loves you, consider yourself lucky because she loves hard.  She will do whatever she can to make sure that her loved ones know how special they are and she will do anything to make them happy.  Honestly, I appreciate and love my Titi Becky more than she will probably ever know.  It meant the world to me for her to go to Puerto Rico for my Sweet 15 and to say the toast.  She went out of her way for me again when I graduated high school and she flew from Texas to Maryland at one o’clock in the morning to see me walk across that stage.  It was only right for me to try to pay her back by making a trip to Puerto Rico this past April to see her marry the love of her life and a man who has unconditionally become part of our family.  But she one up’d me again when she gave me the pleasure of being her Maid of Honor, something that I will always treasure. 

I value these things she’s done for me and everything else she’s done for me because she is such an important person in my life.  I’ve witnessed many of the hardships she’s gone through, yet she has never given up at life.  She just keeps pushing forward and keeps moving up.  Like I said before, she is an exemplar woman and I assure she is the type of person I strive to be.  I genuinely appreciate the close bond I have with her and I hope she gets to celebrate her day in the way that she deserves to be celebrated.

Happy Birthday Mami Becky!  I love you!

Happy Birthday Mami Becky!


Real. Raw. Unconditional.


I want a love so wild
that we spend the day
doing nothing
but running from the world.
no plans,
just us,
And I’ll forever remember it.
It’ll be one of the best days of my life.
I want a love so deep
that you know
every line and curve
on my body
and I can’t hide
an inch of my soul.
That every nook and cranny
in my mind
has already
been discovered by you.
Your mark runs through my veins
and it’s your breath
that fills my lungs.
I want a love so pure
that your smile
brightens my day
and my simple touch
makes yours.
Where we both wonder
what the other is doing
and a day without you
is a day too long.
It is your laugh and whisper
that I want to hear.
I want a love so strong
that I think without speaking,
speak without thinking,
feel without knowing,
and know without feeling,
but it all is so right.
That one look
can tell a whole story
and one kiss
can join two hearts.
I want a love so real
that I don’t feel embarrassed
to call you my love.
I’m just being honest
when I say that’s what you are.
Where I can be giddy and gush
where I still blush and get butterfly’s
where you still sweep me off my feet.
I want real, raw, unconditional love.
I want to be in love
and to be loved.
I’ve never experienced it.
I’ve never touched it.
I want to see what it looks like,
But, mostly,
I want to know what it feels like.

RIP Mami Tita


Yesterday I lost one of the most important women in my life and one of the most important individuals in my life for that matter. After 87 years of life, my great-grandmother just couldn’t hang on anymore. I don’t blame her and I’m certainly not complaining. In this day and age, where it is so rare for a millennial to have the opportunity to meet their great-grandparents, I am well aware of how fortunate I’ve been to have spent 21 years of my life with my Mami Tita. This was the woman who has inspired so many of my decisions, she gifted me with an irreplaceable bond, and she showed me everything a perfect grandma should be. My memories with her are things that I could never make up and I definitely won’t ever forget them. Just because future generations won’t have the pleasure of meeting her personally, I’ll make sure that she is always remembered how she was in her life. Naturally, I’m not happy to hear about her passing, but, if I know my grandma like I think I do, I know that she would not want me to be lingering in my sadness. Instead, she would remind me that it’s part of life, she’s no longer suffering, and that we had a good run together. Of course, all of these wise words would be communicated through her blunt vernacular, but the message would be the same nonetheless. Personally, I have no regrets about the time I spent with my grandma. I know I did as much as I could for her and I know she knows that I love her. I will always love her and she will always be my heart.

Hoy Celebro mi Papito


Happy Birthday to the man who I miss most in this world!  The man who I regret my future husband and kids will never meet.  The man who was the best grandfather any little girl could ask for.  The man who defined what a man should be.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and there is no way that I love him any less than when he took his last breath.

I will always miss my Papito.  I will always love him.  And I will always celebrate his life.


Sí, soy la dueña, pero tú siempre serás el dueño de parte de mi corazón.

Be Happy… It’s Valentine’s Day!


Okay, I agree that Valentine’s Day is a completely commercialized holiday that encourages people to spend money on chocolate, flowers, stuffed animals, and flowers, while managing to make single people feel lonelier than before and getting taken men into trouble for planning the wrong surprise (or not planning anything at all).  It’s horrible.  I get it.  But, on the same tip, isn’t every other holiday filled with cold commercialism, too?  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas are far from pure holidays unexploited by big companies, so why hate on Valentine’s Day?  Just because you’re single or you don’t feel like taking your girlfriend out on a date?  That doesn’t seem fair.

The fact is Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere.  Stores will continue to stock up on red and white heart shaped items and advertisements won’t slow down on the amount of in love couples they show using their products.  Women will still want to have a valentine and men will still be expected to be generous gentlemen every February 14th.  So, since Valentine’s Day is sticking around, you might as well enjoy it.

Remember that Valentine’s Day is all about love, not hating on those who feel love.  Instead, focus on the love you have in your life, whether it’s the love you receive from those around you or the love you radiate to others.  Your parents, siblings, friends, and lovers are all in this web of love that you can appreciate on Valentine’s Day.  If you’re in a relationship, then you clearly have a significant other you can show your love to.  Even if you’re in the early stages of “dating” someone, use today as an excuse to talk to them.  You can’t tell me you don’t enjoy hearing their voice, so use Valentine’s Day as the perfect scapegoat.  If you’re single, then use today as a moment to appreciate the love your friends and family show you.

More importantly, love yourself on Valentine’s Day.  Isn’t that the first lesson of being confident, finding love, and all of that good stuff?  You have to love yourself before anyone else can.  I’m sick of all of the woe is me statuses, tweets, and Instagram posts about how you don’t have a hunny by your side this Valentine’s Day.  If that’s your attempt at getting a valentine next year, I can guarantee that projecting your bitterness isn’t going to attract as much honey to your beehive.

Personally, I used to loathe the dreaded Valentine’s Day holiday.  The red and pink aisle in Walmart used to annoy me to no end and I couldn’t wrap my head around the purpose of it all, but that was a while ago and I’ve evolved since then.  Now, I recognize that it’s just another reason to say “I love you” to the people I love.  It’s an excuse to show the love I have for the important people in my life and I see nothing wrong with that.  I’m happy to say that I have quite a few valentines this year that range anywhere from my loving madre to my best friend since middle school.  My valentines fill my heart in their own ways to the point where I feel complete.  I’m not missing any kind of love right now, so I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to be hating this Valentine’s Day.  It’s all about love.

Happy Birthday Ma!


Today, I celebrate the woman who gave birth to me and raised me.  Literally, if it wasn’t for her, I would not be here today and I am so thankful for her existence.  My mom can be crazy, hot tempered, and misunderstood, but, above all things, she is my mom and I will always love her, appreciate her, and respect her.  Yes, she has her moments of nagging, over protectiveness, and suffocating affection, but she’s a mother of three.  Point out a mother who doesn’t do those things.  Of course, during those moments she’ll get an irritable daughter or son trying to push her away, but, in the end, it’s all out of love.  I can honestly say that my mom is among the most caring, loving, and selfless people I know, which is exactly why she wins over virtually anyone who crosses paths with her.  Ask anyone of my friends and they will tell you how sweet she is.  I give my mom a hard time sometimes, but she knows that my sarcasm and tough love is just exactly that love.  I’ll go easy on her today, since it is her birthday and all, but I hope that, regardless of what day it is, she never forgets how loved and appreciated she is.  My mother has been good to me throughout my twenty-one years of life and I hope I’ve been just as good to her because she deserves nothing less.

Happy Birthday Ma!