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NaNoWriMo is Back!


Today marks the first day of November, which means that it is also the start of National Novel Writing Month.  It’s a month where writers are encouraged to meet their own goals and deadlines to finish their personal projects.  I’ve done this twice before and I must say I was pretty good with reaching my goals.  However, I’m all about improvement, growth, and progress, so I will definitely be raising the bar for myself during NaNoWriMo 2013.  I have started to put together my first collection of sorts, but I do have other projects underway that need some TLC, not to mention the notes in my phone full of untouched ideas.  So, this month, my goal is to finish at least one of my bigger projects and get some other projects started.  My number goal is 40,000.  Yeah, it sounds like a lot, but it is doable if I dedicate myself.  I hope you all have put some thought into your goals for the month and I wish you the best of luck!


National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


It’s the first day of October, which means it’s the first day of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month here in the U.S.  It’s the time of year where nearly every store is filled with pink versions of everything and people are reminded that this is still an issue in society; however, I think this month is worth much more than pink products.  I believe that this month is more about supporting the individuals fighting breast cancer, remembering those who have lost their battles against the disease, and honoring the people who have survived their cancer.  Personally, my family has been affected by breast cancer, but we have been fortunate enough to have never lost anybody to the disease.  I feel blessed to say that the woman I know fought and did what she could to get her health back.  I feel even more blessed to say that this woman is no more than a phone call away and is enjoying time with her children and grandchildren, proving that health is achievable.  In my opinion, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is all about encouraging women to be strong and fierce.  As a society supporting these individuals, we have to help bring the fighter within them out and remind them that they can beat cancer.  This goes for all types of cancer, as well.  Until a cure is found, nobody will stop fighting against it.  Support those around you, advocate for a cure to be found, and nourish the fighter within.

National Hispanic Heritage Month!


Today marks the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, so I definitely want to incorporate some of my own Puerto Rican culture into some of my posts throughout the next thirty days.  Traditionally, Hispanic Heritage Month correlates with the independence days for several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua among others.  Along the way, it became a time to celebrate the Hispanic culture and Hispanic contributions to the United States.  With the growing population of Hispanics in the U.S., I think this month should be emphasized even more in our country.  As a Hispanic U.S. citizen, I know what I’ve done to try to improve this country and I am aware of what I plan to do as well.  Plus, I get to see on a daily basis how much of an impact the Hispanic population has on the United States, making this time of year even more special.  Personally, my native island of Puerto Rico isn’t included in the independence day celebrations, but Boricuas sure do have a lot of traditions and culture to share with the rest of the country.  I definitely see National Hispanic Heritage Month as a reason to celebrate the culture I grew up with, so, as I said before, I’ll do my best to share pieces of it throughout all of National Hispanic Heritage Month.  Enjoy!

4 More Days…


There are only four more days left in April, which means there are only four more days left in the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge.  Although I won’t be posting all of my poems that I’ve written in April, I’ve been working hard on my challenge and am on track to getting my 30 poems.  I hope all of you are closer to your writing goals of the month and, hopefully, we’ll all end April with 30 more poems under our belts.  Happy writing!

To All the Dandelions…


My childhood was defined by military life.  I was an Army brat and I can’t imagine it any other way.  Although my dad isn’t in the Army anymore, I will always be a military child and I will always be able to identify with my fellow military children.  Army life taught me a lot about myself, my family, and life.  The Army made my life as a civilian what it is today and there’s no way I would change that.  So, in honor of military child month, this goes out to all of the military children.  Be proud of what the dandelion represents!

Military Child

The National Poetry Writing Month Challenge


For those of you who don’t know, April is National Poetry Writing Month where everyone is encouraged to try their hand at a little poetry.  During National Novel Writing Month in November writers are challenged to write 50,000 words, the average length of a novel, but, in April, people are challenged to write 30 poems, one for every day of the month.  I began writing poetry when I was about ten or eleven years old and, although I drifted away from it for a little while to practice other forms of writing, I still love it dearly.  Within the last couple of years, my love and appreciation for poetry has once again begun to thrive, so I will definitely be taking on this challenge.  I’ll be sure to post some of my poems, as I usually do, and I’ll even try to post about some of my favorite poets, so I hope you enjoy what’s to come in the month of April.  I also hope that you all take this challenge with me.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, I’ve always found poetry to be a nice outlet for expression.  You don’t have to show anybody what you write, but sometimes you just have to let your thoughts out.  So take the challenge and enjoy National Poetry Writing Month!

Celebrate Women!


March may be the month of St. Patrick’s Day and the beginning of spring, but it is also Women’s History Month, making it the perfect time to celebrate all of the incredible women in the world. As a woman, I know the difficulties that come with being a female, but I am also aware of the great strides we women have made throughout our long history. Yes, women have accomplished a lot as a whole politically, economically, and socially, but I’m also talking about the inspiring women who have personally impacted my life. I have had the opportunity to be motivated by so many women who have done great things throughout their lives, which I am so thankful for. Not all women are able to look up to certain females as a guide of where they want to go, but I have.

I have my mom, my aunts, and my grandmothers who have shown me what being a real woman is about. A woman isn’t weak, submissive, and stupid. A real woman is hardworking, passionate, determined, strong, and intelligent. She is able to stand on her own, despite her circumstances, while still being able to walk forward to where she needs to be. A real woman can be a mother, a wife, a friend, and a professional, while playing each role perfectly. A real woman is independent, yet loving all at the same time. Most importantly, a real woman isn’t afraid to share her secrets to success with her sisters and daughters.

Then, I have the women in the spotlight who through their famous work have become the figures that have supported my journey. Musicians like Celia Cruz, Christina Aguilera, and Olga Tanon have taught me about finding a voice of my own and using that voice to spread a positive message of strength, individuality, and optimism. Writers like Julia de Burgos have proven that expressing emotions and using intellect in literature should be embraced rather than found intimidating. Famous names like Coco Chanel, Hilary Clinton, and even Marilyn Monroe have shown me that changing the game is necessary and that somebody has to do it in order to help us all move forward.

These women have all shown me, through their own journeys, that women are all priceless. Us ladies have so much to say, teach, and give, so it is time that we truly start doing so. Collectively women have done some amazing things. Individually, women have accomplished even greater. It is just a matter of recognizing the strengths we possess and encouraging each other to dive out of our comfort zones and into making history. I have been fortunate enough to witness the potential of women and, as a woman, it is my responsibility to share that with the rest of my ladies. As females, we have an obligation to pave the way for the women that will come after us and it is up to us to properly celebrate what the women of our past and present have accomplished thus far. Use this month as a time to show your appreciation for your female role models and make it a reminder of what the new generation of women has to do. The history of women isn’t over yet and there is a lot more we have left to do.